Taco Bell

5215 Lomas Blvd NE, Albuquerque
(505) 265-9050

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Susan Stearns

Well, it's fast, Mexican, food. Taco Bell is pretty much the same which ever one you go to. Clean and neat. Youngsters working behind the counter who are professional and do there job without many complaints. If there's a problem they simply make you another order. Only thing.... I HATE how they throw the "mistake" away. If it hasn't been eaten, give it to the homeless or people who come in and you can see are in need. If it's already touched them ask the customer if they want to keep it for free. Let's stop wasting our food people...... Anyway, good eaten in a clean place! I'll go back!

Audrey Martin

Very slow, only wanted to sell me the new nachos on the menu I wanted something else. Had to ask for my change. An experience they will not get the opportunity to correct.

Rhiannon La Valley

They're extremely nice. Allowed my boyfriend and I to bring in our Segways while we eat so we can keep an eye on them. They could've said no, but they didn't. Would rate higher if possible.

Charlie Nabours

Very nice and respectful allowed me and my girlfriend to bring our segways inside so we could keep an eye on them

Cornelio Rubalcava

The very nice fast food even though they were short-handed still have my dinner with prompt service young lady handled herself very well

Veronica Vering

MYRON is the cooooolest person EVER!! Thank you Myron for making our night!! 15 out of 10 stars!!!

John Mark Taylor

This Taco Bell was pretty good as far as Taco Bell goes. Had a good customer service experience here with food at expected Radio Bell quality ( you know what qualify food to expect here I imagine). But as with any fast food experience I'm sure it just depends on who's working. This night service was very good for me. YMMV I'm sure.

Kim Valentine

Best Taco Bell in Albuquerque! Myron is always friendly, has a ready smile, and makes sure my order is correct. Food tastes freshly made.

Bobby Connelly-Gates

Love this taco bell because it also has pizza hut in it. Located near UNM so you expect it to be busy around lunch time but they are fast and friendly. Haven't had any issues with orders placed and the food always seems to be completed and made properly when I go. Only issue I have faced is sometimes they run out of pizza or you have to pull over and wait for it. They do let you know as you are ordering if you will have to wait but it can still cut into your lunch time. This is to be expected though because they are mainly a taco bell and do not have the facilities to do tons of pizza.

Charmaine Baca-Jones

Yum!!! Great service and as far as fast food/mexican food goes combined you can't knock it. They have a huge variety of all kinds of different things and they're all good.... Service is always great too. Fast, friendly and efficient

Alexis Ellsworth

Fast service. With the exception with speed is the amount of food that you order from. Example: Cheese and Potato Burrito looks big on the menu. But, when ordered, the burrito looks like something bought from 7-11.

Kelly Coogan

Quick service, but what do you expect for nutrition at a fast food place? The burrito supreme at least is vegetarian, and the tostadas are pretty good for the money.

Angelo Jaramillo

I like their value menu from their Frito crunch wraps are my favorite . too their dorrito tacos. to their crunch wrap supreme also fountain mountain dew of Baja blast bomb ! and regular mountain dew! Only place with my favorite drink machine Pepsi ! to their menu. and some location s are extent to KFC .

J Rivera

It was good just as it was before ang as good as it will be the next time. Thanks

Kevin Saavedra

Yeah! A-tier fast food. All the best stuff has no trans fat, either. It's a miracle.

Moses Allen

Best chicken in town!!! Good prices, friendly staff, and good b-fast burritos! Be careful of traffic on Lomas if pulling into the drive through. This place is VERY popular! UNM student favorite!

Christian Denny

This is my local Taco Bell. It's super hit or miss due to the staff. I've found the evenings are the best time to go. There a couple guys who work then that are friendly and wont make a sloppy burrito.

Eulalio Rodriguez

Try their chicken 🐔 roll up tacos with the meal. Good food and good 12 party tacos. Check it out people. Be nice to yourself.

Linda Shakespeare

Started going back to Taco Bells on Lomas and San Mateo. Great service and the Tacos bigger and so tasty. Super improvement .REALLY Good Customer Service.

Liz Richards

They've that good good food. Not a fan of the music choice at this location though.

Taco Bell
Taco Bell

Taco Bell

5215 Lomas Blvd NE, Albuquerque, NM 87110