Taco Bell

5215 Lomas Blvd NE, Albuquerque
(505) 265-9050

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Jacqueline Anslow

Honestly, better of the TacoBells of ABQ.

Gina Talamante

Morning crew is super nice night crew is very rude and very lazy

Christine Moran

I bought 2 burrito and taco family packs and specifically requested No Onions! On any of the food because I am allergic to onions. About halfway through eating a burrito I tasted an onion and immediately spat it out, giving the rest of my burrito to my daughter. But it was too late, the damage was already done. Imagine week long food poisoning, because that is what happens when I eat just a little bit of onions. I was just lucky that it wasn't worse, because sometimes onions will give me an asthmatic (anaphylactic) attack. I will NEVER go to this Taco Bell ever again!!! Because of their negligence, they could have easily killed me. Be thankful that I'm not suing.

Sammy Brown

?? I ordered online to pick up at a certain time. I got there 15 minutes after that time and my order was still not ready and I was told to pull forward. I waited 5 minutes more after that to get food that was cold... I dont know why I had to wait for cold food... I also got the wrong drink. I ordered Pepsi and got rootbeer. I only asked for hot and fire but received big handfuls of all different sauces. Only a couple were hot and fire... the person before me in the drive thru seemed like they were waiting for a while before anyone even took their order.. the lights were out so they looked closed. My food was cold.

Morrello Yazze

Was fast &friendly speaker need to be louder but other then that was great service

Valerie McKinley

I come by real late at night after work sometimes.Customer service is EXCELLENT. (Shout out to Junior).Food is always quick and hot. This has become my go to when I need a very quick and easy late dinner.

Aaron beasley

This taco bell on central is really terrible. My food was not made right and it was also cold. I dont mean like warm cold i mean cold cold. The first time i was willing to chalk it up to a mistake. After all we are human. But when i went there for a second time and the results were spot on the same thats when i knew that this T Bell sucks

r scott carlson

Just stopped by the parking lot to use the WiFi. Signal was great. Nobody actually eats there do they?

Nadine Lujan

Dam I had a hard time getting my truck Thur that little drive thru but I made it the food was great my kiddos always enjoy the tacos thanks guy!

Eli Se

Came in to eat with my woman. There was no one to take my order.so i waited for a little. Finally So finally a lady came with a very bad attitude.We were being nice to her but she wasn't very friendly.Not even hi or thank you . just not nice. People started coming in a i seen people coming with no on to get the order.So they keep leaving. Food was ok i guess, I will not return because very poor service. I think the manager a workers at this location are sitting on there butts . 5 different people waled out.That will tell you something.

Irving Rodriguez

Lady cashier was really kind to the guy in front of us. He was complaining about how his $1.38 burrito was costing him $1.50 and how he was apparently being overcharged and demanded to speak to a manager. She kept her cool and explained things to him. No yelling...no insults...just kindness. The Lady then took our order and I have 0 complaints! All good!

Micah Lujan

Gabby was great she made sure and got the card reader working so I could get my food she did a great job and she was really friendly

Finn de Lima

For some reason the person taking my order couldn’t grasp what I was trying to tell them. Then, before I pay I tell them to read off my order to make sure it’s correct. I get the receipt and they put an extra large drink. I didn’t fight it, it’s the THIRD correction I had to tell them because he kept adding and taking off stuff from my order. Never going here again.


I have nothing against the franchise, but the wait here was a little more than I was accustomed too, hence the three stars. Besides all that, food was good for its price and the place was clean, attentive staff as well

kky jim

laziest store manager, sits in the office 24/7 eating instead of doing her actual job. tried taking my order with food in her mouth ? thank you for the good customer service Gabrielle!

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