Taco Bell

4901 Gibson Blvd SE, Albuquerque
(505) 268-1425

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Cheryl Brubaker

No mask while serving my food. Won't go back.

Victor P Vigil

Good staff!?

Nick Godeny

Fast, and the cashier was way ahead of me when it came to sauces and a straw.Just no receipt I found out after

Vincent B.

Seriously take out the donation button. It is really easy to think you are approving credit card but are donating. Other than that great!

Kyle Pinder

This is the WORST Taco Bell I have ever visited in my entire life. They messed up my order then proceeded to to accuse me of lying about my contents of my order i received. I lost around $20 on the terrible customer service from this establishment and I’m very disappointed at how the situation was handled. The associates threw several racial remarks towards the people in my vehicle when I was just simply trying to get my food that was missing that I already paid for and I am completely appalled at the actions portrayed by these associates. Not a way to run a business. Corporate will be contacted. STAY AWAY FROM THIS LOCATION.

Sergio Guzman

Karon’s customer service is exceptional, he went above and beyond to help me and my wife. I will be returning. Someone give that man a raise!


We love the food when we eat there. But when we get take out, food is cold and/or soggy when we arrive at home. Taco Bell should come up with better insulated food containers to keep food warm. That is what Windy's does. For example when we order Chile at Wendy's it is still hot when we get home. Their containers insulate the food very well to keep it warm.

Viri R.

They take over 20 mins to get one order out in the DT. I honestly thought they were closed but there were 2 cars in front one at the window and one supposedly ordering but 20 mins lates still there. I called to see if they were open but no answer. this is ridiculous.

Rob Camp

It's fast food. Hit or miss on timeliness on orders.

Synthoid Punkalotus

Very clean & diligent workers...

Natasha Chenkov

These people try their hardest to rip off a few bucks from every order, something my family and I noticed going through in a line of cars with family in front of and behind me. We compared the tickets after we realized that every one of us was suspicious about the price and very single ticket was slightly over-charged in our 6-car line. It's not enough that they're stealing from you, they're also pre-annoyed with and have no patience for your demands to not be robbed by Taco Bell. Save your money and your faith in humanity and go elsewhere.

Louie Goble

Order was perfect, been a long time since a fast food restaurant has gotten my milk allergy right, and they made sure all my specific items didn't have cheese in them, food was delicious, and service was surprisingly fast, you guys keep it up, you're doing great!

Vanessa Harris

Although convenient, the food is low quality at best. Service is fine, but the mass production of the fast food industry is changing the way food is manufactured. Faster and cheaper take priority over quality and community. Natural resources are deplinished without remorse.

Norma Chavez

Friendly, fast customer service. Company's don't understand. That customer service makes a big difference. And of course the food. I personally don't care for taco bell. But my kid's like it.

Edgar D

I love taco bell

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