Taco Bell

4901 Gibson Blvd SE, Albuquerque
(505) 268-1425

Recent Reviews

Vanessa Harris

Although convenient, the food is low quality at best. Service is fine, but the mass production of the fast food industry is changing the way food is manufactured. Faster and cheaper take priority over quality and community. Natural resources are deplinished without remorse.

Norma Chavez

Friendly, fast customer service. Company's don't understand. That customer service makes a big difference. And of course the food. I personally don't care for taco bell. But my kid's like it.

Edgar D

I love taco bell

Alorah P.

Employee at the register doesn't know how to substitute protein, instead adds it on as extra. Doesn't even know what "make it fresco" means and tried charging me for it. This is probably the most incompetent location I've ever been to. The Taco Bell on Girard and Central is better, actually it my order right.

Bre Lum

I thought my meal here came fine. This is also a KFC, so you can order from the menu at either restaurant. I like to come here so I can get chicken for my grandpa, while I can get Taco Bell for myself. I have been several times, and only ever had one mistake in my orders. And that was my own fault for not speaking clearly. I usually go through drive thru, which can have a bit of a line around meal times, but generally goes quickly. The one time I went in the restaurant, it was pretty empty, but it was clean.

Nate Phillips

Nothing incredible. Busy little place close to the VA, inside has been updated. Had the order messed up, which happens but is dissapointing. Im a big taco bell fan, but wouldnt go out of my way to eat at this one.

Will W

Pretty sure we got food poisoning from here and more than once some of us. You had better be absolutely starving and the only thing open to eat here!!!!!?

Beau Kennett

I love Taco Bell, but this location is terrible. They have good food, customer service isn't too bad, but they cannot take an order to save their life. Every time I'm there, I either get something I didn't order in my bag or it's wrong. I will never stop giving them chances, but one day, I'd appreciate getting what I asked for.

Shannon Corder

Itâ??s fast food. Served by teenagers. What do you really expect?

Selina Villa

I love you Taco Bell but I always get home and my bag always has missing items from this location :,(

Cassandra Garcia

Sometimes mess up my order food always good service quick and polite

Tyson Turquoise

Nothing special about taco bell just the service which wasnt too bad

Renee Macias

Went there and the cashier completely ruined my order and overcharged me. Then when I went back to make things right she started being rude didn't still left with the same food because of how awful she was . Going to call cooperate in the morning. I felt disrespected 100%

James Tracey

I know 5 stars is a bit much.. But if you go in knowing the quality of food you're getting, it can be exactly what you needed! Haha.

Sasha King

What a sh*t storm sometimes.

Jarvis Barnes

This location is perfect for people who work on base. But during rush hour between 11 and 12 the service is horrible. The many times I've come here my order has either been completely wrong or missing items! This happens probably 4 out of the 5 times and its a serious problem. Please fix this.

Duran_ baby

i was just there a few minutes ago the service was awful the manager gave me attitude and flipped me off on the way out. had to wait 25-30 mins on my order. DO NOT recommend this place to anyone!! PERIODT. The tacos were trash

Cheyenne Muir

this was the worst experience EVER had to wait a good 20 minutes for anyone to take my order. once it was taken the person gave me attitude and forgot food i ordered. i ended calling the manager and she cussed me out and hung up on me WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER!!!!!!!

Dolores Sanchez

The manager never took our order at the Gibson location Taco Bell she had us waiting because she was arguing back with a customer very unprofessional of this so-called manager. Short chunky looks like a half bulldog

Erick P.

People at the window can't even make an order right. The lady repeated my order three times and still gave me the wrong order. The food she gave me wasn't even close to what I ordered

Anthony Nowak

This is about one of the best Taco Bell's I've eaten in about 20 years and that's no joke

Ben Geurin

This is the second time I have been to this location. The first time I went into the lobby and had to wait standing at the counter for about 15 minutes before somebody even acknowledge me to come over to take my order. Now, the second time I went through the drive-through and ordered the lady taking the order never repeated my order to me she missed something and did not enter it which means I did not receive it in my order I went back in to ask for that item and she told me that I was wrong and never ordered it even though she heard me ask for this item without tomatoes. She basically assumed that I was trying to get free food she never asked me to pay for the item just continue to state that I never paid for the item and was not going to give it to me. Not to mention the fact that she never even gave me a receipt after my order. The staff here seems to be rude and lazy I will not be back to this location

Daniel Garcia

This has to be the worst Taco Bell in Albuquerque.. there was one car in the drive through ahead of me and the girl taking my order took 5 minutes and never ended up taking my order in the first place.. #Trash

Paula Tracy

This Taco Bell is the worst when it comes to customer service. Drive thru people are very rude and act like you are bothering them. When you walk in, no one says s word. They look at you, and keep doing what they were doing. Today's visit was my last. Everyone I know have started going to Garcia's kitchen and Taco Cabana. Now I am too!!

Kit Kat

Just check ur food before u leave it's not worth the aggravation

John D McCarty

This is a Taco Bell / KFC combo. Good food great prices.

N3ph Hp

This is the worst Taco Bell in town. Drive-thru was extremely long all the way to Gibson. Doing a Postmates order I was trying to get the food in a timely manner which I did not because of the staff. It was 9 p.m. exactly as I went to the lobby doors and they were locked. I know from 4 years of managing and Taco Bell that Lobby doors are not too close or lock until 10 p.m. all the employees just looked at me and another lady like they were stupid or deers. They had whatever kind of manager that was come tell us the doors were supposed to be closed and that upper management told them as I advised that I know Kareem who is the vice president of this franchise here in Albuquerque. He mumbled something Studdard all over his words and still didn't let us in worst customer service I've ever experienced anywhere in my entire life

Brian Harvill

There recently and word to Mgr. don't put someone on register who is not trained at all. Otherwise it's good.

Tony M.

This location seems to have a lot of issues. I've been here twice and twice I've had service issues. Today in the drive thru they were taking one car's order not taking another till they had collected money of the order. It took almost 15 minutes to get thru the drive thru. The staff was rude and not listening to customers.

E. Robinson

Was shorted on my order! The Mgr was rude, incompetent & a Bold Faced Liar. Wot a way to ruin a Business!?!

Don Ivie

Service was good, food was only ok.

Patrick MacLeod

Really good for fast-food. The staff was very friendly and helpful

Gabriel S.

Food is good but poor service. The chubby girl at the window talks to fast, unclear, and is rude. When I asked for hot sauce she gave me two packets and when I asked for a few more she said that they could only give two per item. Always check your order to!

Alejandra C.

Don't try going to this location past 9:30 pm ever. The system always goes "down" after that time. I was waiting at the drive thru speaker for like 10 mins until someone said "yea umm our system is down and uhhh it can be a long time. Oh never mind we aren't taking orders" funny how that happens anytime I go after 9 and the same employee (chubby girl) is there lmao

Chuck J.

Food was fine. Service is the worst, for one, the gal at the window spoke so fast and unclear I had to ask her to keep repeating what she said. I asked a price on a nine-pc chicken and was then charged $4 more, but I didn't notice till I had already left the store. Plus I asked for half original and half extra and only received all original. The is no sense of customer service at this location. Will definitely never return here.

Joshua G.

Woman at the window was rude. She (or whoever ) messed up a few items in our order. Then yelled at us when we asked for fire sauce. Don't know if they were out or what but she just had a horrible attitude. I've had many negative experiences with this location, but this time was over the line. I won't be back.

Anthony Rousseau

Drive thru is supposed to be open until 1 am on Fridays and it isnt theres no one to be found

Joshua R.

Had a crunchwrap supreme and it was good. I liked it. 5 stars. Skipped the sour cream on the nachos, no gringo sauce for me, only authentic tacos.

Benjamin Haugh

A bit busy but didn't wait long for my food. KFC side is typical quality. Place is clean and service is polite.

Corey Nelson

I went into this Taco Bell at approximately 4:15pm on a Tuesday afternoon on 3/13/18 and found no one behind the counter. I should've known that my visit wasn't going to be good as I looked around the place and saw 3 female Taco Bell employees sitting at a table in the corner talking. One of them finally got up and went behind the counter. Her name on my receipt was LUZ P and she seemed quite annoyed that I was there. In fact she looked quite angry that I disturbed her little party in the corner. LUZ P never said "please" or "thank you" and was quite nasty and rude to me. She said in a nasty tone "231" which was my order # and nothing more. As I waited by the sauce and napkins I noticed that she didn't give me my Medium cup. I had to ask for it and of course, this annoyed her as well. LUZ P quickly joined her fellow workers at their party table after I got my cup and I saw 2 men walk in. The 3 female employees sat at their corner table for a minute or 2 and LUZ P looked over her shoulder to see if she should get up or not (see attached photo). LUZ P went over and with the same rude and nasty tone, rang up the 2 customers and guess what: LUZ P didn't give one of them their cup either! Look, you cvnt, I work all day at the VA and I'm extremely nice to the patients and customers I have to deal with so when I come into a Taco Bell, I'm just simply asking for a little kindness/politeness and for God's sake LUZ P: Quit being such a little beech to your customers. I'm so sorry I bothered your little meeting but I'm hungry. Get off your lazy azz and do your job! Or quit. But quit treating your Customers like trash, you moron. Oh and I left my trash on my table so you had to clean it up and I took almost all of the Taco Bell sauces. FU. Update 3/21/18: I've gone into this Taco Bell 2 more times for my lunch and guess who was working there? LUZ P again. Guess what? This little, angry, pudgy woman doesn't know the word "thank you" It never comes out of her mouth! What a great asset you have in this Employee Taco Bell: One of the rudest, meanest and unfriendliest employees I have yet to come across. Oh, and every time I've gone in there, LUZ P is taking out the trash or cleaning the dining room. I make sure I leave all my trash on the table, take all of the hot sauces and last Wednesday, I took my Taco Bell bag (full of used sauces, napkins etc. turned it upside down, placed it on the bench by the soda fountain so (hopefully) when LUZ P came by to pick it up, she pulled the bottom of the bag up thereby releasing the contents and trash all over the floor. How does it feel to pick up my trash btch? FU again.