The Hopper Pub and Pizzeria

6361 Riverside Plaza Ln, Albuquerque
(505) 898-0079

Recent Reviews

Jodi Maul-Morgan

This is a great place to have beer and pizza. We came in a Saturday night and there was a great live band. Watched TV (baseball), eat, drank and listened to the band. Had a fantastic time.

Kathy Ortega

They are awesome!! Great food!

Thomas Martin

My favorite pub. I usually am restricted to a strict, liquid diet. So my culinary experiences are somewhat limited, but everything I ate was delicious. I’ve dined in and has take out and was happier afterwards than when I was hungry and thirsty. Recommend!

Kim Bloemker

Food is great. A wonderful beer selection. The owners are very active in the business. Live music most night. Always a welcoming atmosphere.

Teresa Rodriguez

Excellent environment and live music!

Heather Easton

I understand if they are short staffed but geez . Me and my brother sat at a table outside for about 10 minutes with no communication no contact then we went inside, sat at a table for about 10 minutes with nobody making eye contact nobody telling us be there with you in a minute nothing so it's very unprofessional we got up and left as soon as we left the guy came out and said sorry for the issues. Why would you feel you need to communicate after we've already left ? A simple will be with you in a minute would have been fine but there were people that had came in after us that sat at the bar and they got served their beer. Never going back .

Theresa Q.

Go here for the pizza and karaoke Wednesdays. When in stock, they've got some great cider and wine options. Also, they sell giant mugs that they'll stamp your name on for a fee and they'll store them for you so you can use them next time you come in. After you order, it'll take a few weeks to arrive but the concept is cool and I think you get a discount every time you order a drink. The Blue Grasshopper closed during the pandemic but it's now open for business.

Carmelina Anderson

This is the absolutely best place to go, enjoy the music, great beer selection and most of all the atmosphere and genuine friendly staff. Jess, the Manager is the best! Her personality and never ending smile is what keeps us going back on a regular basis. I'm so glad we found it about this new location.

Kevin P.

We came here for 2 reasons Coalesce Blue band and the food and beers. The atmosphere is laid back and it is a big place and they have an outdoor area. We had the Area 51 pizza and it was fantastic. I used to work in the pizza industry so and their brick oven and thin crust pizza was a huge treat. We started with Zozobra spicy salad and a Caesar salad and they were both great. I asked for some green chili on the side and it was chunky not blended to oblivion which is the way I prefer. Lexi and Ray from Coalesce Blue band was a great way to spend the evening listening to music and they played a lot of their original songs which were so good. It is awesome they have only been together since February this year but they have to swag of a seasoned band because they are that good. Our server RavenEsence always made sure we were taken care of and extremely friendly. I would recommend either of the Hopper locations.

Carlos O.

Fun little spot for some great pizza, good selection of drinks and a bonus is the live music to enjoy while having a your food. My wife and I enjoyed our experience, we will be back!

anthony temer

Actually fun, really digging the early group playing 70's rock.Getting all the gray hairs out to rock. Food (pizza) decent barbecue finger food and fire wings very good. Good place to hang once and awhile.

Ace Armstrong

Arrived and it took a while for someone to come take our drink order. We finally got our drinks and were asking about food. We got 1 menu for 3 of us at the table, fine. We figured out what we wanted to order and sat and waited for 20-30 minutes, watching staff go by and keep passing us. Other people had gotten and finished their food by this time. So we got up, paid our tab and left. Very disappointing.

Annette F.

The bartender was more worried about talking to her regulars than helping the others around. Never offered us menus or suggested anything we had to ask for the menu. They were out of a lot of beers. The one in rio rancho is way better.

Shelly V.

We came in and it was not very busy. Our server got us one drink and never came back. Three tables around us received food and had servers. We continued sitting with empty drink glasses. No one came back EVER. We paid for our 1 and only drink and left. Over 30 minutes with no service is BEYOND ridiculous. Sorry but do not go here if you actually want to eat or have more than a single drink

Kriss M.

If I could rate a zero I would, but I'm stuck giving it a one star. I've been wanting to go to The Hopper Pub and finally got the opportunity. The only table that available was dirty, but we sat down anyway hoping someone would come by, clean the table and take our drink order. NOPE, NOPE AND NOPE. Waited about 15 minutes, two waitresses came around, helped other tables and no one stopped by. The final straw was another table left, the waitress cleared it right away and waited on the couple that sat down. We left immediately and will never go back again (but I'm sure no one will really care). Don't waste your money or your time going there. There's lots of other places that actually provide good service to their customers.

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