The Candy Lady

parking lot now open for candy lady store, 424 San Felipe St NW, Albuquerque
(505) 243-6239

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Haley Megan Hinson

I have wanted to come here for the loooong time! So obviously I was stoked when we got helped by THE candy lady. it was a great experience and the candy is SO GOOD!

Julian G.

To round it up briefly: The COVID lady. Went in for the old town stroll. She was walking around the store and selectively giving out southern comfort spiked egg-nog (which I'm not sure is legal) to customers not wearing a mask. She repeated encouraged customers to not wear a mask and cited having some super-duper air filtration system. None of the employees were wearing masks either. Beliefs are beliefs but having this sort of behavior is plain irresponsible especially in an establishment that makes food. It's almost as bad as people not washing their hands or tainting food. I also thought it was kind of gross that, due to her not wearing a mask and policing the area to encourage masklessness, that I noticed she literally has one lone survivor tooth and talks all molacha. I got really grossed out after this and left. Yeah I know she did the Breaking Bad meth for the film and yadda yadda, but I honestly don't think much of this place anymore after what I witnessed last night. There are other local chocolate shops that I'd rather support. The candy genitalia was another sketch area as well. I find it surprising that the area is not further cordoned off to prevent children from seeing it. There are a couple signs saying 18 and over, but it is not hard to see all the chocolate PPs and chichis from the main walkway. Some kid was all "look at those eyes" while pointing at a chocolate nipple. Just an all around "classy" establishment.

Ann V.

What a strange and unpleasant store. It was crowded with cabinets that were probably supposed to hold candy, but instead had tee shirts and knick-knacks. The sparse selection of candy outside of the front counter looked dusty and old. I get the attraction of the Breaking Bad connection. Their blue crystal candy looked exactly like Walter White's product. I'm a fan of the show, just not of this store.

[nelo] mh

a very nice lady at the candy lady can sell you some of the Blue Crystal of Walter White and Jesse Pinkman and many others souvenirs like a really Walter White hat. Also can buy many other kind of candies and chocolates home made.

Tom I.

I had a great experience at The Candy Lady. Not only did I pick up some great Breaking Bad memorabilia but the owner spent time with me assisting with my purchases and also getting to know me. She recommended some great homeopathic fixes to my allergies and cholesterol issues.

Mia Jones

Cool shop! A bit pricey but worth checking out.

Marshall Hoff

I give her a one star because the candy was pretty good. Otherwise, I didn't need her tirade on why her shop defies the law and doesn't wear masks during a pandemic and why she doesn't believe the science of vaccine efficacy. I can make a good guess on where she gets her misinformation. Avoid this shop unless you want to get covid.

Tim B.

Such a fun place and amazing candy selection. Service was awesome and great to talk to. A MUST if you're in Albuquerque and a "Breaking Bad" fan

Mendy Torres - Art

The Candy Lady is a Must whwn you're in Albuquerque. All her candy and cakes are homemade. I have honestly NEVER had anything there that wasn't delicious

Ericka Jackson

We had the best time here! definitely worth the stop for all the Breaking Bad souvenirs and fresh fudge! The owner is just the sweetest!


I went here on my trip to Albuquerque and I'm SO glad I did! I met the owner and had a really nice conversation with her. There are soooo many options of candy to choose from! Definitely try the while chocolate pepper fudge! I also loved the chocolate covered peaches.

Scott N.

Very interesting place, all sorts of flavors and friendly staff. Only issue is the price which is quite high.


My friend wanted to come, but I did not. My friend told me that this store sells candies in the same shape and look of the "product" they sell in the breaking bad series I just could not agree with it. Many would say what's the big deal. It would be if you have witnessed how the "real product" affected your loved ones in life. I do enjoy taking pictures with the two main characters in the form of a standing board in the front of the store though.

Ryan Palmer

Rip off city! Candy was not fresh at all. Plus the woman who owns it is a huge anti vaccination and Covid denier.

Lorie Pennywell

Cute store. I wish that I had given the time it deserved. I didn't buy anything, but my sisters did. I tasted what they bought: hard sour candies, fudge, and even bite size peanut butter cookies, were all delicious.

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