The Candy Lady

parking lot now open for candy lady store, 424 San Felipe St NW, Albuquerque
(505) 243-6239

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Bunny Parker

Super cute candy shop with free parking in the back! Great photo props and cute Breaking Bad merchandise inside. This is the lady that made all of the blue rock for the series. Fantastic shop!

Michael Gile

This was a fabulous experience! The owner showed us her products and let us take a breaking bad picture.


Wow! So many delicious treats to choose from- and all of them delicious! Of course we had to also get some of the blue crystal candy! So fun!

Karen Lucas

Had to come here - the boy loves Breaking Bad and this is where the blue crystals infamously came from for the show! Great service and lots of variety offered - even a hearty sugar free selection! A fun stop!

Allison Barcenas

I feel bad podting a critical review because the staff were all very friendly and the place was clean, but we just really didn't have a good experience here. In the end, our order was missing three items we asked for, and we caught the cashier in the middle of one mistake where she started selecting dark chocolates and white chocolates when we had twice asked just for milk chocolate. One truffle was the wrong sort. And the whole shop smelled very strongly of something that did smell edible, but was very off-putting. The fudge doesn't seem like it set properly with the top half being a different texture to the bottom half. I'm not sure if it's supposed to be firm or creamy, but it was both in the same bite.It may be better when the shop isn't busy, or with a different cashier, but it's really frustrating to not get what we asked for and to have to make corrections while ordering. It felt like we weren't being listened to at all.


Just a fun experience all around shopping for Crystal meth candy from the store that fronted Walter White his blue meth in the form of rock candy for the TV show. The owner might be one of the friendliest people on the planet. She took us through the store like we were her first customers, showed us around, even let us dress up like Heisenburg and sample the "product." This is a must stop experience if you are fans of Breaking Bad.

m k

Young cashier was very unfriendly. Very strange, negative atmosphere. I've encountered the owner before and she goes on long, awkward rants about politics. On this last visit I was relieved when I walked in and didn't see the owner behind the counter, hoping the younger cashier would just be a normal, professional person but she had an attitude like we were bothering her.

Christina S.

What a great place!!! The ladies in there were SUPER NICE AND FRIENDLY!! we were walking by and they said we can come in even though they were cleaning up. So, we did! Then, we talked to one of the ladies and she was so fun, friendly and had us try some candies as she said... we just had lunch and had to have dessert!! Again, totally worth it as the chocolates are sooo good!! We picked a variety of them! Come in and support them!! Adventure on!!!

Krista M.

Visited The Candy Lady solely because this is the store that made the blue "crystal meth" for Breaking Bad. I really want to do a Breaking Bad tour in and around Albuquerque but this wasn't quite the visit for it. Instead, I got a glimpse of Breaking Bad 'paraphernalia' while walking around this area of ABQ. I totally took photos with the cardboard cutouts and the trays of blue rock candy and I most definitely purchased some as souvenirs for myself and friends. There are plenty of other Breaking Bad items available for purchase including shirts and mugs but I thought they were a bit overpriced. Other candy/treats are also available including the 18+ candy/chocolate section. Enjoy.

Kelli H.

I'm so excited! I met THE iconic Candy Lady! She is so nice. And, I'm happy to say that she successfully made it through the pandemic. As a owner of another local business, it's a relief to know that she and her business are doing great. So, don't forget to BUY LOCAL. And, if you want amazing chocolate, definitely buy from The Candy Lady

Guy Caldwell

Very friendly ladies behind the counter. Fast service even with several people in line. We were only after the breaking bad blue hard candy. The sizes they sell are distribution and dime bag. $10 and $1. Had so many other treats like fudge, chocolate cherries, and so much more.

Matt G.

An Albuquerque institution and some of the best chocolate and sweets you'll find in town. If you need your Breaking Bad blue meth candy, chocolate covered anything, or in the mood for something a little more naughty, you'll find it here. The haystacks and the chocolate covered strawberries are some of the best I've ever had. Don't pass this place by if you're in Old Town!

Meryl Raines

Great service, fun vibe, yummy chocolate covered candied orange slices. Delightful little candy shop. I can’t wait to give my hubby the Breaking Bad/blue rock candy Christmas ornament we purchased there.

Aaron Schulzetenberg

Started with one staff member asking me to remove my mask while waiting in line to check out. Ended 25 minutes later, uncomfortably nodding along to conspiracy theories involving a certain maligned (alive?) leader of mid-20th century Germany being related to a good chunk of current world political figures. I don't know how it got there, because I don't think I said more than a few words. Other staff seemed fine, though. Caramels and licorice were pretty tasty. Uncalled for conspiracy theory talk made for a more sour than sweet experience on the whole.

Diana C.

Great time here. For Breaking Bad fans, this is where they made the blue meth candy for the show. There's a nice set up and some pretty cool unique tee shirts specifically designed from the Candy Lady store. Debbie, the owner was extremely warm and sweet. Must stop in ABQ.

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