The Last Call

6261 Riverside Plaza Ln a1, Albuquerque
(505) 717-1207

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Rebecca S.

It looks like they are permanently closed. Came by here hoping to try and saw a notice on their window.

Samantha Y.

The food is great here! I recommend the carne Asada burrito with extra sauce! The service is good, I recommend ordering ahead of time. Dining in can be cool too.

Friedemann D.

It is reported on Facebook they got evicted. So don't bother wasting your time going there.

Vanessa Ayala

I guess they have new owners , Asada fries are a thing of the past . Chicken fries, are a a failure.This was one of my favorite places to eat !! I don’t know what they are doing it is not the same .. PLEASE BRING BACK THE ASDA FRIES !!

Raymond Corona

not how it used to be. I miss when it was a hole in the wall on central lol.. I payed 11 bucks for my burrito and my lawd have mercy-- the meat was unbelievably salty, the whole thing was. idk what they did that day but I told myself that was the last straw alahh lmao but nahh fr the last 3 burritos I've had (the last one being my 3rd) were definitely not at par to when it was that sweet sweet hole in the wall ??

damon maxey

Burritos have gotten to a 3rd of the size. Paying extra 3 dollars for more asada seems like a waste you don't get extra. The carne asada fries used to fill the box now its halfway filled just not worth spending 32+ dollars for 2 items . Never coming back unless there is

Will D.

Went in during the week about 8ish the place was a bit dirty. They only had two people working, the kid taking our order asked if I wanted ice with the drink I had ordered very weird but okay; I ordered my burrito took a while but I get it was a bit packed. My friend behind meordered a burrito and a quesadilla which the quesadilla took a while to come out, again fine. But the burrito never came so after waiting 20 minutes my buddy went to check on his burrito and the cashier looks at him asks "oh you wanted a burrito too?".... He never even put the burrito in didn't offer an apology could care less just went back to looking at the iPad. We ended up leaving in shock as to how clueless the kid was.

Gaming Inferior

I liked there food but I did get sick for two days eating here. Food was meh it felt weird in there people were nice just idk but yeah can't afford to get sick again. There a little pricey for selling frys stuffed

Jason Kaczorowski

This will be my last time to Last Call.They’ve forgot items in previous orders, not been able to fulfill orders I’ve come to pick-up and today was the last straw.They sent me home with fries so greasy and undercooked they were inedible. These fries were swimming in grease. The grease was pooling at the bottom of the container. To add insult to the grease, they weren’t even cooked - they were partially raw. Sorry but these French Fries are not worth $10.00.Last time, Last Call.

League Crystal

Love the food, been eating for years but the thing i dont like about is the price keep going up and my servings are not even filled up anymore it used to be $12 for a full size that can fill up 2 but now its $15 and barely feeds 1 the restaurant is becoming cheap

DJ Lou Jon-Son

We will never eat here again. Their carne asada anything (tacos, burritos, frieds) is nothing like what you think carne asada is. Waste of time and money.

Ederson Mendez

Since seems to be going thru repairs or renovations but regardless the God was amazing. Cali burrito was massive and delicious.

Daniel Underwood

I would highly recommend the chicken fries. The quality and texture of the chicken is top tier. The fries are natural cut fries. The sauce that’s drizzled over the meal is bomb too. Pull up.

Gurule O.

The music is way too loud.There's usually a lot of online orders so you never know how long you're going to wait. Again the music is so loud I had to wait outside.

Diamond K.

Ima start this review by prefacing that I'm actually a native San Diegan so I've eatin at basically every taco shop in the city at one point which for those of you that don't know we have one almost on every block back in southern Cali! Lol and I have waaaay too much experience with California burritos... but overall it was good for taco shop food you can find in New Mexico. It was def a different take on a California burrito because usually they come with carne, fries, guac, sour cream, cheese, and pico but I liked the aioli rift. I ate the whole gigantic thhhhang so I def enjoyed it. I really enjoyed how the fries were made homemade and I'm really feelin the Lucha decor of the place! I do wish there was an add guacamole option but overall I think the burrito was pretty good and the size was accurate. I would prob come back if In the area. I liked how they gave you a side of sour cream and I also loved the hot sauce I think it was the Chile arbol one they I really loved. I tasted all the salsas and they were good. Overall this place is good and I'm looking forward to trying there fish taco next time!

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