The Last Call

6261 Riverside Plaza Ln a1, Albuquerque
(505) 717-1207

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amanda gomez

I’m sad. This place was great… Now poor work ethic. I called to check up on an order to be ignored and eventually hung up on. Poor quality on the food. This place should just shut down. I have been a fan from downtown and now the workers brought down the morale and the potential. I use to be excited about ordering food from this place.

Ashley Perez-Ibarra

It was okay not like I remember it, I just wish they would fill the burritos more it was a lot of tortilla folded within itself. I got a cali carne asada burrito and carne asada fries and almost every bite I had to pull out a hard tissue, I mean I know it’s normal but cmon now almost every other bite having pieces like that is just gross. I can’t say if I would return if y’all would like to try it be my guest it’s not that bad but it could be way better especially with the prices they have on the food.

Michael Fleming

Great food. Definitely an outstanding take on NM comfort food. I used to go on the regular to the one in Nob Hill, but after that location closed work hours just weren't compatible with the new locations. Regardless, the Coors location was as tasty as ever. Tacos and a very sharable smothered fries were deeply satisfying. If you want flat our good food with a NM flair, you definitely need to take a trip to Last Call and get some of the tastiest carne asada fries you've ever tasted.

Dennis Plummer

Echoing review by Daniel Lyle. They only offer takeout. I'm recommending to Google maps to delete the dining checkmark.I remember their tasty burritos at downtown location and was looking forward dinner with a friend.We went somewhere else when they wouldn't even let us sit down outside to eat.

Daniel Lyle

They are still only offering takeout, and recently raised their prices. 12 dollars for one burrito is pretty outrageous, especially when you can't even sit down to eat it.

Kelly K.

Ordered the Cali burrito off of door-dash last night. It was absolutely incredible. I'm from Southern California, and being able to find good Mexican food elsewhere has been HARD. I'm so bummed I don't live here, because this is the kind of place I'd be eating at alll the time.

Jennifer F.

Went tonight for the first time to try this place out. Tacos are $4/taco and are tiny! Fish taco was decent but again small and not worth $4 for the taco and the Carne Asada was okay but not great and also small. Probably need to order at least 4 to feel satisfied. Asada french fries were ok and thank goodness we got them or we would be starving. ..There is no place to sit inside or outside and don't plan on ordering a drink because they are out of cups. ...make the trek into Rio Rancho to Tap N Taco if you want fantastic tacos at the right price!!

Vivianne Gonzalez

I have to report that I am very disappointed in my order. On Saturday afternoon I ordered 4 chicken tacos with habanero sauce on the side. My tortillas were stale and my chicken was dry as well as my limes. If you notice they forgot to add black beans and cotija cheese ( the best part). They charged me .50 cents for habanero sauce and I couldn’t believe they would only give me a few drops of what tasted like tomato sauce.Look I was ok to pay their new price increase of 2.00 if the quality was ensured, however, that is not the case. It was not busy when we came in to place our order, so we cannot see any justification to why they would serve this level of quality. We will stop by again sometime to see if this is the new last call standard, we sincerely hope it is not.

Mason D.

Love the burritos here. If your looking for a big, stuffed burrito that is very saucy then this is the place. I get double chicken California burrito and also a vegetarian burrito. Every time we go it's 5 stars!

Emily Nevarez

AMAZING FOOD!!!! Freshly cooked everything! Carne Asada fries are 100/10. The staff are incredibly nice and never a long wait. Definitely my favorite place, super happy that I went in. ❤️

Anton Ego

I called in my order the gentleman had a difficult time hearing possible because the music is very loud…even when you walk in. I placed an order for the carne asada fries full. But for $12 buck would’ve liked more carne asada. Overall a acceptable experience and very favorable

Whitnie O.

Last shop standing that I know of. Used to go to the one off central that one closed, then they opened one in The Salt Yard East then that one went out with Covid... Don't get to the west side of town often but the Cali burrito is worth it!! Veggies, fries, their yummy sauce and cheese! It's so good!!! Can't speak for anything else on the menu, I only get the Cali Burrito when I go!! Location staff were friendly and quick. I just have to take the time to go that way to get the burritos. Wish they still had more locations.

Loriann Banuelos R.

Fish tacos are good but very small. Burritos are big and tasty.Beer Battered Fish TacoCarne Asada Burrito

Lisa B.

I went on a Sunday and got there 2 minutes before they open at 11, got out of the car at 11:02 door was still locked. Stood outside and waited, no one came to the door to at least say we are behind on opening up we'll get you taken care of soon, nothing. So I got back in my car waited some more and I finally left because they still hadn't opened the door at 11:14. Went to order somewhere else.

Dominic Alvarado

Tried to get phone there the other day and the lady on the phone was rather rude when i gave her my name and when I went to pick up my food she accused me of ordering double the food. At that point I just said never mind and walked out, lost my appetite. I’m trans and shouldn’t have to explain to someone the name I use. Too bad they took away salt yard,nob hill and down town. Whenever I need a burrito fix I just go to chipotle they don’t deserve my money for that dry burrito. IT’s been down hill for a while now.

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