The Paleta Bar

6241 Riverside Plaza Ln C3, Albuquerque
(505) 890-3756

Recent Reviews

Lily Hong

Amazing dessert place! Lots of flavors to choose, with lots of toppings!

Anna Cummings

Thank you for the Paleta bar for being the best place ever to end a hike! So accommodating for our entire troop of Girl Scouts! We loved our Paletas!

Benjamin Padilla

The Elote was so gross from here. The staff was also very rude and do not really care about their customers. It's better to take your business elsewhere.

Robert Fraga

So many flavors and combinations to try. Reminds of South Texas

Steven Carrasco

Delicious chocolate covered with piñon paletas

Julie T.

I would have given this place 5 stars because the paleta bars are really good as well as their drinks, but their customer service is lacking. Dropped in this past Saturday for a treat and got totally skipped over. When I said something to the two guys behind the counter they ignored me so I walked out. The guys clearly saw me when I walked in and while I was waiting for the people ahead of me. I've been here plenty of times before with no problems so this was unacceptable.


Good treats and tropical drinks. A little on the expensive side but it doesn't hurt to treat yourself once in a while. However the employees need to learn how to smile and to stop rolling their eyes. This place is new to most people so have patience

Che Joyce Martinez

Yummy paletas and great customer service !!!


The banana paleta dipped in milk chocolate with pecans was amazing!!! Like seriously, wow. Elote needs more topping and corn was a little too hard unfortunately.

Eva Blazejewski

Great place for a snack and to watch the sunset. My kids love it and I love the fresh fruit-cup.

Tim Beck

They locked up and closed an hour early. The girl locked the door as I was getting out of my car and gave me a nasty look with her mean mug. Guess I'll take my business to baskin robbins.If you're going to deviate from your hours of operation, update them online so you don't inconvenience people.

Tricia Toya

Cucumber Lime with chamoy and Tajin was absolutely refreshing. So was my fruit cup, drizzled with milk chocolate and sprinkled with pine nuts. The presentation was beautiful! Thank you, Brian.

Alex “A.Train” Becenti

Amazing as always! I figured I'd try out different locations, Bernalillo Paleta Bar will forever be my favorite?


Awesome place but somewhat hard to find. You order from a bar, Chipotle-style. You can choose for a wide range of ice pops—pistachio, coffee, taro root, etc.—then you top it with white, dark, or milk chocolate; after that you get a choice of toppings like M&Ms, pistachios, and sprinkles, as well as the option of fruit on the side. They also sell other stuff, like horchata. I got a pistachio pop with milk chocolate and shaved coconut on top; I also got strawberries drizzled with chocolate on the side. The end product was very delicious. The server was also courteous. Would definitely recommend!

Jessica Vivar

This place is so good. Definitely worth coming and trying it out!

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