The Paleta Bar

6241 Riverside Plaza Ln C3, Albuquerque
(505) 890-3756

Recent Reviews

James Pacheco

Awsome spot. Along with Spring Rollin, The Owner was there and was very excited to us customers. He was so excited he gave me a free drink. The Paleta bars are delicious and service is Great. At spring Rollin, Always great service and delicious food.

Bryan Rowland

Very nice staff and a great family environment. The food is awesome. This is a fun local spot to take your friends or family and hang out for some paletas or aguas frescas! We had never been here before and the workers took the time to explain everything to us. There are tons of flavors and unlimited combinations. They do let you sample anything before you buy it. There is a genuine feel to the atmosphere.

Pierce Bruneau

Good Paletas. Taro Root with white chocolate and Pinon is my favorite, and also enjoyed the United Paleta!

gaming_with Little.V

The Mangonanda paleta, It didn't taste the same as last time. They were grabbing the fruits with their bare hands. (They should have spoons)They were also touching the register screen and phones. Very unhygienic. I loved how this one guy made it before but this time it was not good.

Jazz Dad

Very efficient staff serving up a HUGE variety of items. I 'dinged' it one star because I didn't like the strawberry cream cheese. (MY fault; I should have sampled it first.)

Michael Ramos

This place was nice, there was a nice Teenager that helped us. He showed us a chart that had the best combinations. (Incase you get stuck in a conundrum and attempt to but 6)

Justice Sanford

Although the prices have gone up as well as one of the employees charging extra on every little thing I wanted even if it was extra napkins (not how it was before also seemed like they added in extra charges due to the transaction occurring very close to opening time. Which if true is kinda not cool to say the least.) this place is still okay in my opinion. Other then the ridiculous "extra charges" for little things they serve great paleta.

Latesha Vigil

Our first time here staff was friendly and had great suggestions, the kids loved it! Fruit was fresh ? I think we found our new evening spot for cold treats.

Roderick Sam

Delicious Paleta with all the dressings and Frescas.. my favorite place for a mid day snack. I recommend to all my friends!

Shannon DeLay

My husband and I visited while passing through from out of town and we were blown away! We don’t have anything like this back home, and everything was so fresh and incredibly. They are generous with the toppings, and truly put effort into our order. We will be visiting again next time in Albuquerque!

Karen C

Really enjoyed their avocado ice cream, naturally creamy. We also tried pistachio, horchata and churro.

Felicia Genero

Thank you for the Aguas Frescas. We really enjoyed the watermelon and the pineapple. Fresh and just the right amount of sweetness. ?

Carlos V.

What's great experience was visiting this place. We tried the half dipped mango paleta in chocolate and granola and was delish. They also offer coffee, fruit cups and other goodies I didn't get to try on this visit. It was definitely and overwhelming experience with all the choices to mix your palate but very enjoyable.

Lily Hong

Amazing dessert place! Lots of flavors to choose, with lots of toppings!

Anna Cummings

Thank you for the Paleta bar for being the best place ever to end a hike! So accommodating for our entire troop of Girl Scouts! We loved our Paletas!

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