933 San Mateo Blvd NE #100th, Albuquerque
(505) 265-9237

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I had a chocolate chip pancake and it was so good! 5 stars! Recommend this place

Ana Allensworth

Had brunch today and I did not like my order. Manager asked if there was something else I would like. I ordered a sandwich and when I say he brought it out immediately, I mean he literally walked to the kitchen and came straight out with the sandwich! So impressed, I waz able to continue eating with my friends! Incredible service and attention to details!!

Sally Shipman

Always great food and service. Social distancing was being used. Wait staff was friendly and gave great service!!

Scott D.

Damn I really wanted to try that massive thick pancake back at our place after we picked our food up but low and behold, no syrup. Not sure about you, but I don't eat pancakes without syrup. All I ordered was a pancake and bacon. You put in plastic ware for me, hell you even threw in enough cream and sugar for the next 10 coffees. Just no syrup. Colossal fail cuz I'm still hungry...On another note whomever works the takeout station may want to look at something else to do. I watched you for a solid 3-4 minutes text someone while I waited you to greet me. Took someone else to walk up watching this awkward situation to ask me if needed help. Sure enough my order was sitting right in front of all of us collecting dust while someone else got the first priority in attention, yet it wasn't any of us in the building.2 stars cuz the bacon was bomb

Nook Sitsiinineez

Huge portions, delicious savory food, and good prices. Delivery from Door dash was fast and food arrived nice and hot.

Destiny Caceres

Really helpful and friendly staff! Made getting curbside easy and quick :) also good food! (:


The food was alright for we like to come here often the waitress we had that day had like a chip on her shoulder didn't care for her normally everyone else is outgoing and always making sure everything is ok, but it was like she just didn't like waiting on us idk when going back I don't want to have her and would ask to be seated somewhere else other than her section

Roxanne A.

Food was OK, the young waitress wasn't too engaging, didn't even know what the soup of the day was


This restaurant was GREAT!! very nice decorations, very clean, the staff was very friendly and accommodating and the food was EXCELLENT!! Just be ready to eat, because the portions are huge..Delicious, very Delicious. I highly recommend this restaurant.

Alfredo Perez

Oh yeah! Green chile ANYTHING! Friendly and awesome wait staff....the hazelnut coffee is wonderful! Be aware that they only serve breakfast and lunch....they close at 2, but its worth rushing over there

Liz Fielder

Loved it. Food was very good with huge servings. Able to handle our group of 16.

Larissa Miller

Great service and great food. They are really good dealing with kiddos and friendly staff here at the one on Lomas and San Mateo.

Lindsay B.

Weck's is our go to breakfast spot. I always get the two egg breakfast special. I substituted beans for meat and they had no problem with my order. Tasty, not too expensive, clean and reliable! Weck's is the best.

Roberta D.

I really wanted to get breakfast from Wecks this morning... I did not. They have made the same mistake twice, I have paid for "that" mistake twice. I will not go back! Edit. I got my Togo order today and it was perfect. The manager went above and beyond to correct any previous mistake! I'm very happy with the service and the way their management handled my concern. Shout out to Jeremy. He exceted expectation. Great jobs Wecks

Epistrophe Monk

Excellent chili, fresh potato chips, and a bowl of hash browns and delicious. One of the best breakfasts I've had!!

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