4800 Culture Dr NE, Albuquerque
(505) 341-2611

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Dany Sanchez

I forgot why I don't frequent this location. I pulled up to drive thru at 815 and it literally takes them two minutes to say anything over speaker and there's no other clients. All I ask for was 2 plain sausage biscuits and they tell me they're still cooking I said I can wait for them no problem and my biscuits were all mushy like they threw them in the microwave . It's obvious they don't want to work. Then to top it off I see an employee walk out of restaurant with big black trash bag and puts it in his vehicle instead of trash bin. Great management

Luis Brayan

They're understaffed with 6 employees working in the kitchen. Oh sorry, and an incompetent manager who spends what seems like the entirety of their shift on the phone. Maybe get off it and instruct your underpaid staff how to properly make a sandwich

John Sherman (Shepherd)

The wife and I went in and got that biggie bag. I really enjoyed the food it was fresh. The counter help was superb and the cleanliness of the place amazed me. Good going Wendy's thank you.

J. S. Neal

Their employee Don was friendly and took care of my special order without any problems or complaint. Food was fresh and hot. Kitchen was well organized, which can’t be said about other locations Ive been to.This was a legit 5 star Wendy’s visit

Ignacia Hunt

Didn’t want to even give it a 1 star, my husband and I order Wendy’s takeout both got Dave’s doubles to not only have already eaten half of the burger I lifted up the top bun to see white chunks in the mayo as well as the mayo being yellow!! Needless to say we both got food poisoning! Never again! If you eat here be cautious of your food!!

Brandon R.

After all the bad reviews of fast food in this town, I felt this place deserved a thumbs up. Used the drive-through to grab breakfast. All employees were extremely polite, neat and clean looking. They made sure to verify my order verbally, several times, (which is way less annoying than someone getting it wrong). From what I can see through the drive-through window, kitchen appeared clean. Food was hot and fast (even after making fresh breakfast potatoes). They even asked if I wanted ketchup. Who does THAT anymore? I don't live here, so I won't visit this location often, but rest assured I know which Wendy's I will go to when I'm in town.


This Wendy’s has gone way downhill the last 3 times I have been there. They always get your order wrong. I literally placed a mobile order got there 15 minutes later they handed me my drinks then made me sit in the parking lot and wait for 20 minutes so the drinks got all watered down and guess what!order was still wrong and keep in mind it was 2 meals nothing major. There lobby is always closed and they never answer there phone and the food is sloppy always.at least this time they had bbq sauce ?

Vangie Maldonado

Absolutely terrible! The staff was acting very weird and sus when I pulled up to the window, and they all stopped talking. I ordered a $5 biggie bag, medium fry and medium drink. They gave me the skimpiest, half full SMALL fry!!!??? The fries were cold too. Asked for easy ice on all of the drinks, did not happen?. Went back inside to have them replace my fries with the right size I ordered and received no apologies. The worker simply grabbed the fries out of my hand tossed them in the trash and walked away. He handed Me the correct fries but still did not apologize for the inconvenience. The workers were talking quietly while staring at me, made me uncomfortable. Do not go here terrible service!!!!

Mark Bussemeier

Exceptional customer service at this location. Friendly and personable staff. HOT fresh food. Been a long time since we truly enjoyed

Yamil Quinones

They close the lobby at 5pm or so.More than 6 employees inside but the restaurant is close. Only drive-thru.

Gloria Begody

Love the salads! Especially the pecan salad with blu cheese. There are actually no other salads at other places for drive thru's. If you take your salads off your menu. You loose me as a customer. Thanks!!

Kieko Kodama

Cancels my order less than 30 seconds after placing it. Now I have to wait 3 days to get the money back into my account, AND spend more to order elsewhere. Y'all are not that busy, and if you are, TURN OFF ONLINE ORDERS.

Melissa Velasquez

For starters, best service ever from and wendys. I’m from Texas and stopped here and this team at this location blew Texas wendys out of the park.Christian, you weren’t lying you did make the best cup of chili this morning with all heart your in it!!


Stopped for lunch en route from Phoenix to Fort Collins, CO. Window staff was courteous and friendly. Our order was filled quickly and correctly. We each had a Wendy's single combo. Wendy's fries are perfectly salted. And after all these years the single burger is still juicy and loaded with flavor. On a side note. We all know that fast food chains have upped their hourly wage tremendously over the last couple of years. As expected, that increase in cost to franchise owners has resulted in substantial increases in the cost to consumers. A single combo with burger, fries and a drink was $9.38. Wow. At that level consumers have many more choices of where and what to eat. Had we not been on a tight schedule we could have had a sit down meal at a standard restaurant.


Pulled up at the drive-thru to order breakfast at 8:30 am and they had the dinner menu posted. I don't have their menu memorized so I left and went to Carl's Jr.

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