The Bakery & Cafe @ Angel Fire

3420 Mountain View Blvd, Angel Fire
(575) 377-3992

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stormy c

When i walked in, they ignored us for a minute or two.. As i wait waiting for them to say something to me, i looked around to check out the available seating.There were 2 tables of 6 open, and a couple of smaller tables.When she finally said something to me, I Then asked if they were able to seat a bigger party (She just stared at me like i was crazy). I told her we had 16 people. All she said was "No".1. I know that the bakery is small, but seems like they would want the business when clearly there WAS enough room at the time we walked in to eat.2. They were not that friendly.I used to love going here to eat for years.. The staff used to be super nice. Not sure what happened.This experience just ruined that for me.

Sandra L

Wonderful food and baked goods. Quaint little place with friendly staff.


Terrific food and friendly service from Jujo...patty melt on toasted rye so yummy. Huge meaty breakfast burrito. Gladly returning next time passing through


Food was not good, egg and potatoes tasted like they had been left out and made before we ordered them, not fresh. Service was good though. For tourist our of town they are strict with masks in New Mexico and wont serve u if so

Daniel H.

Decent food but Jesus everything in mexico is expensive . We spent at least $60-$100 each time we ate out.. in Texas $100 will get 5 people a steak dinner not eggs ..

Braden A.

This is your average donut shop. I got a chocolate donut and a raspberry pastry. The chocolate donut was hard and not very good. The raspberry pastry was actually pretty tasty. Pros: Cheap Large menu of donuts and breakfast Were friendly Cons: Donuts were hit and miss Small seating with ugly decor Didn't have water bottles

Savannah L.

Wow! This adorable mom and pop is a must if you visit Angel Fire! We had the Vince special with green Chile and the Ruben with pastrami and onion rings!!! Wooooow! Cheese fries to another level! Definitely want to check this place out. They also had yummy pastries and donuts!

Tanya P.

Unfortunately we stopped here for a quick bite on our way out of town. I really wish we knew about this gem sooner. The cinnamon rolls were amazing! One of them was colossal. The turnover was divine! The woman working there threw it in for my husband. If only it weren't the last one I would have sent him in for more. The donut holes were great and the donuts were soft and sweet. We will definitely hit this place up next time we're here!


I was recommended this place from the checker at the grocery store, wow i found out why. Burrito was way good. Service as well.

J.Fred Simms

I eat here every time I am in the area! I feel guilty I am just now writing a review - because this place is really delicious - I always get a simple eggs, potatoes and cheese - very good! This last time I picked up some donuts for the kids and wow, they were great! very nice people - Just a good ole place to eat!!

Jennifer Sanford

It was cold in there but they had indoor seating. We got there right before 11 and we could do breakfast but no pancakes or French toast. Ridiculous!!! The food was ok, not spectacular at all. The staff was friendly but not too attentive, even for a small place. If you could eat somewhere else besides here, I would. I don't think we will be back unless it calls for desperate measures!!

Kendra Boatman

Absolutely disgraceful and disrespectful attitude towards paying customers who try to support small businesses especially in these trying times. Overpriced food and drinks that are bland and not worth the money. I ordered breakfast sandwiches and would hardly it call a sandwich, no filling especially around the corners, dry! Hardly any egg, bacon or cheese inside. I ordered a cinnamon roll for my father, they did not heat or even ask, threw it in a paper bag and I asked for some silverware and something to put it on (plate, to go box.. something) and was told a flat no. STINGY with everything, will not ever come back. Disgusting behavior especially from older woman, the owner I assume.

Pat Monroe

Hamburger ? was really good! Hot and the kettle fries were great. Order ahead of time, not that we ever do and don't have to wait long.

Jordan D.

The food is comfort breakfast food, nothing special but everything is done right- Their bakery items are super yummy. I've never had anything bad off of the menu. Service is friendly but expect to wait for a table if you see the parking lot full. One of the only places serving a true breakfast in town--which is awesome but also makes the waiting long--but worth it. Angel Fire could benefit from another breakfast spot to accommodate early risers looking to avoid the resort village Haus- but this is good news for the bakery and their business.

Laura W.

The lady working this morning refused to serve us chocolate milk when we asked. We had it there the day before. That is fine everyone has a bad day, but when we then asked for water, she said they don't serve water. I still spent over $20 on donuts and tipped over 20%. This was an odd display of unusual grouchy customer service. I still support this restaurant. They usually have great service and wonderful food and prices.

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