The High Country Restaurant

2289 S, NM-17, Chama
(575) 756-2384

Recent Reviews

Gregory P. Segura

How do you run a place that existed for over 30 years and was successful and good and fun into the ground? At least the useless owner is gone but unfortunately so is the restaurant.

Dennis D.

Not the best experience and almost walked out but not many choices for dinner in Chama. When we entered the restaurant the server said sit anywhere and we sat at a table. She never came to the table, I actually got up to get menus and silverware. After about 15 minutes or so still no service so we got up and went into the bar instead. We sat down someone brought menus but never came back, very frustrating. We finally stopped someone to take our order and ordered. After the meal we asked for the check and she said ok I'll be right back , guess what she never came back and I saw her behind the bar serving drinks and chatting with the patrons. We had to flag someone else just to get the tab and pay and get out of there. The food was ok and the service was the worst!

Kathy Schroeder

Came through Chama a few years ago and stopped here. The food was sooo delicious and my husband and I are back in the area so we rode our bike back to the restaurant from Durango last Sunday. Over 200 miles round trip and the restaurant was closed, despite their website saying they were open that day. We were so sad. We?ll be going through Chama again on Friday so we will give them another shot. If not for that, I?d obviously give a 5 star rating.


We had the burrito which was good but they were out of anything BBQ and they didnâ??t have the dessert I wanted, pretty disappointed

Ted U.

BEWARE!!!! BBQ joint with NO BBQ. So called "green chili stew" with no green chili, hamburger, potatoes, tomatoes flavored with Tabasco sauce; wedge salad served without dressing. This place sux. A discredit to the State of New Mexico.

Andrew Petersen

Great burger, quick service, small town atmosphere and wonderful local staff. Delish!

Elizabeth Kurtak

Other chains try to imitate what this place actually is. Authentic rustic atmosphere, beautiful building, great food, and friendly service. Very glad we stopped in.


The food here was good and the portions are large. The staff seemed like maybe they were understaffed for the Thursday night before Labor day weekend, but they were very friendly. The prices seemed a little high until we saw how much food was included.

Tina B.

Thank you Amanda (bartender) for having prompt friendly high quality service & food. I'm glad after 4 years I can finally give my favorite old Chama Restraunt 5 stars again. Nolan Redman was singing country with his guitar & he was simply amazing. Thank you everyone for a fabulous time

Bruce B.

I had to pee, so I came in and headed strait for the men's restroom. It was really, really dirty. Trash all over the floor. There's no way I'm going to eat here now. I peed, then left.

James M

Surly, slow service, unresponsive, very bad vibes, mediocre food, even on a holiday weekend. None of the staff seemed happy to be there, much less to provide good service.

Daniel E M

Restaurant has changed hands since we were there 5 years ago and it is a shadow of it's former self. On a Tuesday, they had run out of fish and salad at 7:30 in evening. Substitiutes not so hot.


Amazing tasting food resenable prices I strongly recommend the TRUE GRIT


Giving this place four stars because it's open! We spent the day on the train...and thought it would be nice to eat out away from our RV. Everything was closed on a Tuesday night before Labor a Tourist town! This was the one place with lots of vehicles in front. I had read the earlier reviews and warned my husband because of the number of people it might be slow... I wouldn't call it fast food but it was timely. Staff was friendly but busy. We shared the Boss...Chicken Fried Steak. It was done just right and the gravy was good. The two sides were ok. Mash Potatoes were home made with skins mashed in. The coleslaw was typically over dressed... Overall standard fair but glad it was open.


This is a bar with live music and a separate dining room. While we were served right away there were three tables that were there before us who had not been served. One table left, the others were finally served but were arguing with the owner about the service. We enjoyed all of our meals although one of us ordered a burger medium rare and it was well done. The server was cheerful, polite and efficient.

Rod S.

Never again. Oh how I miss the good times and great food at the HC. Those days are over. The new owners are obviously from out of state and have no idea how to prepare New Mexican food. I had the "cowboy" which is supposed to be red chile beef enchiladas and green chile chicken enchiladas (no substitutions what so ever). The green sauce is decent but it all goes way downhill from there. Inside of the red enchiladas you will find ground meat that tastes remarkably like taco bell beef. I think they are actually using Taco bell seasoning packets. The result is a very offputting flavor that clashes horribly with their red sauce which is also likely canned. The green chile chicken enchiladas are even worse. Here you will find CANNED and CUBED chicken rolled up inside of a dry, store bought corn tortilla. The meal is complemented with canned beans and Ricearoni brand wild rice. This meal is an absolute "train wreck". A couple of more notes: The service was friendly, but stern. The chips were stale and I think they use liquid smoke in the salsa. The bar drinks are weak, but reasonably priced. Maybe have a beer here, but eat somewhere else. You've been warned!


Rude service. Had to walk out before ordering. Very few people in restaurant to start with so I should have known.


As far as the bad customer service, really?! We were waited on by the nicest lady who obviously was trying to wear many hats and did a fine job at it. My husband and I had the monster burrito (beef with green Chile sauce) and OMG! It was UH-mazing! My kids split the burger bast and they said the fies were the best they ever had and the burger was perfectly cooked as well. We all shared the triple starter that came with salsa, guacamole and queso and again it was fabulous! We will definitely stop again when in the area.


We stopped for lunch because so many bikers were in front we thought people =good. The inside is very authentic but the lady is alone to do the service..,. The burgers were supposed to be good when reading the advices but the meat is not very good. . She is not very happy when you pay cash ...!

Kim Fowler

Chicken fried steak tasted like it came from a box. Definitely not worth the long wait. Several people around us had burgers and they looked delicious. Service was good considering how busy it was.

M W.

Ordered drinks and dinner. Went to bathroom. Out. Of. Soap. When I asked for some I was told "We don't have any." Not even dish soap. So, on the positive we found out before eating that it was impossible that Anyone was washing his or her hands. On the negative we sat in a restaurant listening to someone (cook?) yell at the waitress and blaring heavy metal.


We had a large group of people, and the waitress and helpers took great pride in serving a large party well. Most importantly, the food was excellent, with a wide variety of choices. Definitely worth the visitor youâ??re in Chama!

Diana S.

We ordered takeout of turkey BBQ with loaded potato and a sweet potato and was so good we ordered the same thing the next day but were too early for the baked potatoes which are ready at 4pm so had the mashed instead and they were delicious!

Margie Olivarez

I give this restaurant 1star. My tacos were served cold... then I exchange for a pulled pork bbq sandwich which she brings me brisket and tells me they were out of pork. With no sauce what so ever. The razbery cobbler was so old and dry . the icecream was good. .oh and the water good . .. service sucked. But atleast the waitress was friendly. The bus boy was rude... . And they took forever ...oh they also use the wrong corn Tortillas. Not good for tacos or enchiladas..there the thin ones those are good for taquitos.. ok. My rant is over. I definitely will not go back.. and I do not recommend this place so dirty. As well that's why they keep it u cant see how dirty it is.. the chairs have seen better days there all torn and look like 35 years old... and sticky filth on them. Ok rant over again. Dont waste your time or money..there..

Glenn Ford

What a disappointment! We have been eating here for years... Food quality is dropping rapidly and the evening we ate there the service was very poor!

Sylvia N.

Stopped while traveling through town on a night they were slammed. Took a long time to get served, but the staff was friendly and apologetic, and gave us a discount because of the wait. BBQ is great. Mexican combo, so-so.


After eating simply nachos and wings, my husband and I had digestive issues which was unusual. Maybe it was just coincidence, but we will not return to this restaurant v

Karen B.

Just had fantastic burgers with the dozens and a very friendly waitress, Mallory! She offered suggestions and checked to be sure we were doing ok, several times!

buster b

Big burgers and cooked-to-order, real good green chile, good service but scruffy place


of a Western Saloon. We stopped here for drinks and a bite to eat our first day in Chama. We entered the venue and were greeted by the super friendly bartender/waitress who explained the layout. We could stay at the bar and eat and drink there or move to the left and sit at tables in front of the fireplace. And help ourselves to the peanuts offered in a metal trash can. There were several buckets for peanuts and the floor covered almost by peanut shells. This section had an old-timey juke box. My wife played several tunes at 3 for $ 1. The drinks are reasonable priced and the appetizer tasted great.

philip onyirimba

My wife and I went to Hi Country (the bar area) for an evening night out (on Friday) to see one of our friends perform and what we experienced was beyond imaginable. The waitress and manager were rude and disrespectful. It began when the waitress asked for my DL when I gave it to her she looked at it then gave it back then asked for it again and walked off with my DL. When she returned I asked her why she took my DL she said â??I went to do a Math with to figure if youâ??re at least 21.â? I was shocked because I have never heard of a waitress or bartender that had take an ID, walk off with it to do a â??MATHâ? to figure out a personâ??s age that was born in the 80â??s and especially when the exact DOB is displayed on the DL. When I asked to speak with the manager, she was even worse. She did not offer a reasonable explanation why her waitress took my DL to the back instead she asked me to leave when I tried to get an explanation of whatâ??s going on. She also refused to serve my wife any drinks because she had a temporary DL that was issued to her same day with her picture on it too. Honestly I felt like this place is not a place for African Americans to go to because what they displayed there was discriminatory maybe due to racial bias or something. I believe the waiter didnâ??t believe I was who my ID said I am thatâ??s why she took my DL to the back and am not sure what she did with it back their. My wife and I are definitely not going there again until a new management take over and fixes this practice. It was truly sad and horrible experience for my wife and I. If itâ??s possible to give this place a Zero star I will.

Jay S.

We enjoyed High Country. Seemed like ownership and management was going through some changes. We called, because we travel with our dog and need pet friendly patios. They were happy to accommodate us. Their open air area has wood chips on the ground, a stage for music(on weekends), and the smoker and all it's glorious smells were right there! Service was awesome and they truly went above and beyond. The only problem was a menu error that this place needs to rectify or like an earlier review will cause further complaints. I ordered the burger named True Grit. Pricey at $18, but it was supposed to have everything including the kitchen sink. Stated on the burger was Sausage, Brisket, Pulled Pork, Coleslaw! Pricey but I had to try it! Out came a double patty with a split link of sausage! No Brisket or Pulled Pork or the Coleslaw! I complained and the waiter stated from the owner that this $18 burger comes with a choice of only ONE of those meats! Not what it said and I said "That's Bullshit". After I finished my incorrect burger, the waiter saved it and brought me out brisket and pulled pork to go! Nice place, but folks get your menu right!


We went into the saloon - not into the highly frequented restaurant - just for a light dinner with a starter and a salad, but waited far too long. After 3/4 hrs we asked for our plates, while the service has assured us 20 minutes ago that it'll be ready soon. Now she gave us some bad excuse, claimed for this and that reason and offered us some chips and dip, but could not or would not tell, how long it might take from now. So we cancelled our order which she accepted a little too fast to be taken as a professional server. There's more to the eye outside this place than happening inside!

Travis N.

Fries were good. Burger was great, although the burgers ordered was not what was served. Salas was filling but average. The prices we crazy expensive for what was served. The burger was good but only an $8 dish. The service was the issue. Great staff but clearly overworked. I has to ask three people to pay, and even the had to way 20 minutes to close out my bill. Did was slow, place was packed. Clearly some management issues.

Susan Givens

Best rib eye steak, called Ponderosa, anywhere in the US! Wow! The cook has been here for about a month and he is awesome!! Big portions. The High Noon Nacho's were enough to serve 6 people. Worth the drive!!

Kermit Frosch

A little pricey but definitely the best bbq you will find this far from Texas. Friendly staff and fast kitchen.

Frank Marshall

Closes at 9:00 PM but very loud music continues beyond closing and disturbing the local peace, in my case, two blocks away.


A group of 24 of us visited the High Country Restaurant and Saloon the night before we rode the Cumbres & Toltec steam train. We had our own room with two long tables. Several servers were assigned to our group and they performed effortlessly. Drink orders were promptly taken and delivered. My wife ordered the nachos which had spicy pulled pork on them. They were delicious and very generous! She had to get a to-go box! I ordered the pulled pork which came with fries. The pulled pork was delicious and the serving size was generous.The ambiance in this place is perfect for northern New Mexico! We'll go back!

Janice P

This restaurant recommended by several locals and it was as advertised. Large old west atmosphere with red checked tablecloths and train memorabilia since Cumbres and Toltec Train nearby.

Henk B.

Food was very good but we were too late for the brisket and pulled pork. A good place to go, and great service

The High Country Restaurant

2289 S, NM-17, Chama, NM 87520
(575) 756-2384