The High Country Restaurant

2289 S, NM-17, Chama
(575) 756-2384

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Gregory P. Segura

How do you run a place that existed for over 30 years and was successful and good and fun into the ground? At least the useless owner is gone but unfortunately so is the restaurant.

Dennis D.

Not the best experience and almost walked out but not many choices for dinner in Chama. When we entered the restaurant the server said sit anywhere and we sat at a table. She never came to the table, I actually got up to get menus and silverware. After about 15 minutes or so still no service so we got up and went into the bar instead. We sat down someone brought menus but never came back, very frustrating. We finally stopped someone to take our order and ordered. After the meal we asked for the check and she said ok I'll be right back , guess what she never came back and I saw her behind the bar serving drinks and chatting with the patrons. We had to flag someone else just to get the tab and pay and get out of there. The food was ok and the service was the worst!

Kathy Schroeder

Came through Chama a few years ago and stopped here. The food was sooo delicious and my husband and I are back in the area so we rode our bike back to the restaurant from Durango last Sunday. Over 200 miles round trip and the restaurant was closed, despite their website saying they were open that day. We were so sad. We’ll be going through Chama again on Friday so we will give them another shot. If not for that, I’d obviously give a 5 star rating.


We had the burrito which was good but they were out of anything BBQ and they didn’t have the dessert I wanted, pretty disappointed

Ted U.

BEWARE!!!! BBQ joint with NO BBQ. So called "green chili stew" with no green chili, hamburger, potatoes, tomatoes flavored with Tabasco sauce; wedge salad served without dressing. This place sux. A discredit to the State of New Mexico.

Andrew Petersen

Great burger, quick service, small town atmosphere and wonderful local staff. Delish!

Elizabeth Kurtak

Other chains try to imitate what this place actually is. Authentic rustic atmosphere, beautiful building, great food, and friendly service. Very glad we stopped in.


The food here was good and the portions are large. The staff seemed like maybe they were understaffed for the Thursday night before Labor day weekend, but they were very friendly. The prices seemed a little high until we saw how much food was included.

Tina B.

Thank you Amanda (bartender) for having prompt friendly high quality service & food. I'm glad after 4 years I can finally give my favorite old Chama Restraunt 5 stars again. Nolan Redman was singing country with his guitar & he was simply amazing. Thank you everyone for a fabulous time

Bruce B.

I had to pee, so I came in and headed strait for the men's restroom. It was really, really dirty. Trash all over the floor. There's no way I'm going to eat here now. I peed, then left.

James M

Surly, slow service, unresponsive, very bad vibes, mediocre food, even on a holiday weekend. None of the staff seemed happy to be there, much less to provide good service.

Daniel E M

Restaurant has changed hands since we were there 5 years ago and it is a shadow of it's former self. On a Tuesday, they had run out of fish and salad at 7:30 in evening. Substitiutes not so hot.


Amazing tasting food resenable prices I strongly recommend the TRUE GRIT


Giving this place four stars because it's open! We spent the day on the train...and thought it would be nice to eat out away from our RV. Everything was closed on a Tuesday night before Labor a Tourist town! This was the one place with lots of vehicles in front. I had read the earlier reviews and warned my husband because of the number of people it might be slow... I wouldn't call it fast food but it was timely. Staff was friendly but busy. We shared the Boss...Chicken Fried Steak. It was done just right and the gravy was good. The two sides were ok. Mash Potatoes were home made with skins mashed in. The coleslaw was typically over dressed... Overall standard fair but glad it was open.


This is a bar with live music and a separate dining room. While we were served right away there were three tables that were there before us who had not been served. One table left, the others were finally served but were arguing with the owner about the service. We enjoyed all of our meals although one of us ordered a burger medium rare and it was well done. The server was cheerful, polite and efficient.

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The High Country Restaurant

2289 S, NM-17, Chama, NM 87520
(575) 756-2384