Del Charro

101 W Alameda St, Santa Fe
(505) 954-0320

Recent Reviews

Lily Arballo

Excelente servicio y buena comida

Maureen Nash

Great service and delicious food.

Loreny Rios Jauregui

The food was great! Truly enjoyed their cocktails...they were excellent

Vaneexx R

I got the tostada which was more taco bowl with lettuce, a bit of cheese, and super dry chicken on top. They did add half an avocado so that was a plus. The boneless wings were pretty good, if you like celery and carrots ask for extra they only give you one small celery stalk and 2 carrots. The guy who answered the phones and handed food was great, friendly and helpful.

Nicole P

Absolutely amazing food/drinks; however, the 3+ times I’ve been here, the wait staff makes it seem like every time you order/ask for ketchup, UTENSILS, a menu, etc. is a huge burden on them. Also, had to try and call over our server multiple times whilst they were up front just talking to coworkers about 80% of the time we were there. This kinda makes it impossible to feel comfortable and actually enjoy your time here, unfortunately. Just because I’m young, doesn’t mean you treat me like trash. I’m a server too, and I couldn’t imagine being so rude to those younger than me. If I could just tip the kitchen staff - I would next time (if there’s a next time now).

peter creange

Great food and social distancing. Will go back again. Highly recommend.


We ate dinner here because we stayed in the hotel but we're glad that we did. Just enough choices at fair prices.

Pinkpetal S.

You absolutely have to stop here!! One of our favs in Santa Fe, they have THE best margs, so tasty and a nice kick to boot. You are missing out big time if you pass this place by. Great food too. You get $15 every day towards food and drink if you stay there at the Inn of the Governors - if you book through their website.

Lianne H.

It was my husband's and I first time in Santa Fe and we tried this spot and the burger and chili cheese fries were so good so therefore I'm giving this dish 5 stars

Shelby Raisch

The staff is polite and kind, and handling the pandemic situation as well as can be expected. The atmosphere felt more like a local college hang out than a tourist location. Food was mediocre at best. It is currently one of only two locations open late night.

Pierre C.

Refused to serve us because we had a dog. I get you have a policy but when it's a pandemic and you are seating people in your parking lot under a plastic tent you should make an the manager was rude about it...bye

Christina S.

Let me tell you, that bartender knows how to pour! Wow. Even with only a few of us in the bar for football, due to social distancing, we still had a great time- and got served! Great spot on a Sunday when you're visiting from out of town and want to watch the game!

Monica Coca

Margaritas were fantastic, the service was not great- the staff seemed not to want to be there, the cheese dip was sitting before given to us it had a hard layer on top which made it not very appetizing.

Karen Brakenridge

Great food & drinks served by amazing staff.

Debra Buchanan

Great margarita

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