India Palace

227 Don Gaspar Ave, Santa Fe
(505) 986-5859

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Richard T.

Oh. My. God. This food is to die for. We got Tikka Masala (yeah, I know, it's stereotypical) but super spicy (we told the guy to melt our faces off). Boy did they deliver! I have never had something so deliciously spicy. It was hot as all get out but also still flavourful. I've been here every time I visit Santa Fe (around 10 times in the last 15 years) and this place always provides the best Indian food I've ever had. I'd visit Santa Fe just to eat here.

Jonathan H.

Great place. Take-out experience was excellent. The Butter Chicken here is simply the best. The garlic naan was better than the paratha. No complains about the experience and would highly recommend.

Paul S.

I was excited to try India Palace again during my most recent visit. Are there a few times in the early 2000s while in Santa Fe and loved it. We ordered curbside which is all they are doing. I am so glad we did - the food was delicious.

We ordered Vindaloo Prawns, Chicken Korma, Tandori Lamb Chops, salad, rice, and nan. The vindaloo and korma sauces were as good as any I've ever had. We loved every bite. The lamb chops were a little over done but the spicing was great. If we lived here this would be a regular stop - we wished our Indian food options at home were this good

Chris Kukulski

My husband and I had take out last night on your reopening. It was absolutely delicious and we are happy that you are back up and running. We will be seeing you soon.

M H.

It's been awhile since we've eaten here, but it was delicious! It's been my favorite Indian meal I've had in all of New Mexico. We ordered a la cart and found the food to be perfectly spiced.

Eli G.

I grew up around Santa Fe and keep up somewhat with current events. After the recent racist bullshit hate crime these folks had to put up with, I wish I could eat here to support them. Unfortunately, I'm a thousand miles away. Still, I urge you to do so... come on, doesn't some good Indian food sound awesome right now? You know it does. And the added benefit of pissing off some ignorant, white power a-holes while doing it just makes everything taste better.

Emily Linzie

Me and my family frequented India Palace a lot growing up. I love this place and the food. Super nostalgic for me

Laura Maxwell

I love your food. I am terribly sad you got vandalized. I hope you can recover soon so you can still serve your delicious food.

Paul Leo

Wonderful people, wonderful place excellent food. Appalled at what happened

kate marcus

Best Indian food recommended by many friends. Don't know what these bad reviews are about.

Kate M.

Wonderful staff and food. I should have reviewed before but when the hate crime happened I looked up reviews to see if it had been affected.... majority of bad reviews are regarding service and from what I experienced that has changed! This is a favorite of many. Please come support!!

Jen A.

My husband and I love your food and you are one of our favorite restaurants. We feel so sorry that you were vandalized by racist criminals. We are donating to the go fund me page set up for you and hope you are back in business soon!!

Desi Food L.

this review is just wat happened to my fellow indian brother restaurant. iam sure the food is good. indian is always good. u cant go wrong with that.. i request ppl of senta fe go and support local business.. show the haters that there more love than hate in this worldgood luck guys

Jon C.

The India Palace. A kitchen and home. To be any restaurant in the world during a global pandemic and economic depression seems impossible. To further chance 'simply existing' within the United States as a human being in different skin other than white European, especially during a racist administration, is too heavy a harm for any soul to hold alone. What has occurred within the sacred hearth of this American Kitchen is a sin now carved within the hearts of every person who knows of love within their own homes. To the scared sinners who's dinner is served in ash filled alleys with each plate laced with supremacist-made self inflicted acidic bile, may the miles you wander away from the love you chose to exile within and without yourselves be the absolute truth you face with each passing day for the rest of your lives. To the father and son whose home was needlessly destroyed, may your home be our home. May the trial placed before you be faced by us all. As your kitchen is our kitchen. Your scars are our scars. May this country see that you are family, and give help in your hour of need and ours. May you heal your heart, hearth, home, and may God bless you all.

Esme G.

I visited this place for years, with my friends and my now-wife. As a student the delicious and affordable buffet filled our bellies and gave us a place to unwind and talk. Good food is universal, and connects human beings. I'm so sorry those horrible racists targeted your restaurant. Next time I'm in Santa Fe we will be visiting to reminisce from our college days, and to support a great establishment

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