Santa Fe Capitol Grill

3462 Zafarano Dr, Santa Fe
(505) 471-6800

Recent Reviews

Deborah Parker

Simple food menu with apps, salads, entrees. Place seemed popular for the area. Drinks were good.

G Nod

Great food and drinks! Had to leave another restaurant a few feet away because of the bad margs and peppery salsa .Love this place! Great nachos and tacos. Will definitely come back!

MarcoAntonio Ruiz

Great place to eat, nice place, nice people. My one star review is from getting super sick after eating dinner there. My wife and I went out for dinner there, we go there often. However we both got violently sick after eating there, we both had a burger with fries and shared some steak nachos. We ate , paid , left, once we got home I’d say a half hour in we got sick, especially my wife. We didn’t eat anything since the morning. Long story short is was definitely food poisoning. There’s no doubt about it. The worse part is that we love eating at capitol grill but now we’re kinda scared to go back. To who it may concern just please be careful in the kitchen. CROSS CONTAMINATION, FOOD BORN ILLNESSES and TEMPERATURE SAFETY ZONES are a very real thing.

Gaia Richards

I love sitting in the big booths where it is cool and dark and private and getting wonderful service. I love this place. The shrimp avocado salad is especially good because it is fresh and flavorful and ample. The east staff is kind and pleasant.

Al Rodriguez

Great place for locals and tourists alike. The price is reasonable for good portions. There is a variety of options ranging from pasta, burgers, burritos, and sushi on some days. We sat outside and it’s a nice, shaded outdoor seating. It looks like in the winter they have expansive heating for the outdoor area. I ordered the chicken Alfredo, and it comes with green chile. Absolutely wonderful. Service was fast and excellent. I’ll definitely return here to try the other unique items on their menu.

My E

The food was awesome, yes try to get there for Happy Hour (3PM - 6 PM daily) that would be your icing on the cake. Service was good too. Restaurant ambiance was good as well. I’m going back for the Chicken Wings !!

Alfonso Wood

Never came here for the wings but I guarantee I'm coming back for the wings! The rest of are food was delicious as well , the customer service was excellent and the prices are very fair. Convenient location in Santa Fe . Now back to the wings . Perfectly spicy & sweet just like my date ? , had a great time and will definitely come back.

Paula Young

The Monday Prime Rib special ( small serving with a small scoop of mashed potatoes) was raised $4 from $17.95 to $21.95 without improving the amount. I paid $2 extra for 12 miniature asparagus which was consistently 12 pieces. One night there was only 9 pieces and asked for 3 more for the usual amount the waitress said she would up charge me?!? The manager tried to explain the difference in that they weigh it because they differ in size. Believe me the asparagus always was tiny miniatures. I just wanted the normal amount. It took 8 mins for the waitress to bring it and by then the food was cold. The manager rushed by the table and glance. There were no words like “ Is there anything else? Or I hope this helps.” It was done begrudgingly. Obviously, customer satisfaction is not their priority.

Anthony Jaramillo

if you order margaritas. might as well order shots. if you order the Ruben. might as well get a sauerkraut salad. service was good. manger is missing in action

Chantal S.

Yummy definitely a 5 star my husband and I both loved it!! The fish was so crunchy and cooked amazing. The fries were perfect and so good and fresh. My husband and I both loved the food.

Ashley Varner

We came here based on reviews of this place. This place was absolutely wonderful! The steak was cooked perfectly. The Mac n cheese green chili was amazing!! It had great flavor! My kids are picky eaters and they all thought their plates were good! Great atmosphere and our server was wonderful. Polite and wonderful. If we come to Santa Fe again we will definitely come here again.

Brian Walko

Great food! Happy hour. Nice environment.

Ericka Haught

Wow!! Yall Listen, stumbled on this place cuz of happy hour prices. Not only were the prices amazing the food is incredible ? Hands down the best salsa I have ever put in my mouth. I even asked if they bottle it cuz I wanna share it back home.

Angeline Watson

Hello everyone. Well…. Unfortunately I was unable to give this restaurant the stars it would have deserved if the service was anywhere near what I thought those in the hospitality business were supposed to be like.I will say the food is wonderful but if you don’t like people STAY AWAY FROM SERVING THEM! Who doesn’t lose their appetite when someone gives you a dirty look at first meeting practically throws the food at you and walks away. (It was a pick up order) Had I wanted to stay to dine, Brenda (hostess none the less)would have made sure to chase me away! I stood by the sign where it states wait to be seated no one…at all came to me. When I found Brenda chatting with the rest of the group in the bar I would have never known she or anyone worked there. I didn’t get out two words before it seemed how terribly inconvenient I made everything seem.I have worked in various businesses throughout the years where PEOPLE were my business and I have never treated anyone with such disgrace. I will make sure none of my clientele every goes here, nor will I recommend this place to the General Managers of hotels I know to send their guests here either. I’m sorry to the person who has to read this but please take extra care in the hiring process when finding out how your employees will treat others. BTW, yes I know how hard it is to get good help, so maybe this comment should be to the reader who applies for a job where having respect for life is a priority…. DO NOT APPLY to a job that requires kindness or a simple gesture of respect.To those who want good food and good service. This place is not for you. My apologies to the line cook or chef because hats off to you but if a person is treated bad as they walk in no one will see the talents of those trying to make people happy by showing their skills. If my pick up experience was this bad I hope if you choose to go, you have a much more delightful experience. Like I said foods great but what’s the point when your appetite is ruined?

Bonny Moss

Food is, well, nothing to write home about, if you know what I mean. But the service was perfect. I kid you not, perfect. I couldn’t believe how understated and friendly the service was - as if my waitress was a mind reader. I’d never go back for the food, but I literally would return just for the service. And the seared tuna was actually really good.

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