Eastside Billiards & Lounge

189 Chain Lake Dr, Halifax
(902) 450-5550

Recent Reviews

Klessard Lessard

A regular spot for me and four other friends every tues night mark is a great host and makes us feel right at home the tables are in good shape as well are the cues clean environment . Recomend this highley rates are fantastic

Robert Forsey

Great staff, always very pleasant!! You can order pizza in also and for the most part the customers are pleasant.

Neroshan Thevakumaran

A nice place to hang out with friends. They have w lot of pool tables, virtual golf, slots, and a bar. The rates for pool are great

Simon Watson

Great atmosphere, Peter,Andrea, and Mark look after you

Colin Young

It's a pool hall, it is what it is, friendly staff and fun games.

Marwan Iskandar

Cosy place to play some billiards. Not in excellent condition, but friendly atmosphere.

Bassel Dawod

It's cheep and nice place to spend time with friends

Sandy Walsh

Right out of the 90s. But where else ya gonna go. Staff are great.

Lisa T

So it could use some.much needed repairs and upgrades (ripped carpet etc) but pool tables are always well kept, always easy to get a table and booze and pool is decently priced and staff are super friendly. This is a relaxed place and has become my go to for drinks and pool. They also have VLTs , golf simulators and darts.

michael hudson

Good number of pool tables. Coin operated Music. Two screens of VR golf. Over a dozen VLT. Atleast a Bartender. What more do you want? Get out and chill will some friends, co-workers, family or whoever.

Scott Rogers

Great place for you can't run a tab unless you use an actual credit card

Rob G

I love this place for both golf and pool. The hourly pool rates are fantastic and the golf sims are fun.

Abdul Ramadan

Great place to hang out with friends! Welcoming atmosphere and great employees

Rob Gillan

I love this place for both golf and pool. The hourly pool rates are fantastic and the golf sims are fun.

Peter OHearn

Sort of a dive. More of a VLT bar than a billiards hall. They. Have a golf simulator but it looks run down. Bathroom is pretty sketchy too. Careful parking, there's an awful drop off on three sides all around the building...yikes!

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