Grafton Café by Scanway

1567 Grafton St, Halifax
(902) 425-0683

Recent Reviews

Heada B

Went there Easter Monday, nothing else nearby was open. No other customers in the cafe and I was ignored while the two employees chatted. Eventually ordered a Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate. Received it 6 minutes later, cold. Also lacking whipped cream and salted caramel drizzle. Asked if it could be warmed up but was told I'd get a new one. My drink was then poured into a new mug and hot water was added. Again, no whipped cream or drizzle. Was told tall mugs hold the heat in better. Blech.

Bill M

Don't be scared by the fact that it's a cafe run by "just" a catering company--the food here is EXcellent, especially the pastries and other bakery items. Despite the slightly odd name, they've done a great job of creating a cozy spot where delicious food and sweet treats can be found. Donuts, patisserie and ice cream make this a good dessert stop.

Jeremy Fukala

Was in to pick up a snack on a weekday morning. One staff member (I assume to be a manager) was doing their ordering on the phone and taking up vital counterspace and slowing the whole operation down to a crawl. Waited so long we just ended up leaving.

Olivia Stevens

Five stars for the great food! But two stars for the service we received by one of the employees.

Natasha MacEachen Forbes

Excellent client service! Beautiful presentation.

Makenzie Ramadan

Lovely service. Great food. Its. A nice place to drop in for a coffee and a rest.

Alex Levy

Excellent coffee and customer service.

Jen Logan

Lovely atmosphere and delicious donuts and coffee!!

Luke MacDonald

Best coffee and donuts in the city!!! If you Havn't been there in a while come back and try it again they have stepped up their game in the past year!

Joshua Ellner

Food and staff are always a pleasure. I don't get here often, when I do the staff behind the counter is usually the same, but whenever there is someone new they are always just a pleasant. Tried the chocolate Croissant today and it was delicious, as was the coffee.

Lauren Hammersley

Really good soy latte! Adorable donuts and delicious treats. Nice staff too!

Nadia F

Had a really bad experience today which is unfortunate as I’ve heard such good things. The employee I spoke to today was extremely rude and impolite to me when I asked questions about cafe products and seemed very bothered by my questions. I complained about one of the pastry items after she gave me misinformation about it, and she was extremely rude and defensive saying she doesn’t know because she doesn’t eat the products here. The rudeness, attitude and behavior of being completely bothered and inconvenienced by legitimate questions was completely uncalled for.


Thank you Anna Maria for such an awesome review! We are glad to hear you enjoyed and look forward to seeing you again at our cafè

Joshua Y.

If the service made me as happy as the food here does, I would never leave! Baristas The service isn't bad per-say. I've just met friendlier staff at McDonalds. I don't need much, just a smile and or pleasant disposition. Not the 'I'm here and I'm serving you and I'm done' kind of attitude/fad I'm seeing nowadays. That equals a 10% tip, not my usual 20%. Aside from that aspect, the staff are knowledgeable, quick and seem to work very hard at what they do. Atmosphere/Environment - The store itself is clean, pleasant and the music isn't loud. I can't tell you how many places lose a star because I can't hear myself think. Food - To die for. I've had both their catering on film sets I've worked on and I've had their in-store food. It's excellent. Some of it is of the same quality I could get elsewhere, but when you find some special items, you'll keep coming back for them. Coffee/Tea - Nothing special but not bad either. Good coffee/tea but I wouldn't go out of my way to come here solely for that. Price - A bit pricey but they can afford to be. As a catering service, they are one of the best in the city, if not the entire province. Conclusion I'll keep coming back whenever I'm in the neighborhood and waiting for the Drala store, next to this place to open. But I'm a sucker for friendly staff, so there are a ton of other coffee shops that can give me that business. HOWEVER as a catering service, they will always be the first ones I think of.

Pauline Carmody

My daughter ordered 5 different cakes for her wedding from the Scanway Catering, Bakery & Cafe and there wasn't one of them that wasn't fabulous! In the mix was one vegan and one gluten free and they were just as delicious as the others which is quite an accomplishment! These weren't just cakes....they were masterpieces in taste and looks. Pieces of heaven! I highly recommend them! Congratulations Scanway Catering Bakery & Café! You excel! Thank you!


Thanks, some much for the awesome review all the way from India! We're so happy that we could be apart of your trip to Halifax and we would love to have you in at the bakery again when you are back in town!


Thanks for the review peispud66, we really appreciate the positive feedback and we're glad that you enjoyed your sandwich at the bakery! We hope to see you at the bakery again, this time enjoying one of the donuts :)

Alex G.

Barely better than huge commercial chain. The Croissant donut is dry and blend, the cake Donut is hard and also blend, the regular donut is really good but i was quite disapointed in that shop.

Christie Will Ross

We found this little gem on our last day in Halifax, sadly. The housemade pastries were delicious and the staff very friendly. I had the cinnamon doughssant, which was fresh and the perfect combo of flaky croissant and soft donut. I've had the original cronut and this far surpassed it!


Thanks for the positive feedback Elizabeth! We are always striving to improve our customer service and we hope to see you in the bakery again soon :)

Jim C.

Personal Favorites: For savory, go for their Chicken Mango Sandwich. The perfectly cooked chicken breast covered in sriracha mayo and mango chutney makes it one of the most savory sandwich in town. For sweet, go devour a slice of their Princess Martha Cake. It is light, airy, tangy. If you're looking for a fancy b-day cake, this is a winner. It is affordable, cozy, and worth every dollar; thank you for feeding me over the past few years!

Sammie S.

Through the beauty of Yelp we ended up at a different location with amazing looking pictures and reviews, except it was a corporate store. Thankfully their only retail store - this one - is only a couple of blocks away. What a cozy shop with tables inside and out to enjoy their snacks. I liked the cushions on the wooden benches. Service was so friendly and helpful. My kid loved it. Side table of tap water to help yourself. Upbeat music playing. We had: Lemon meringue donut. This was cake style so more filling and just yummy! Just a nice size. Florentines were excellent and my kid asked for more to go. There was an outdated offer at the other location, which is not a location, so the nice lady threw in an ex Perfectly crusty and squishy baguette. Bought a whole one and they gave us a plate and butter with it. ;) Almond clusters to go, which if I am perfectly honest were consumed within a minute of leaving. Win

Krystle Hachey

At a wedding reception recently, staff was very attentive, and the food was absolutely amazing. The girl was around several times with different trays of food, and saw how much I LOVED the bruschetta, she made sure to come around specifically with that tray a few times. I never had to look far to find her walking the room with a new tray each trip. I would absolutely recommend Scanway for catered events in Halifax.

Joanna C.

This is a very cozy restaurant, the service is great, the mango chicken sandwich is tasty. Recommended!


Thanks for the review Cjenglot! We appreciate the positive feedback and we hope to see you again soon. Hopefully, next time you're at the bakery there will be more space to enjoy your food!

Sara L.

Always enjoy the breakfast there , but they changed pastry chef . Croissant tastes like bread . Extremely chewy . It has no butter inside . Not crispy . waiter was very nice to refund the money . But we had no breakfast .

Benjamin Y.

This was a fantastic pastry and cake bakery up to 6 years ago. I have been a customer on a number of occasions years ago and was very impressed. In recent years, the quality have gone to the boots. Last year I was at a wedding and the wedding cake was made by Scanway. It was leaning over like the Leaning Tower of Pisa. On top of all, it was not good tasting at all. Major disappointment especially to the Bride. We have since tasted cakes from Scanway that one cannot cut and some we cannot swallow. Some were decorated with the wrong names. Beside poor quality, mistakes just keep happening. For the un-initiated, Scanway products were as good as the ones from supermarkets. For the ones with more discerned taste, Scanway is a Disaster with a capital 'D'.

Dan B.

First time I came here had an excellent Pain au chocolat and coffee. Enjoyed both. Came back a second time for a Sandwich last Fall. I believe it was a Turkey club. Packed with so much turkey, really nice bread... delicious. Came back again just before Christmas '16. Ordered the same Turkey club because I enjoyed it so much... BRUTAL. The amount of turkey in the sandwich was a joke. There were 2 small bones in the sandwich. Not even close to the first sandwich I had here. Had I rated this place after my first and second experience I probably would have given 4-5 stars. But the lack of consistency I experienced from one visit to another is a serious issue. Not sure if it's due to a different person making the sandwich or what but this is something that Scanway must figure out. I haven't been back yet and I don't think I will. There's too many places where one can get the same delicious sandwich every time as opposed to rolling the dice and hoping.

Jodi B.

I can't believe I haven't reviewed Scanway yet! It's the best place to get gourmet donuts in the city, hands down. They switch up their flavours every day, but my favourite will always be the strawberry with the sprinkled donut being a close second. (Because you can never ever go wrong with sprinkles) They also do bread, cakes and other delicious bakery goodness - cupcakes, cookies, eclairs - and sandwiches were are really great for lunch! In the summer they introduced soft serve ice cream too, but I haven't dug into that yet. I just can't recommend the donuts enough. It's all I can think about when I go passed the bakery. Even if I intend to get something else, I always end up with a donut in my hand. (And maybe a coffee in the other.)

Sean B.

I came to this place after seeing reviews on Yelp and decided I had to try their donuts. I tried their croissant donut and their black currant moose bomb. Unfortunately niether of these really satisfied my craving for an afternoon snack. The service was ok, nothing over the top. I might go back again to see if another one of their pastries rises above. Well have to see.

Amira L.

I've been here several times for coffee and sweets, and everything I've ever tried has been delicious. I've sampled everything from tarts to cake, and the verdict is: YUMMY. Also, their doughnuts really do live up to the hype!

James C.

Been here before for their homemade bread and sweets but never for their sandwiches. I had the Cuban today and it was so good. Everything tasted so fresh and you could tell the bread was one of their homemade ones. Will be back for sure!!!!

Lesley M.

I'm really surprised I haven't written a review for Scanway yet. I Instagram stalked their donuts for so long, and once the donut croissant hit the scene I knew I had to go in. I had the coconut croiss-nut or whatever their called. It was delicious! I mean, I love anything coconut, so it's no surprised I enjoyed it. I don't think I'm a crazy fan of this sweet hybrid. I'll probably just stick to the old faithful donut. The shop itself is super cute, pretty small and more of a grab and go kinda thing. The patio is amazing and double the size of the actual store. It's kinda strange to get to, you have to order your sweets downstairs and go out of the store and up the stairs on the side. It boast a great view of the downtown area. Pro Tip: They have a check-in offer on the Yelp app for a free Florentine cookie!

Murray W.

As I continue to play Whack-a-Mole with restaurants I haven't tried, Scanway's downtown lunch and pastry shop was the latest mole/restaurant to be conquered. It's a small little plae, seating 15-20 at a mix of tables and a counter along the window. Their dessert display cases and counter are front and center, with their prep and cooking area behind, and n exposed-brick wall along one side reminds you of the old bones of this cozy joint. I was in to top up a snack I had elsewhere, and settled on one of the sandwiches that they had on the go, the grilled chicken mango, and I chose whole wheat for my bread (you can choose from any of the breads that they sell). There's the option to add on soup or salad for a few bucks more, but I stuck with the ala carte sandwich. My colourful sandwich was soon brought over to my table, and I eagerly dug in. It had nice grill marks from the sandwich press, and the crispness was a necessary contrast to the tasty, but soft and squishy fillings of the sandwich. I enjoyed that the chicken wasn't the disturbing, perfectly rectangular chicken at Subway, and the mango, guac and arugula all combined for very enjoyable flavour profile, although the purported sriracha seemed to have been added very conservatively and didn't really register. I also placed a donut order for a meeting that I was in the next day, and the dazzling options and quality really seemed to impress. In a sea of forgettable, office building lunch spots, Scanway adds some much-needed quality and depth to the downtown core, and I wouldn't mind heading their way again.

Jack G.

I'm quite the connoisseur when it comes to pastries and beverages, I've tried everywhere around town, so I can safely say that scanway has some of the best baked goods in town. I've returned a few times and so far my favourite thing to get is their doughnuts made with croissant dough, it brings together the flakey, doughey goodness of a croissant, with the sweet decadence of a doughnut. Their dark roast coffee is OK, although I've tasted much better, and their teas also need some improving (I work in the tea industry, I know). The feel in here is really nice, and the baristas that I've encountered have been really nice, although their drinks are never good, but since they have to make drinks with terrible Illy espresso and a cheap machine, they're not going to be good no matter who makes them. More seating and more comfy seating would also be nice. My review may seem negative, but I'm a particular person I guess. I go back often though, so that's saying something!

Celine F.

What?! Halifax has bakeries other than tim's?! BAHAHAHAH YA RIGHT! No seriously, it's true! I went to this event hosted by the Coast called the doughball. Best idea ever. It brings together locally-owned bakeries in HRM and they give out samples of their product. Scanway had donuts for sample and they tasted amazing... so I went to visit the place in person. No wonder no one knows about it though. It's on Grafton street beside the stubborn goat but you could easily walk by it. Shame really... Haloginians don't know what they're missing out on!! They have a huge kitchen area where they make breads and desserts from scratch by hand. It's amazing. Tim's donuts can go eat lemons because they don't even hold a candle to these ones! Suuuuuuch good pastries here AND you're supporting local :D I don't find this place overly expensive. It is pricier then Tim's or mcdink's obviously because they do it by hand *cough* instead of frozen *cough* but I don't find paying an extra $2 for the amazing flavor. I bought two large donuts for $5 (including tip and tax) Give a try guys!!

Karen V.

Had a dossiant and a lemon tart. Both so amazing. After hearing so much about cronuts online I was really excited to try theirs. It was perfect. I think I now have an addiction. Lemon tart wasn't as good but it was still really good. Great base, lemon curd, and meringue. The staff was really nice and helpful. It's a clean little bakery. Definitely will be back.

Janis S.

I do enjoy their breads, and I thought their chocolate mousse was divine, but their prices really hold me off from coming more often. They seem a little much for counter service. I do think it is probably worth it, but with no where to really sit and enjoy, a $12 sandwich just seems a little much. They do have some great breakfast options, and I do enjoy their grilled cheese, but like I said with it being mostly take out the price doesn't compliment the service/venue. Oh, and forgo the espresso, super burnt and bitter.

Ellen B.

Who doesn't love Scanway? Their baked goods are amazing, and now they have a cafe. Win-win! The new digs on Grafton are small. Like tiny. Mike and I went on a rainy day, so the rooftop was obviously closed. That left very few seating options. Fortunately it was almost empty when we arrived so we had a bit of choice. The menu is small, but everything looks good. We both went for the pulled pork, which was AH-MAY-ZING. The best I've ever had, and I think I've tried it at restos all over the city. :-D Drink variety is limited, but they have Propeller root beer so we were happy. We had chocolate and popcorn gelato for dessert. I have to say, it's not the creamiest gelato I've ever had, but it was good. I didn't care for the popcorn flavour but Mike loved it. Prices are very reasonable. Staff are friendly and helpful. We did end up paying twice - once for the sandwiches and then again for dessert and drinks - but I assume this is a kink to be worked out as they have just opened. Overall I can't wait to return and try everything on their menu (and in their dessert display case).

Noemi W.

Can anything go wrong with this place? Great food and an awesome patio. And it's licensed! My friend had the lemon tart with roasted marshmallow topping, and I had the double chocolate milkshake (the other gelato flavours looked amazing so i'll have to go there to get a taste of the rest of them), and we were each given a same of the salmon sandwich. It was all perfect.