5171 George St, Halifax
(902) 422-3633

Recent Reviews

Keltie O'Brien

The dome but tiny. Filled with 19 year olds and the set up is mad. There is no room to pass beside the bar so people are packed in like sardines. Waited in line for a drink for probably 25 minutes before the bartender got to me. Should definitely be more staff. Music was good and the staff at coat check were polite. But overall disappointed.

DianaRamirez 1411

It’s a nice club for university students. Not so much for people 28+

Shmam theman

The new location looks very nice! The lineup to get in was pretty long, so get there early on weekend nights. One of the top spots in Halifax!


The best night club in Hlifax currently. Very European music and great crowd. Make sure to arrive before 11 otherwise be prepared to wait an hour in line.

Volkan Alcin

Good dance music and nice crowd.

Elle Sing

Had a booth one night and there was zero to no table service.


Hottest spot in Halifax to queue in line and not be allowed to sit on rich people couches.

Shahid Ali

was great ppl nice place


The old location was better. I think the problem with the new one os that it is too bright inside. The fancefloor is close to the bar so they need the lights, but people don't really want to dance in the light.

Colton Morris

Hottest spot in Halifax to queue in line and not be allowed to sit on rich people couches.

chandler wetzel

Classy establishment with awesome music!

Brian Kelly

Gorgeous venue and great music. The new location does not disappoint. Hands down the best night club in Halifax!

Chris Gallant

Will never go again. Horrible venue & staff was the worst as-well. Too many premium locations in town to deal with this spot.

Melissa Anderson

Fun atmosphere great music

D Steele

I was very high and I had a great time!

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