1505 Barrington St, Halifax
(902) 422-3633

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Elisha Black

Music is killer with an eclectic vibe. Decor is on point ð???

Shelbie Deyoung

Cheap drinks and friendly staff !

Jay Vagh

It was fun! Just a younger crowd than I expected and it took a very long time to get a drink

Mihir Joshi

I don't really like the place but at least it's better than the dome both in terms of price and quality. Music is nice along with not so expensive drinks. I would prefer to go to lower deck if I have to or just to a normal bar. It's a one time visit if you are new to halifax and want to experience the night life.

KiiLF33Dx .

Such a great club but the music is just awful, people leave just as soon as they get in cause the first thing you hear when you get in is a Justin bieber or backstreet boys electronic remix. Please fire your DJ or tell them to play newer or even any club music at all

Lise Danielle Theriault

Girls night out started here...a tad too early though. It doesn't get hopping until after 10:30. Limited drink types but they are cheap. Music is techno and the dance floor was busy. Nice to get wrist band to re-enter if you smoke. The atmosphere was good, however it's mainly a younger crowd than we were.


Such a great club but the music is just awful, people leave just as soon as they get in cause the first thing you hear when you get in is a Justin bieber or backstreet boys electronic remix. Please fire your DJ or tell them to play newer or even any club music at all

Jacob Branchflower

A bit more bearable than some places. It looks decent and the staff was nice, but the music is awful and way too loud.

Tanner J


The Life of Salabella

It's awesome, the only problem is the music. Sometimes it's too remixed.

Isabella Froes

It's awesome, the only problem is the music. Sometimes it's too remixed.

Dianna Prest

Cool place but not a lot of people

Dmitri Ivanov

Fun place , young crowd. I like to play Pool here. There are 3 tables. Can be hard to get a drink sometimes. The bar is overcrowded usually.

Jessica R.

Went here for my best friends birthday. Music is decent, but definitely not great, drinks are and there is a lot of seating throughout the bar and there are two separate bars to get drinks from- this is important to know. The bathrooms were alright, as clean as can be expected. The staff isn't friendly at all. The service wasn't good either; I was served a drink with a fruit fly in it, so I just went back and just asked if there was any way they could make me a new one, and I got the response "who made it?", and I had pointed out the bar tender standing a few feet away from us. "Well that's his problem then". I approached the first bartender and explained the situation and he gave me a new drink-again with a fly in it. I realized the flies were literally in the mix (drink was a whiskey sour) which means they're just in there marinating in the lemonade and being dispensed. I brought my drink to the other bar and once again explained I now have been served two drinks with bugs in them, and that I think their mix has been contaminated. This bartender gave me a dirty look and responded with "that's not my problem. I'm not fixing it. Go tell them", so I once again pointed out I tried to get them to give me a new drink and ended up with another drink with a bug in it. He scoffed and made a big deal about making me a replacement drink and guess what! THERE WAS ANOTHER BUG IN IT. After the completely horrible service, and the fact that there were bugs just floating around in their mix, my friends and I were disgusted and left. I will not be returning to this locations

William Obert

The DJ doesn't know how to work a crowd at all. He must be the owners son or something. Aside from that, pacifico is usually a good time and i'll go every now and again. I feel like it should be so much better but I guess the lack of competition in halifax makes the company feel comfortable where they are.

Relative chaff3

Usually a pretty good place to go with friends for drinking and decent dancing. However there's been a steep increase in garbage dudes who are friends with a bouncer (and staying very close to them) preying on girls and making homophobic remarks towards everyone else that is around. Those Pride flags that are hung up around the locale mean dirt while this practice continues. Go to any other place until the message is received.

camille b

The dance floor wasn?t bad and the music was okay. Although, I would not recommand this place for anyone older than 24-25 years old. People start arriving around midnight and after.


The place is over crowded with young people. I would no recommend if you?re older than 25. But, the DJ plays some good music and the dancefloor is really large.

Anna G.

Wow what a great place ! I have so much fun here! I like dancing and bright lights! Sometimes I just stare at the bar tenders bc they're all so good looking I think it may creep them out but I just can't help it!!!!' The drinks are so good and the service is so good!!! This one guy I always see wearing dress shirts walking around the bar just lookin at stuff idk if he works there or not but he really gets the people goin! That nice jager bar is so cool too !!' There was a girl that always use to be workin up there she was awesome so friendly and nice and just like you could tell she was cool

Tom C.

I went here with a friend of mine, who is in a wheelchair. And the staff were more then helpful, with stairs and getting the door for us when we went out for some air! Thanks guys we'll be back for sure!!

Devn I.

Well came here on a Friday night to dance, and it sucked. When did Pacifico start having live bands? The dance music is a much better choice. I don't think any amount of vodka will allow me to enjoy this night.

Scott N.

We had bottle service last night. Bottle service here is sort if a joke. The waitress was not friendly whatsoever. She carries the clean glasses to our table with her fingers inside the glass... no napkins. Barely poured drinks. Just poured shots and left them on the table so she didn't have to come back. They let ANYONE in the VIP area to the point where I couldn't leave because so many people were there dancing. There was NO air conditioning and I was sweating so bad I had to leave. Broken glass everywhere. Floors were soaked in booze. Bathroom was the most disgusting thing I ever seen for an "upscale " night club. The door to the bathroom is wide open so anyone can just watch you. This place needs to be cleaned up.

Neel P.

You should know you how to treat the customers. Just on the basis of the observation of one security person, you can't decide to kick out 15 man From the club. Very Sad. Absolutely upset with how they the treated the provincial team.. Train your guys Pacifico.. I should have 0 stars for you but Yelp won't allow.

Jesse D.

I do not like dance clubs, that being said if I must go out to a club in Halifax Pacifico is the only one I'm okay with. It is relatively clean / not sketchy and there's sufficient different areas and space that you don't feel cramped. Fun Fact: Almost exactly 5 years ago at the time of writing (exactly 5 years in 4 hours) I turned 19 in line for Pacifico.

Karen V.

Mixed drinks are only $4.50. We went on a Saturday night and it wasn't lively until 12 or after. Lots of people dancing and having fun. 20-25 year old scene. I felt it was a really open positive bar. The inside is actually really beautiful. Lots of disco balls on the dancefloor but overall really nice

Oliver Gray

Dancing & DJ's

Jayla L.

Get rid of those Dj's... (Actually, I wouldn't even call them Dj's at all) playing song after song, no mixing, no remixing.. as if it was playing off the radio or something. Also, why wouldn't u go to the bitter end? They play the same music & U don't need to pay cover. The ambiance is obviously amazing, but that's probably the best part. There's no real dancing vibe. I guess if you're wasted before you get there, you might not care, however I had a few drinks when I got there & the music was still nonsense! The security is really great here. They are really on top of people who are causing trouble & I appreciate that. Every club needs to have that. Another thing, I have black friends who are men & ladies, but they are never welcomed when they come here, or they aren't allowed in period. I think that's really sad. Yes, maybe someone else did something wrong, but u can't treat every black person like they're going to do the same! I'm disappointed. Just get up-to-date Dj's & don't discriminate.

Celine F.

You thought the Dome was confusing eh? Wait till you arrive at Pacifico. Seriously, I've never been more confused in my life then when I came here. You enter the building in a little space. Get your I.D checked, give your outerwear to coat check. then head downstairs - which is actually a great idea... but when you walk down the stairs the booth to pay cover is right at the bottom. The funny thing is, I've arrived here at times where there wasn't anybody "guarding" the actual entrance to pacifico, so you walk in not realizing you're suppose to pay. so what makes this place so confusing? Pacifico is basically a corridor. A long, bendy corridor with different rooms that interconnect and some of them are restricted.. but you don't know that until you start dancing and a bouncer eventually comes up to you and says that this is a "VIP" or "Reserved Room". There's no signs whatsoever. The main dance floor is basically as soon as you enter but who would have known consider there are so many OTHER rooms with different music and bars?! Another thing, the whole reason I came to pacifico in the first place was because everyone told me it was "classy, where everyone dresses up". THIS IS SO FALSE. I don't find this place "classy" one bit. The music sucks (all dubstep, techno or remix), no actually dress code... The dome is just a few blocks away.

Louis Granados

It's a very nice place. No hats. 2 piece of ID if ur under 25

Lisa C.

My Bestie and I arrived around 10:45 pm - maybe because we're over 35 maybe because we're cute. Either way the bouncer ushered us past the line and in the doors. Yeah for us! Cover charge is the norm for the city $10. Inside we were "WOWED" this place is really nice, as mentioned in other reviews the atmosphere is like being in NYC. The first room has plenty of table and VIP area off to the side of a large dance floor. There are 2 other rooms with various types of music and each has it's own vibe. The clientele dress to impress, which is always a welcome treat! Drinks are less expensive than the Liquor Dome and the staff is MUCH nicer!!!! I highly recommend for anyone over 35 that wants to go out in Halifax. This place has something for Everyone.

Savvy Simon Halifax

Make sure to have your ID with you for the entrance and when you get downstairs. They check you twice.

Paige H.

We went to Pacifico for my best friend's bachelorette this weekend. It wasn't my first time there, and it probably won't be my last. We arrived (15 of us in HOT pink shirts) early, around 11, and were pleasantly surprised that while it wasn't super busy there were still a good amount of people there. Drinks were very reasonably priced ($3!!) and the bartenders were great! They were friendly, had some great suggestions and got to you very quickly. There are a bunch of bars, and several private areas, around the club and even a good amount of seating. We had most of the dance floor to ourselves for the first hour or two. After that it gout quite busy and we found the floor was a little too small for the amount of people that were trying to dance but none the less it was a great time. Fun atmosphere, great bartenders, fantastic music! Not somewhere I'd end up every weekend but a great venue to celebrate!

Mike B.

To start off this review, plain and simple, Pacifico is what Halifax needs for a gay bar. Only it's not a gay bar. And that's fine. Because if it were, the music might be slightly less Top 40, less indulgent in the 90s dance era, and less diverse. There are a few different bars inside the club to get drinks. The decor is very swanky. I do very much enjoy the music when I want current and classic mingled together, most of which are songs I know and a lot of them I do enjoy. I could use more in the way of what a gay bar would play (ie. Madonna, Lady GaGa maybe throw in some Dragonette and other dance/pop-without-a-rap-verse hit) but you can also hear that classic hit that hasn't graced your ears in ten years. Not into that? There is a room in the back that specializes in heavier beats. Pacifico is also quite clean. Of course, as the night processes, it gets less clean but it never feels dirty. I don't think there's a drink special but cover can range from cheap to average. ($1 for students I hear? Never more than $5?). And if your bracelet has a specific number on it, you can spin the big wheel for a chance at money, prizes, free booze, free cover (for next time), nothing or barred for a month. :/ On the downside, on a busy night it can get really hot. There may not be air conditioning or at least it's not noticeable. The dance floor is a bit small so it's usually crowded. I've seen a few fights here but I think they're rare and perhaps the ones I have seen were because come 2am, everyone is trying to get out and the line-up to exit can take longer than the line-up to get in, which can get frustrated so leave ahead of the rush if you can. Now, if only I can convince my friends to just start coming here when we all go out...

Philip H.

Great dance bar downtown Halifax. I've only been a couple times but have had a blast each time I went. The bar is worth exploring, there are several little rooms off in the back where shows can take place. We were there recently on Friday night for a belly dance show. It was fantastic! Great to see such talent in Halifax. The drinks were not too bad either. $4.50 for a bottle o' beer. Some of our friends had their martinis and they were divine. Washrooms were kept up fairly well... for a busy bar. The decor is gorgeous with the largest mirror ball I've ever seen. Fabric drape the ceilings giving the bar a more intimate feel. Comfortable leather furniture and large coffee/end tables are in the lounge areas with comfortable booth-style seating near the dance floor. Not accessible, and no wi-fi.

Sarah B.

Eh-oh! Popped collars, tight denim, and the mash of cologne smells is what the Pacifico is! I'm not a fan of this place for quite a few reasons. The first one is that you're judged immediately by what you're wearing, and if deemed suitable enough to gain entry you're then again judged by the bar stars. Even worse is, I (a female) was wearing a hat as was a male friend of mine, and he had to remove his hat but I didn't. This inconsistency didn't sit well with me. Secondly, drink prices weren't set in stone. Meaning, the price of a drink at one end was 1.50 more than the bar at the other side. Does the more expensive drink dispense charisma into your bloodstream for the rest of the night? However, the layout and decor of this bar is quite appealing and due to having a few bars scattered around the wait for a drink isn't long! Also, the dancefloor is enormous, and there are cozy booths if you're trying to, well you know. All and all, this bar is geared towards singles who are out with a purpose. If you're more a get down and dance in a pair of jeans and chucks then there are a ton of other bars that are more inviting!

Katie M.

With an upcoming party being hosted my "The Situation" from MTV's baffling show, The Jersey Shore, it's not hard to imagine what kind of night spot this is. It's also not hard to imagine that I Tend to avoid this place. The bar itself is nicely laid out and has a cool design and aesthetic. Any establishment with a tree AND waterfall gets an e for effort. Hey, if I was rating the place on these merits alone it might receive more stars, but I'm not, and it doesn't. The problem with Pacifico is I can't seem to go there without having my butt obnoxiously grabbed by dudes in popped collars and fake tans spitting the most unflattering of pick up lines. Boys, can't a girl just dress up and have a drink in peace? Keep your fancy waterfall and tree and keep the fans of The Situation. I'm going to a spot where I don't feel like a piece of meat. Hot Hint: Bring lots of cash, cover is usually a small fortune.

Laura P.

If you love getting glitzy and dolled up for a night out, Pacifico can take care of you. Its a pretty posh venue with a strict dress code and some high- falutin' cover charge. Men are not allowed to wear caps and coat check is mandatory. While they are a little more lenient with women, the main form of dress tends to be of the primped aesthetic. Its a dance bar but also offers a range of seating and more relaxed areas. However the main shtick is bass beat, so don't expect anything beyond an exchange of pleasantries and a shot of sourpuss. Its pretty unique to other clubs in the city, taking on a certain LA Night Scene kind of vibe. Definitely more of a "club" than a "bar". I've only gone a few times and it wasn't really my thing, but I can see it being a good time if you're into the glam, high rollin', popped collars sort of thing. I also read that MTV's Jersey Shore star, "The Situation", will be making an appearance Pacifico sometime soon for a pricey cover fee. And for some reason, this venue seems quite suiting.

Courtney M.

Ahh, yes, the Pacifico. This place reminds me of being 19 (A LOT!) If you're into getting dressed up on the weekend and paying $10-$15 in cover + regularly priced drinks all night in (albeit) a pretty swanky environment, then Pacifico will be your ideal spot. I personally prefer a more relaxed environment and the option of choosing to dance. There isn't much to do at Pacifico besides dancing since they removed the pool tables. Expect to drop a fair chuck of coin out at this club on a sat night. Music is very mainstream as well.

Adam B.

I don't know what it is about Pacifico, but there's just something about it that completely disinterests me. It's strange because I should probably enjoy this place. It is the only bar in Halifax to feature both a giant tree and a waterfall and there are a number of bars scattered throughout the place. You're never too far from a drink, you're also never too far from a dude with several popped collars hitting on your girlfriend... I guess maybe that's the problem, the clientele. We're just oil and water. I can't fault the bar for that, I guess, but it definitely keeps me searching for another watering hole. If you're into popped collars and Benni Benassi feel free to check this place out every weekend, you won't be disappointed. If you feel you're more like me then check Pacifico out on a week night. The layout is cool and the club has a great visual appeal. You won't be disappointed either.

Lindsay K.

So, I'm a little new to Halifax, but I hear that Pacifico is THE nightclub to go to. Well, after experiencing it myself, I would have to agree. I really enjoyed the lay-out to the club. I think it's important for a club to have a lot of different spaces, levels and cubbies for people to fill. Pacifico succeeded in all those aspects. I especially liked the really tiny bar with extremely high ceilings. There was never anyone in there so it kind of seemed like our own private club. Very sensual. I enjoy the dance floor because it's large and has a mini stage to it. I've always thought the stage to be dangerous in a club because drunk people can easily fall off, but it sure does look nice when everyone's dancing. I also liked the VIP section because it's very private and has some comfy seating. The only problem is the music they play in there. No joke, I actually heard the 'Friends' theme song played. What? Something I didn't like was the mandatory coat check, but something I did like was that it was free! Another thing I didn't like was that their drinks seemed so watered down. I must have had six or seven highballs and I wasn't feeling anything, and I'm a pretty tiny girl. They made up for this by only charging $4.50 per drink. Finally, one last complaint and it relates to a bouncer. I was standing in the coat check line at the end of the night waiting to get out of there, but my boyfriend had our tickets. I ran to where he was and got the tickets, but the bouncer wouldn't let me back in line with my friends and told me I had to go to the back of the line. I realize he was just doing his job but I even had people I didn't know saying I was standing there. He was stubborn, so I secretly passed the tickets off to my friend and got the hell out of there. I sure showed him! So, the moral of the story is: make sure you have your ticket and don't make eye contact with the bouncers. Other than the extremely unpleasant bouncer I encountered, I had a great time at Pacifico! It's definitely a good club for the clubbers.