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I'm conflicted. I like the wide marked parking stalls but I dislike the self check out in the store. It's loud for when it thinks you're stealing or putting something in the baggage area before it understands but when it says the price of a scanned item, the volume is so low it's like are they trying to pull one over on me. I'm sure the corporate number crunchers figured this is best way for higher revenue "if they can't hear the price how do they know it was ever on sale"....hehehe

Not near as good of store as Clayton Park, fruit not as fresh and in abundance as well selection is not as good. Very disappointing. Cashiers seem pleasant but floor staff not as when you can't find something as I am new to this store. one would have thought it would be on par to Clayton Park.

Never in my life have I been more disgusted by a lack of quality from Sobeys, but what should I expect? When I was there last week I was told off by the short fat guy in seafood that they didn't get any stock of a type of seafood they had on sale. Over at the meat department, the gentleman at the counter told me that they had also not received any beef tenderloin this week AND it was on sale!!!!! When I started to leave the department the people in the department began to full review

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