Bento Sushi

250 Old Airport Rd, Yellowknife
(905) 513-0028

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We stopped in at the McDonalds in Ingersoll Ontario. What stood out is the positive attitudes of the young staff behind the counter. I could tell by the conversations that they were high school students. What impressed me was the good nature joking and camaraderie that I witnessed while waiting for my order. Such a refreshing experience to see good natured young people doing a great job and having fun at the same time. I'll be stopping in again for sure.

Randy S.

If you are looking for a restaurant, you are going to be looking for a while. Bento sushi is the Independent Grocer version of their house brand sushi. What you get is what has been made and it put into the fridge. You'll find it along with the salads, cut-up fresh fruits, etc. It's standard fare grocery store sushi. Nothing overly fab, but if you are looking for a quick lunch. It'll do. Typical selections include California roll, Tuna/Avo rolls, and some assorted rolls. Selection is fairly limited and if you arrive later in the lunch hour, you may be out of luck for lunch.

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