Booster Juice

419 Byrne Rd, Yellowknife
(867) 873-3872

Recent Reviews

Peter Taylor

Tasty and healthy smoothies, delicious wraps and panini, and friendly staff. Great place for a quick healthy meal.


I tried the matcha super food +, and the Brazilian super food: was delicious!

Victoria Sloan

Ordered 3 drinks off of door dash and they only gave me 2. Never got my money back or a third drink

Jessica Phillips

Friendly staff, very fast!

Andrew Dunning

Awesome staff and the High Impact is always good. A little inconsistent on Saturdays though.

Morgan Pierrot

Not sure if they fixed the online ordering but I hate talking to people now that my phone completes that function for me. Otherwise the store and its products are fine. I'd like to see the booster juice downtown this summer.

D Dasilva

Its usually awesome. But depending on who makes my juice that I order it tastes different and looks different, I guess some put more or less idk but I like it how its supposed to be. Follow the recipe lol nice staff, clean place. Regularly go for a juice

John Smith

Yummy sugar-full smoothies. Not healthy, but pretty delicious.

Jaida Deutschmann

great food and staff, but most drinks are full of sugar and are not healthy so its more of a treat.

Jayne Taylor

Great juice however no face mask is required, FYI


This is a really nice booster Juice! always lots of selections of sandwiches to order as well as treats and the smoothies that are always made perfectly, This is a very popular place with my kids and the bathroom is very conveniently located by the front of the store and has always been very clean !Very Happy to have this in Yellowknife!!

Arlo Marshall

Friendly staff, good hours, lots of parking. All around decent

chanse jackson

Healthy choices are the best.

Chris tof

To the lady who makes my regular Booster Juice: No one makes a better Ripped Berry than you. No one. You complete me

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