Bruno Pizza

5124 53 St, Yellowknife
(867) 920-2130

Recent Reviews

Matt Smith

best late night slice in YK. Open until 3am.Food: 4/5

Gracia Penner

Our pizza was really good and it didn't take long, good price too.


Great experience on the phone and in person, and I love the pizzas. The dough/crust is tender and crisp, and the toppings are placed so each slice gets the perfect atmosphere of ingredients.The hours seem to also accommodate Sundays and later evenings, which I appreciate.


the pizza was seriously undercooked and it was disgusting won’t be ordering again, delivery took forever, guy on phone wasn’t help overall horrible service. Brunos use to be the best pizza but 2022 Bruno’s is seriously gross. Don’t get from here get from dominos get more for less and Also the pizza comes cookedI would do 0 stars if I could 1 seems a bit generous


No. Just no. Ordered a medium Bruno's Special for $30 after tip... TINY pizza with barely any toppings.Such a waste of money.

Peter P.

Oh my. This was much worst than I expected. I ordered the medium Bruno Special which was supposed to be around 4 toppings and shrimp.. Which came out to just over $28 with a tip. The size of the pizza was tiny, crust was non existent, its thin and toppings were not to par. The cost of food in this city is higher than anywhere I've been and yet I expect decent quality for that price. Skip. Hard skip.

Rebekah Hansen

Worst service I've ever experienced. I called after waiting 50mins for delivery and was told my food was out for delivery. I'm 2 mins away but 30 mins later I get a call from the driver saying he's here. He was not. I again gave the address and he says he doesn't know where that is. I try to explain and he hung up on me. I get a another call from the restaurant and the driver brought my food back and they were sending it out with another driver. Gave him the same address and he found it no problem. So over 1.5 hrs later I had cold food that was subpar and not even what I ordered.

Andrew Diveky

Best PIZZA in YELLOWKNIFE .......period......absolutely scrumptious.


I absolutely love their pizza. Always delivered fast , fresh and piping out. Always scrumptious. Best pizza in Yellowknife, to me anyway. Beats pizza Hutt, Boston Pizza and Domino's . Friend staff. Hasn't really changed much since I started ordering pizza there in the 1990s, love it.

Stephanie Martin

Brunos used to be fantastic but has absolutely gone down hill. Besides the horribly rude people working there, the pizza is consistently cold, soggy and undercooked. I gave it two stars because their Garlic Fingers are still pretty darn good.

John Szoladi

Have had worse pizza before but this was close to the bottom but paid for Gourmet quality! I guess you get what you get after everything else is closed in a small town... But severely over priced! Would go hungry before ordering from this place again!

Matt Roberts

Piping hot and delicious veggie pizza at 2am ?

Shirley Drybones

It's just around our corner not too far it's okay pizza is good.


Friends don't let friends eat pizza from Bruno's.Given, I've only had one pizza from this joint and they sell more than just a medium with pepperoni, black olives, and feta. Yet I question whether they even used tomato sauce!In a word : Dry. Picture an unsalted no-name brand cracker with a rumor of pizza ingredients.I still tipped 20% because the young man taking orders looked a bit overwhelmed.

john dad

Very rude owner of the store I brought my kids to go get pizza for a snack payed 24 bucks for a large pepperoni pizza only for the owner to give me pizza from the pizza tray warmer or whatever they are called only to find out that the pizza was still raw and really soggy he was sure of himself that he was giving me a fresh pizza he swore at me and gave me my refund

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