Domino's Pizza

100 Borden Dr, Yellowknife
(867) 920-2020

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Good value for money.In a city where takeout is extremely pricey and value is rather scant, Domino's Pizza is a welcome relief.It doesn't pretend to be gourmet and it does that very well. The portions are generous for the price point: you can feed two people for under $20 - my choice is the medium pan pizza with 2 toppings for 14.99.


Dominos doesn’t have basic troping Onion, like seriously?I ordered pizza like two weeks ago and they didn’t had onions and today I ordered pizza and no onions!!! but why they are allowing to place order online with onions when they don’t have it. I left to pickup pizza and then received a call from them saying they ran out of onion!!That’s sad, I still took the pizza but this is unacceptable.

April Morin

We are obsessed with the Brooklyn pepperoni with pineapples and mushrooms added.It's not always consistent but when it's good, it's soooo good.

Tylor Dahl

Why is this location so good? Just ordered a donair pizza and its fiiiire! hahah way better then any other time I have tried dominos in my life. I'm from Calgary, maybe dominos in NT just hits different? XD idk super good tho had to drop a review.

Kurt Smithson

You got to babysit everything that this particular store does. I asked for the same pizza ive ordered from a half a dozen other stores and this one seems to screw it up every time. I ordered a pizza last night with extra sauce and they dumped near half gallon of sauce on to it. There's other problems too with missing toppings. This isnt rocket science is it? Every time I've ordered something from yellowknife dominoes there's always an issue. I guess the sane thing to do is not order from this particular store ever again.

Jacqueline Halliburn

Pizza arrived late, clearly had been dropped, and ice cold. They refused to refund me and only offered to remake it. It was 11pm and I had already waited 90min for the first one so I declined. Worst pizza ever.

Kelly W

Love their service.Keep up the good work team.❤

harmandeep singh

Food is usually a hit or miss , but delivery driver Ryan is the show stealer .

Aakashi Patel

Manager here has no work ethics at all. His behaviour is extremely rude. We ordered two lava cakes and we aksed for fork and he says that we can’t give you fork because we only give it with pasta. After asking how I am supposed to eat the cake he replied yelling and making weird faces that it is not my problem how you are going to eat the cake. #Ridiculousman.

Andrea Brandt

Besides delivering delicious pizza and following all instructions in a timely manner I also would like to report that they were very pleasant to deal with when I noticed an overcharge on my account (my mistake at time of order). They took the time to investigate and figure out what exactly had happened. I am very pleased and highly recommend this business.

karan Punni

Worst service ever received, waited for 1 hour for pizza. Special instructions were ignored (don’t ring bell give us call) driver rang bell around 10:30 when every one is sleeping. At end end found pizza stuffed with lot of ranch.

Chido M

I ordered online, and my order arrived an hour late , the pizza was cold and it arrived late. First two orders were okay, but this was unacceptable no apologizes nothing . I won`t be ordering another pizza from them.

Nicholas Bergen

Pizza's fine, but wont waive delivery fee even if you pick up in their parking lot.

Jérémy Bisson

You cannot go and pick up you order yourself from the door, but you can ask them to deliver it to the parking but it's going to cost you delivery fees + tip.This is shameful. This company should adapt the way they do because I'm sure they are loosing a bunch of customers with those non-sense rules.

Steven Lund

Leaving this review to help people new to town as there is a lack of good pizza in YK.Had a very easy experience ordering pizza online. Showed up ahead of time. Website coupons also made my order sort of affordable for YK.If you're looking for good pizza go with dominos or copperhouse. Avoid brunos and mainstreet pizza.

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