Fatburger Yellowknife

100 Borden Dr Unit #1, Yellowknife
(867) 920-2900

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Paul McKee

I was in your shop this afternoon. The person at the counter was on the phone. While I was selecting my order, they were staring at their phone. I was asked what kind of cheese I wanted - they picked up the phone an and started typing. I asked if I was interrupting their conversation. "Oh I was just looking at it". I asked again if I was interrupting their conversation. "Oh no I was just looking at it". They stood there in front of my typing! I almost left. I had already placed my order but if I hadn't - I would have left. No one should have to put up with a reception cashier on the phone instead of serving the customer. No wonder the restaurant was empty. I have no idea where that phone has been. Then without washing hands, they passed change, used their phone, served food and swept the floor. Disappointing and disgusting.


We've never had great service here. Always slow. Never polite. However our last visit was awful. I understand that they may be short staffed but staff were unmasked, rude to us and other customers and they completely missed our shakes we ordered and after waiting almost 20 minutes for our food we had to wait another 10 minutes for shakes. Ridiculous.

Terri Lynn Sampson

It's always great food. Real food. Everytime I go there it's excellent service. The staff is very friendly.


For a fast food place the food was pretty decent. The employees were very polite and provide table service. The breakfast options are good and overall satisfying. Would go again.

Maria Paz Mariano

It was always fun visiting Fat Burger. They served quality breakfast meals as well as great customer service. Keep it up guys ?

Charlie Wright

In the past I have had pretty positive dining experiences at Fatburger, but my take out meal today was nothing short of disgusting, blackened chicken came in a soggy mess of a burger that went straight in the garbage, chicken pieces for the kids were not the choicest pieces, fries were ok. Not impressed

tyler nagel

Honestly, place is amazing I wouldn't even call it pricey... It's worth every penny! I've never found a place that nails their milkshake every time 20/10

Brad Thorn

A few days ago, we ordered Fatburger (plant based burgers) and fries and enjoyed it quite a bit (3 -4 stars).Two days later, we ordered again from Fatburger, and did not receive what we ordered. What we ordered plant based burgers and instead received stomach upset and betrayal.My wife and I have not eaten meat in many months ( due to a forced change in diet), and we ate these burgers thinking they were the same delicious (plant based burgers)we had the day before. We were mistaken and were so very hungry that we finished our burgers not know the consequences.The burgers were not the plant based burgers we ordered and they contained meat.We were basically poisoned. There is no easy way to distinguish what you ordered from what you recieved. As such neither this location nor the entire chain will ever receive our business.If you are like me (Plantatarian), or Vegan and crave a plant based burger, I suggest you make your own. Google The Burger Dude, and follow the recipes.Trust is easily given, and near impossible to earn back .Goodbye Fatburger

Patrick LeBlanc

No signs up indicating shortage of certain items offered on the menu. Brought the family here to eat to find out that they have nothing we want. Terrible place.


Very slow service. Food was your typical fast food. Both hubby and I got tummy issues after.

Lanquino Sirach

great time here. food is delicious. well recommended

Shereen P

What I love the most about this Fatburger is Daisy, the server/bus-lady, she deserves a raise…. And the veggie burger. That’s it.

Jean-mark Arsenault

Love ordering here. Clean and modern fast food chain, Staff is always positive and professional.

Frederic Brieger

I ordered a chicken mushroom burger online. 40 minutes for pick up is very slow. The chicken was extremely dry and the mushrooms tasted like they were canned or frozen. On the next morning I woke up stomach sick and saw the mushrooms once again.I previously ate there and other burgers are really good and tasty. It seems that the quality is not very relyable.

Chad Richards

Food is good. Service is good. When ordering and you don't have all the toppings for the burger and still want full price? Don't advertise it if u don't have it. Expecting customers are ok with paying full price for a meal that u can only provide half meal. Nope. Next.

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