Main Street Donair & Falafel

4905 Franklin Ave, Yellowknife
(867) 766-3910

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Top 3 favourite places to eat lunch in Yellowknife


I've bought several chicken shawarma wraps and platters. This SHOULD be my go-to option when I don't pack a lunch but I had a deal breaker experience.The good:Fast service, even when it's busy (which is almost always (between 12 and 12:30 on weekdays). I'm a big fan of shawarmas, even if their wrap technique isn't within the pita bread pocket (like they do everywhere else).The meh:Inconsistent portions. Sometimes it's heavy on the protein, yay! Other times it's heavy on the very, very wet veggies. The wrap is a messy eat.The deal breaker:On June 10th, 2022, I watched the lady behind the counter microwave my chicken and potatoes because she served me food that was sitting in a bowl on the back counter and not the fresh chicken from the rotisserie. I asked why and she explained that she was very busy.I paid without a tip but couldn't bring myself to eat it.

Corey Shefman

I got a large chicken shawarma and it was... fine. The wrap was definitely large, and there was no shortage of veggies, but nothing really had any taste to it, including the hummus and tahina which were both very bland. Same with the chicken itself - tough and bland. All of that would be fine if it was the price that you'd get similar quality shawarma for in Toronto or Montreal, but at $20 after tax, I expect a lot more.

John Smith

The donair is disappointing, small, and costly. Also the building has a cockroach problem.

Norby Poitras

Great service. Friendly staff. Yousry deserves an, he makes the best coffee.


I have found quality very inconsistent and am

Jeff Sims

MMM cold donair... Should at least cook the meat to heat it up. Food safety

Hossein Ayadi

Good taste, worth it!


Really tasty donair, and fair price. Best quick $10 meal downtown.

Christopher Buchanan

Always great food and friendly service. I love their donair platters.

Ben Briand

One of the worst donairs I've ever had, it was cold and had to be warmed up and i only ate half of it and threw the rest away because the sweet sauce was weird tasting and the onions had some kind of salad dressing on them that made the donair taste off as well. Donair was over $17 with a can of pop. Service was good tho and clean inside. Other food might be good here but the donair was not.


$13 dollars for a below average donair/shawarma, and another $13 for a tiny box of chicken rice... Go somewhere else

Kyle Sloat

Best donair in months. Fast service and very good at customising food.

John Ball

i gave them 4 stars, its good.

kishore kumar kommineni

Great smiles and good food.

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