Sushi Cafe

5309 Franklin Ave, Yellowknife
(867) 920-0776

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Over price sushi and just ok quality. I you don't care about your money you can visit otherwise there are more reasonable options out there for you to choose


Tanpanyaki is like don.Fried rice looks like Chinese style not Japanese style does not have eggs on the top. But it is Yellowknife …don’t expect too much

Susan Machan

I always crave the Japanese chicken fried rice all the time so whenever I'm in Yellowknife I make sure to order it :) The owners are super friendly!

andrei tuzau

Terrible quality. Especially for take out. Salty miso soup. Would rate 0 stars

SilverShadøwcat Gamìngz

waa really good! i was craving sushi and i came here and it was good, service was good

Nathan McPherson

Great staff and very good sushi. My favorite place to go in Yellowknife.

Trisha Islam

Absolutely, hands-down, one of the best miso soups I’ve had in my life - the perfect amount of seasoning! The shrimp teppenyaki is comfort in a bowl, warm and delicious.

Abby’s Awesome Adventures

this was very bad. The sushi was OK but the customer service was horrible. It took about 2 hours and I kept asking if the food was coming and they kept saying yes but it ended up taking 2 HOURS. DON'T RECOMMEND.

aman deep

I really like their food and service but only reason for 4 star is not enough shrimp in fried rice. People not pay 18$ for just rice and 5 shrimp pieces

Sarah J

I hate to leave a 2-star review, but the customer service is really not what it should be. Long hold times on the phone when trying to place and order, and 2+ hour wait times once the order is placed. Food is decent but it’s soured by the poor service.

Helen Helen

It is really unprofessional to order a meal and answer the phone. It takes 2 hours to get the meal after ordering the meal ? faint ?‍?! The price is not cheap and the quantity is much less than before! When I took it back, I got it wrong. Fortunately, the child can eat or he will be hungry!

Samuel Legge

Best sushi in YK. Definitely worth a visit!

Angie Chandler

Everything about this place is fantastic!!

Janaya McCallum

Lovely little hub in Yellowknife! Friendly staff, quick service, and a beautiful traditional atmosphere. Loved it!

Kaila Walton

Sushi is usually expensive wherever you go so expect that. But their sushi is very good, especially for how far north we are. And their miso soup is yummy. Best sushi in town.

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