Tim Hortons

309 Old Airport Rd, Yellowknife
(867) 873-4999

Recent Reviews

Matthew Archer

To many staff don’t know what they’re doing, extremely slow, ordered a double toasted bagel with extra cream cheese… didn’t get what I asked for… again… I’m done with this place…

Mandita Morotinova

They're quite quick...food is consistent no complaints


Dine-in was closed, seemed to be drive-thru only with a long lineup of trucks in the morning. Didn’t bother.

Akashdeep Singh

Don’t have everything bagels no cheese cresant every single time i go

Rob Robidas

Only Tim's in town that I can find Long lineups for drive thru

Marc Coulombe

Since when does a black coffee come with hot chocolate? Totally disappointed this morning. I quit going to MacD's because they couldn't get an order straight, guess now I have to go to Starbucks.

Mike Manuel

Worst tims u have been to and I have been to tims across Canada. Ask for all honey dip got 2 in a box of 10 ask the cashier how much it cost and they ignored me and put the debit machine in my face. Didn’t even pay with debit. Always a bad experience when I go. I Refuse to give them anymore business I hope more people see how bad they are and stop going till they fix their customer service and staff


Try to place order in drive thru and all we hear is laughing, giggling and going on from the speaker. Then because the speaker cuts in and out depending on the noise level from the laughing, giggling and going on by the staff the "order taker" continually says "I cant hear you" and messes up the order. Which then becomes an utter mess because they cant hear you based on the speaker cutting in and out with all the laughing, giggling and going on in the background. I fully understand enjoying your work environment up until it starts to hinder the quality of customer service. Now, being in the hospitality industry for 30 plus years I know not to complain but after the 6th time going through this Tim Hortons drive thru with the same issue every time I felt it was justified. BIG MISTAKE..... Thank you for the medium black coffee with easily 1/2 cup of sugar. (Ordered medium coffee 2 cream 1 sugar) Kudos to you for sticking it to me and as well reminding me to be humble and thankful even if "Customer Service" is a foreign concept to your establishment.

Ryan Moore

Never been to a place who screws up your order so many times and doesn't even think to fix it or help you out. Terrible and slow service...

Chris tof

This place is always 5 stars as long as Phuong is working!

Tim Zoe

The drive-thru could sometimes be long, decent coffee (hopefully clean machine), quick service, and overall okay experience.

Jaeris Petrie

Can never go wrong with Timmy's


It’s busy location also great service and fast service

Donald W

Flow thru the drive-through is very good. They have enough staff to handle the volume of traffic. Pretty good outlet, for the size of the city

James Chartrand

Same as all timmies, fast service good còffee

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