Dutch Bros Coffee

1231 S Carson St, Carson City
(541) 955-4700

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Good coffee no Vet discount however like Reno locations.Food: 4/5

Misty R.

I'm addicted to Dutch Bros! They have the best coffee l recommend a medium sugar free blended hazelnut oat milk latte! I get it every time and it's the best flavor and keeps me going! The staff is great as well, always friendly no matter what location you go to! And if they make a mistake, their customer service makes it right either in person or via email!

Kristi P.

Great place for coffee! If you haven't tried it yet you should. The first time I went I didn't know what to get and asked for a recommendation. They gave me one and said since it was my first time it was on them! Who does that, certainly not Starbucks!

Nachadog taulker

Dutch Brothers just wins my places to go Starbucks just not like what it used to be I think it's their employees know how to make drinks

E T.

Gross. This is for all Dutch Bros locations . Its one step above MacDonalds Iced Mochas. Just tastes CHEAP.

Vanessa Levels Leon

extremely tasteful great service

Tina Delise

The gal at the window was very cheerful and helpful. My drink, blended carmel mocha, was prepared perfectly.

Nick Myers

Hey, it's decent coffee. I would go the walk up route, maybe get your order quicker than sit in line of cars, like a lazy person.

Steven Smith

Very good drinks with a broad spectrum of flavors and sugar intensity, they offer sugar free on most items.

Mary S.

The staff was very friendly but needs to up their cleanliness! A girl went from making out with her boyfriend in the parking lot next to a car, to the inside taking our order within 15 seconds, definitely didn't have time to wash her hands. Then she took our order and money, didn't wash her hands and made our drinks. This always grosses me out.

Thechaos System

Me and my dad go to dutch bros all the time and thier hot chocolate is extremely good

Carson Cardinal

Place is great. Employees are always upbeat and happy. They have soooo many types of drinks its crazy.

Georgy P.

I think their coffees and teas are much better than, the other guys... They use a lesser amount of sweeteners, So you can actually taste the coffee! I look forward to the next time We are out and about, and can stop by the Dutch brothers For an excellent cup of coffee!

David Winter

Not a bad place just mostly a syrup base for the drinks and not much else. Not to my liking but friendly and competent staff.

Stacy J.

Delicious as always. I love how much different coffees they have to choose from.

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