Carl's Jr.

1701 Great Basin Blvd, Ely
(775) 289-3240

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Rob Carroll

Driving through Ely and needed something fast to eat so Carl's always has good burgers. We went through the drive thru and after ordering we pulled up to the window and the guy reaching out to take my credit card had open sores all over his arms. Needless to say I took my foot off the brake and just kept driving, it was absolutely disgusting.

Joshua Watson

Ordered a triple bacon burger an a 6 piece chicken stars. They gave me a double and only 5 chicken stars. The chicken stars were rock hard, I could have used them like ninja stars. Ya'll really need to pay attention to what Ya'll are doing. I basically just waisted money. I'm in a big rig. It's not like I'm can just flip around.

Lesley Solomon

Attitude means alot when working with the public. Cashier got short and cut me off, for no reason. When the lady behind me had to complain twice, the cashier was extremely rude with her. Food isn't good enough to deal with bad attitudes.

Eddie Bones

I'm not a big fan of Carl's Jr, but after a long day on the road I was looking forward to a hot meal with few options near the hotel. The staff was very friendly, my burger (Famous Star) was delicious, onion rings were hot and fresh.Much appreciated. Thank you.

Marlene Reeves

Last 3 times I have gotten chicken tenders they have not given my my sauces. I have constantly had issues with the chicken products here. I have been waiting for food for over 40 minutes before when they weren’t busy. Their employees do not pay attention to orders before sending them out. It’s sad that they can’t pay attention long enough to see they need to put condiments before the bag goes out or long enough to realize a customer waiting for over 40 minutes for their food they were told would take 10 to 15 minutes. Doesn’t seem the employees care enough to pay attention to orders to insurance that customers don’t have to return or go with out what comes with the order. They need to focus on the orders more then thier conversation that have nothing to do with their work. Disappointed in the way this restaurant works McDonald’s in town does a better job then they do and McDonald’s had a worse reputation

Amanda Leaman

The food was not good at all. The bread seemed stale and burger was rather cold. The ice dispensar has been in need of repair and have to go through smoky casino from restaurant to get to bathroom. The service was fast though, employees were very engaged with customers.


The hamburger was a little overcooked and they forgot some ingredients... like the bun.But when they got my order correct

Loyal Stutzman

I tried the limited time hot honey chicken in the waffle sandwich. It was pathetic. Just a warmed up barely seasoned very tough piece of chicken in a small waffle that crumbled as you lift it. Absolutely awful. The workers were friendly and tried their best, but they couldn't fix something that awful.

gerald hannah

My time at Carl's/ Harry's junior was not good. Why? Because one hand does not know what the other one is doing. When I stopped in to pay money for my order the cashier did not know or was not informed of everything before being left alone at the cash register. Other than that it was ok.

Karen Howard

Nice, friendly young man, answered all my questions. Quick service. Appreciated the help.

Tacy Collins

The staff is always kind and uplifting, I always feel comfortable eating here and the staff just brings a smile to my face.

iesha feria

I have been eating Carl's jr for years and I gotta say the food at this ely nevada location IS THE BEST and I will continue to eat here and have amazing employee's I'm extremely happy

Idunn The Wanderer

This place is NOT open 24 hours. They close at 8 pm!! The drive thru is always closed. Why do they even exist

Gersemi Jupiter

I skipped my turn at the shower burn and ate some pineapple callers and French fries ? instead? ??

Chris Bartch

Awful!! The service was extremely slow (over 20 minutes in the drive thru!) the service was horrible, and the food was stale and lukewarm by the time we got it. One of the worst fast food experiences I've ever had!

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