Woodett's Diner

1492 U.S. Hwy 395 N #101, Gardnerville
(775) 782-0351

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Alex Barsalou

This place is SO good, owned by a wonderful family. We ordered a little of everything - French toast, steak, biscuits and gravy, waffles, pineapple mimosas, Machaca burrito, pavement scraper, the no-brainer, hot chocolate. SO good!The French onion soup is the best I’ve ever had. The gravy on the biscuits is great!The place itself is so homey and the staff is incredible. Go here!!

AJ Runge

Visited from Houston, TX and had the no- Brainer! It was extremely good! Best meal of the trip. We will 100% be back next time in town. Met the owners and they were fantastic. Also ran into a famous American writer while we were there.Vegetarian options: Impossible burger

karen christianson

Food is not good anymore. Service is bad waitress very rude. Will not be going back again. Also prices are ridiculous for the bad food and one slice of toast. Who does that? No one. Woodetts was good a long time ago. But not now.

karen ray

I have always had great experience there. The food is excellent. The service is great. The new owners are awesome too.

Carl Dobyns

A good menu with lots of options. I had the biscuits and gravy and it was outstanding.Food: 5/5

Lilly Dakic

I had a great experience at Woodett's. I went for breakfast ( everything coming out looked fabulous), however, when I saw french onion soup on the menu, I had to get lunch instead. The French onion soup was delicious, and the summer salad with artichokes was so good. I highly recommend this place. Very nice, friendly staff. Love the coffee!I will get breakfast next time.

Bill Bowman

Coffee was horrible to start tasted burnt and stale. Food was edible at best. Would not recommend to someone I didn't like haha. Waitress spilled on floor at didn't even bother to clean it up. Very disappointed. Will never stop there again.Food: 1/5


Great place for breakfast and the service was just as good! Don't sit at the booth by the door or you'll freeze when the door is opened.

Nicole Maitia-Gough

Love Woodett's! My favorite is their chorizo eggs, beans and tortillas breakfast! As well as their French Onion soup with garlic bread! Great staff and awesome service!!Food: 5/5

Illiana NA

Great diner with wonderful breakfast options. The Chile Relleno omelette was great! Service was prompt, as well.Food: 4/5

Kim Brown

Such a cute place. Greeted and snipped at by a waitress that must have been having a bad day, she was very snotty when she told us we have no table for you write your name on the board and wait. Well then, ok. Didnt have to wait long for a table. Ordered a traditional two egg breakfast with bacon, potatoes and toast with a side of fruit. Eggs were ok, bacon was fabulous, potatoes were mushy. The toast!!! Why why why does it take forever to get the toast!!!! Brought out the wrong kind after we had to wait for it, then had to wait another five minutes for the correct one. Came out uncut and unbuttered. If you are just going to throw toasted bread in a basket why did it take so long? The fruit was hard and not ripe. Enjoyed the people watching more than the meal sorry to say.

H T.

Long wait, slow service, food was cold when received, toast was probably made the day before. I won't be back.

Gayle W.

First time here and won't be the last! The breakfast was wonderful. My husband had the biscuits and gravy with eggs. I had a traditional breakfast, eggs hash browns and crispy bacon with wheat toast. My breakfast was very good. Had a bite of my husband's biscuits and gravy, let's just say I WILL be ordering that next time. The best biscuits ever! Light and fluffy omg! Service was excellent and everyone working seems to love their job. Clearly the owner knows how to run a business. Thank you!

Bud Gibson

Well, I am back y'all. May I have this pleasure to say; I have found another great little quaint spot to eat.The peaceful and welcoming vibe as soon as you walk in, is just euphoric/amazing.The workers are on point.Food is done in a very timely manner and great presentation.As most have known of me through past years of restaurant and cooking experience. I am a bit of a critic. Yet, I do not just point out bad and or good. I am here to help people find their way. Bringing awareness and understanding to the business as well as the people. Food is an art, by watching people enjoy the food prepared is something a true cook loves to witness. I can honestly say; "This family oriented restaurant is one of very few that just have it".I am one that likes to challenge restaurants at times.I requested a special dish, was told; "yes, we can make you whatever you want, within reason". So, I had them turn a chicken fried steak, into an omelet. Added jalapeños, spinach, mushrooms, tomatoes, avocado, Swiss, and provolone smothered in gravy. It turned out amazing. I shared with the cooks.Then I returned and had a double bacon cheese burger... Juicy, and again great presentation, great size, and and beautiful flavor.Then I was offered to try a dessert from the head chef. I am not a real dessert person, however, it was just delicious.The menu on Friday and Saturday night becomes more elegant. I will be attending at some point. My bill was a little high do to special requests, and I tip as well as I can with the servers and cooks, understandable.I must say; "This is a place that I highly recommend and enjoy. I myself cannot wait to try more of the different dishes they have to offer."Best of wishes and blessings to future business.Vegetarian options: Yes they have multiple options to attempt to please/accommodate.Kid-friendliness: Children are treated wellParking: Parking is reasonable and spacedWheelchair accessibility: Handicap access and friendlyDietary restrictions: Very on point with dietary/food allergiesJust be vocal about your needs and they will do their best to accommodate.

Jeanette Smith

I was impressed that both owners came out and introduced themselves. The food was displayed beautifully and was cooked exactly as we ordered. There were original twists on my favorite cuisine including the chou for dessert! Elegant and memorable. Thank you!

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