Hilton Lake Las Vegas Resort & Spa

1610 Lake Las Vegas Pkwy, Henderson
(702) 567-4700

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Do not bother staying at the hotel, the staff is the worst I have experienced in any of my travels, I have stayed at plenty of Hotels and this is the worst I have experienced. The FD supervisor Stacy Houston was in meetings all day and unreachable. Unhelpful staff


This property is beautiful and is just 20 minutes outside of Vegas. The full breakfast buffet will not disappoint! The staff was helpful and very kind when we couldn’t find our way to the pool. Will definitely return to the property when we want the beauty of Nevada without the Vegas vibes.


Came to Lake Las Vegas for business and pleasure and the Hilton was the place to stay.. The staff was polite and professional and we had a great time relaxing at the pool each day and well as being able to go to the strip for shows or to Lake Mead for boating. Only 20 minutes from each place. An excellent location and great value.


This hotel was so clean, the staff was amazing, and the quiet was resounding. I enjoyed my stay so much. I regret there was a community concert until almost 2 in the morning, so that could have been different, but that is not the hotel's fault. Thank you.

Monica B

I would love to say we had an amazing time at the Hilton. Sadly I never got past the rude, pushy reservation dept after I rang for more info. And she informed me that her best deal was $147 per night plus $30 a day resort fee? For what? We got an Airbnb next door and paid $90 a night with no daily resort fee. We had a kitchen, living room, 3 nice beds, pool access, gym and laundry. I guess I'm thankful the Hilton reservations was rude and unprofessional. I would have missed this amazing deal.


Horrific experience! The raw sewage smell when you walk through the front door explains it all! It’s a great location but that’s where it ends! Definitely a decline from our last stay here. Will never return!

Erin Revak

It was a beautiful resort and the pool was very big and kid friendly so no casinos! But the hotel is very long so it takes you a very long time to get from the elevator to your room if your on the opposite side of the hotel. The rooms were very big and had great view of lake Las Vegas

Becca Jansen

I thought the hotel itself was nice enough, and I appreciated the shuttle service to the strip. However, the little town/shops next door are a ghost town. The Casino was shut down (I had no idea going into it). The shops that were open were mainly just restaurants. I feel like this place had potential and it's just run out. If you want a quiet place away from the strip, and I mean QUIET, this is great. But if you're looking for an atmosphere with still a few things to do it's likely a bit disappointing.

sylvia dominguez

Love the Hilton at Lake Las Vegas.. the hotel is immaculate and the staff are all friendly.. special thanks to Angela who spoke to us at breakfast. Love the french toast.. highly recommended..

Rene Dominguez

Love this place. Nice place to relax not very crowded. Good restaurant for breakfast or dinner. Staff very friendly and helpful.

Katrina Laliberte

Really enjoyed this place because of how much they provide for you, the pools, the variety of small places to go and eat at as well as inside the hotel. It's got a great veiw from the balconies on either sides of the hotel. Super amazing that our family would definitely come back to stay at again.

Hey its me

The hotel was absolutely fantastic! Mikey and Astrid and all staff made sure that we were taken care of. Hotel was clean and perfect. So many things to activities to do with the family. I highly recommend this place.

Vannesa I.

Husband and I spent our wedding anniversary here great stay as always. Will go again.

Nicholas B.

Had a very pleasant stay staff was great, room was comfortable and quiet. Most relaxing time I have had in awhile relaxing by the pool and just enjoy the views and the village.

Theresa M.

Terrible experience entirely. Waited 2 hours after check in for our room (5pm). Given room with 2 fresh dog urine spots that smelled terrible. They sprayed with cleaner and smeared around with a rag. Never sent anyone to shampoo them. Had to smell urine all night. Door lock falling off. Took 45 min for bellman to bring luggage. Sink clogged and making noises. One of the front desk staff was rude. Rooms need to cleaned better and check in should start at check in time! I expect so much more from Hilton!!

Scott D.

Everything looks great at the property. The employees were friendly. Waiter at the restaurant was great. But.... the air conditioner wasn't working and no one would fix it. Hair in the bathtub. :(. The bathtub water never got close to hot. A little disappointing for a really nice looking hotel. It would be a little difficult to recommend staying here until they clean up some of the details. Good AC is a must!!!!

Diana B.

Really nice resort just outside of Henderson. Lovely high desert scenery and a quiet, elegant location. Very restful atmosphere. Be aware that there's always a resort fee added to most hotels near Vegas. You would think that a place like this would be classy, but we had some minor irksome problems. Our refrigerator didn't work and no one came to fix it like they said, also I went to make coffee in my room but there weren't any coffee cups. The floor had not been cleaned well after the last guests either. Otherwise it was quite nice.

kyle cooper

I really liked this hotel for its "vacation" feel location right on the lake. Great outdoor space to walk, enjoy out door concerts on Sat. Night until October, cafes, restaurants, and dog friendly.

Tabatha Salas

Had a fabulous time at this hotel. Next to the lake and amazing restaurants. My hotel had this amazing view and below was a jazz musician playing live. It was perfect. The hotel is huge and can easily get lost. But staff was friendly and was very clean.

Toshi Anand

We enjoyed our 3 day stay in Hilton. Our room was very beautiful and the entire hotel is a delight to the eyes. The hotel has a beautiful garden and There is an area at the side of a lake where there are shops and the area will remind you of Europe. The staff was very professional.

Julia P.

This place is so worn down I feel I stepped into the 70's. It is way over priced and not very good customer service. I booked 2 adjoining rooms (costing me over $1,000) and when we got here not only were the rooms NOT adjoining they were on different floors. After complaining to the front desk and pointing out that my young children couldn't be on a "different floor" we got rooms that were 'close'. One of the rooms we got had an adjoining door but we couldn't get it because it was a 'suite'. I asked to be refunded for the second room since I wasn't going to be able to leave the kids alone, I was told that a refund or cancelation was not possible becauseI had already 'been there for over an hour' eventhough that hour was spent talking with the front desk and then the manager.

Charles Grosh

Love it! Cant beat the price. Food a bit pricey, but Happy Hour makes up for it. Close to the Lake, Restaurants, and golf. What more could you ask for? I'll be back real soon!

Nettie A.

This place is inconsistent. Our first impression was not great. We got there at 3 pm and our hotel rooms weren't ready even though you're supposed to be able to check in at 3 pm. The woman who was supposed to be checking my husband and did not offer any consolation prize. Not even a cold drink. We later learned that the problem was that many people didn't check out on time because this was 5 July and they had all been up late for the Fourth of July. Check out is noon. We're not sure why the people couldn't at least call us to let us know. And if they can't call us, the least they could do is offer free drinks with the free drink coupons at the bar while we wait. We all know the psychology that when people think something is their's, they don't like it taken away. When you're supposed to be able to check into your room, you already feel like it's yours and so when you're not able to check in and you feel like somebody's taking something away and you expect something in return. It was 105° when we arrived and we were just hoping to check into our room and get into swimsuits and get to the lake. We went to the pool and there was no where to sit in the shade. We asked one of the attendants to help us find seats in the shade or move some seats in the shade for us. She couldn't see anything so she went and got her manager. If not for her manager ELLEN, we would have been pretty frustrated. Look, I know there are much worse problems and many more serious things happening in the world. However, it's not that big of a deal to say "I'm so sorry we're not ready for you can I offer you free drinks in the bar while you wait." People would just feel so much better. ELLEN, the woman in charge of food and drink , Came and found us at the pool and was so kind and helped us find some shade and was apologetic, friendly and fantastic. ELLEN was amazing. The rooms are really pretty. They look sort of colonial with beautiful colors and nice bed stands. The food we ordered from room service was actually really really good. The Mediterranean Mezza plate was delicious, the pizza was fantastic, sweet potato fries were very satisfying . The employees were very friendly and kind with exception of the woman who checked my husband in. My husband observed that the people working there genuinely seem to be happy working there. Mikey finally checked me in and he was a sweetheart. We had a lot of helpful employees from housekeeping to front desk.


We chose to stay at the Lake LasVegas Resort because of its beauty and relaxed atmosphere. It is away from the strip and peaceful. The lake views were great along with the pool and spa. We enjoyed the restaurant and bar. The village had good restaurants. We had a most enjoyable time and each night saw great Vegas shows.


This property is over-all very loud. You can hear conversations and TV from the next room. Doors slam closed and echo down the hall. Forget relaxing or taking a nap. One of the most irritating experiences. Food and staff were great.

Filipe S.

I am a Diamond Member at Hilton and I love Lake Las Vegas because it allows me to get a nice getaway from busy Vegas and it's a lovely place to relax. The past 4 times I went, I stayed at a Westin property. I stayed at the Hilton twice now, and let's say both times have been an extreme disappointment. **The Room** I booked the 1 Bedroom Suite with a Lake view on their farthest wing from the lobby. It is a VERY long walk but you are rewarded with a gorgeous view of the lake. Besides the view, there isn't much else about this hotel. * While it is clean. The decor is something off of a 70's motel, it's extremely outdated and ugly. * The carpeting is old. * It lacks outlets. The one outlet station they had simply didn't work. * A few light bulbs in the hotel room were out. * The TV (as shown in the picture) doesn't even work, it has these white dots flickering so you can't even watch a TV show on your suite. * You could hear EVERYTHING the people in the room next door was saying, it was incredibly disturbing, they were having just regular conversations but the walls are paper thin. For a 1 Bedroom suite I expected at least ...SOMETHING to justify getting the most exclusive room in the place, nothing to write home about at all. **The Restaurant** Update: You used to get a complimentary buffet as a Diamond member (I'd say it's the least they can do for showing them loyalty). Not here. You get only a discount at their ridiculously overpriced buffet with only a few decent options. They have an omelet station and I asked the chef to simply sauté some veggies in oil for me. He said "No, we have veggies over there" The chef that is hired to make stuff for you couldn't just sauté some veggies for me because they had some veggies out on the buffet. I have never seen this before. I have been on buffets multiple times and for the first time, I was denied a very simple request. Very overpriced for what you get. Not worth it in my opinion. **AMENITIES** There is nothing to do here besides stay by the fire pit they have outside. They don't offer much. Oh and the pool area? Closes before sundown! You need to be out of there by 7PM! It's that pathetic and ridiculous. I have never seen a hotel where the pool area closed this early. Oh so just go to the SPA place you say? Well...yeah...that also closes at 7PM. So as a Diamond member I got a complimentary bottle of water and a chance to go back to my crappy 70's themed side of the road motel room to reflect on my life's choices for wanting to come to this place. **CONCLUSION** I don't think I can ever stay at this Hilton location again, they treat their guests like unwanted bratty kids that came through unannounced. There is nothing compelling me to want to come back. Even as a loyal Hilton member, this hotel does not care at all about their guests and it's rather vivid in their treatment of guests. Will definitely stay in the Westin next time.

Suzette Portillo

Great place for vacation! It is romantic for a couple and it is fun for a family with children. It is also pet friendly so you don't need to leave anyone behind. A lot of fun in the water! live jazz every night and live band concert on Friday nights. Great restaurants, bars and cafes. :)


I've had many problems with Hilton. Our room was not walking distance from the elevator. Usually you go on vacation to relax, but you can't relax when you have to walk down five hallways just to get to your room. We booked a room with two beds. One of the beds had drops of dry blood that I noticed when I lifted up the comforter. The view was absolutely beautiful (picture), but on the terrace was cigarette butts and leftover tobacco from past guests. Most of the stores and restaurants were permanently closed down. The food was mediocre and high priced. We had no idea there was a waterpark. It was not included with the hotel itself - it ALSO being high priced for just an hour experience. One worker was even making fun of a hotel guest for their weight, impersonating the way they walked. The pool looked large in pictures. Do not be fooled. The pool is only 3 1/2 deep and is full with salt water. It is NOT made for swimming. Next to the pool is a bar. Most adults in the pool were either drunk or laying their bottles everywhere. We ended the day by heading to bed at 9 PM. The beds were very firm. We were barely close to the band that was playing outside. You could hear shouting and loud, live music. We could barely sleep, seeing as they stopped playing at 10 PM. The breakfast is not free and most people didn't waste their time on it. We decided to try it, but the selection was small and didn't vary. It was not worth the price. I must say that the people working there are very nice. I would not come again. If you want to stay in Lake Las Vegas, come to The Westin. It's cheaper and worth your time.


I had much higher expectations of this place and was sadly disappointed.This property exudes a sense of luxury...it was originally built as a Ritz Carlton...which eventually closed and now is a Hilton...unfortunately there has been little to no investment in modernizing it and is very dated circa 2000 grandma vibes. Think dark furniture and vases around the property. Totally stuffy and boring. I was also disappointed in the lack of maintenance and cleanliness. Many of the room doors were beat up, there are cobwebs around the exterior lights and stairwells were filthy. The dealbreaker was the resort fee. Many of the amenities closes early (gym) and I couldn't even use them. Resort fees are such a scam and just an excuse for properties to pad their bottom line. Doubtful I'll be back anytime soon.

Juan S.

I had much higher expectations of this place and was sadly disappointed. This property exudes a sense of luxury...it was originally built as a Ritz Carlton...which eventually closed and now is a Hilton...unfortunately there has been little to no investment in modernizing it and is very dated circa 2000 grandma vibes. Think dark furniture and vases around the property. Totally stuffy and boring. I was also disappointed in the lack of maintenance and cleanliness. Many of the room doors were beat up, there are cobwebs around the exterior lights and stairwells were filthy. The dealbreaker was the resort fee. Many of the amenities closes early (gym) and I couldn't even use them. Resort fees are such a scam and just an excuse for properties to pad their bottom line. Doubtful I'll be back anytime soon.

Dan Grimes

We loved our stay here. Staff was super nice and opened doors for us. Literally. and the room was super comfy with a luxurious shower and tub and comfy bed. Highly recommend staying here if you want to get away from the craziness of the strip

Jeff Yang

the resort is elegant and classy. Formally a Ritz Carlton and it’s built to Ritz quality and craftsmanship. If u really observe around the surrounding you can really appreciate the fine details. Sunday brunch can rival any one of the hotel brunch on the strip. Overall it’s amazing value if you don’t mind being 30 minutes away from the strip.

Kevin Love

Good overall experience. Room was clean and a pretty good value. I found it odd that there wasn’t a binder of info in the room with attractions or dining options. It was a good quick getaway for a local.

Trinia Wintz

Hilton Las Vegas is absolutely AMAZING! The lifeguards are so attentive and interactive with our kids. The lagoon is refreshing and a great place to swim. We always come back and highly recommend it here.


The place is beautiful, the rooms are great, and the front desk staff is friendly and helpful. However, the staff members who guests first encounter at the entrance need to be retrained. There are no signs to tell you where to park upon checking in, so we parked in one of the empty spaces in the small lot to the right of the entrance. Immediately, one of the valet parking staff came over and told us to move the car, as these were 'reserved spaces'. When we told him we were checking in, he advised us to pull into the circle in front of the entrance. After doing that, as we were going in to check in, we were told that one of us needed to stay with the car at all times. Or we had to leave the keys with the parking attendants, in case they needed to move the car. None of this was done in a friendly manner, but very matter-of-factly. We got the feeling that the staff didn't care if we stayed there or not, and we were more of a burden to them than anything.This is supposed to be a high-end hotel with excellent customer service. A first impression makes a huge difference. How about the situation being handled in such a manner as: 'I'm so sorry Sir, these spaces are reserved. We don't have a sign posted there yet. Are you checking in? We are happy to have you here as our guests. If you don't mind, could you please pull your vehicle into the front circle? As you check in, I'll be happy to securely hold on to your keys, in case we need to temporarily move your car, although this is probably unlikely.'That would have set a completely different tone for our visit. Unfortunately, that unappreciated feeling stuck with us the entire time. I've been to Hampton Inns with much better service and first impressions.

Erik C.

A nice hotel at a nice price. We normally don't stay way out at Lake Las Vegas, but a last-minute travel requirement on a busy weekend pushed us out that way. I'm not unhappy that it did. The Hilton Lake Las Vegas didn't shine in any particular way, but the lake view was pleasant, the room was fine, service was good, and the price was reasonable. They are stuck with four stars for two reasons: If you have a car, you can wind up doing a LOT of walking. Self-parking is free, but the structure is on one end of a U-shaped building. If you're on the other end of the U... well, you're going to hit your step count. If you're always carrying stuff back and forth to the car, this is annoying. The second reason is that the restaurant had a very... let's just call it a "sparse" menu. Our waiter was clearly a trainee, but wasn't being supervised due to understaffing, and while the kid was trying hard he just didn't know what he was doing. This is management's fault, not his. The Lake Las Vegas Village downstairs would be better described as the Lake Las Vegas Ghost Town. There were a few nice places to eat, and a lot of "for lease" signs. This isn't the hotel's fault (well, I hope not), so I don't count it for or against them - just setting expectations.

Chris Lovato

Once we arrive, the staff was exceptional. Because my wife requires special needs, the staff really accommodated us to a room that was exceptional. We had our grandson with us, and he loved the room and the balcony. So did my wife. We were centered over the courtyard with spectacular views of the lake. I believe we spent more time on the balcony then the room!. My wife loved her time down at the spa. My grandson and I enjoyed the pool. The restaurant was exceptional! Great food and service. Room service was exceptional! Whenever we are in Vegas for the races or golf, we are staying at this resort. Close to Vegas but far enough to really enjoy Nevada.

Sandra C.

Hilton at Lake Las Vegas is a wonderful place to stay. We had 2 queen beds, with a patio balcony off of French doors, which overlooked the plaza area. We had a view of the lake and the beautiful scenery. You have access to pool and gym (of course resort fee). It's a beautiful hotel--inside and outside. The lights with blue decor and the furniture are really nice. The outdoor garden area looks like Versaille, Frances. It's a very short walk to the water, where boats dock, stage with outdoor band plays (at least on Fri and Sat nights), shops and restaurants are right there. You feel like you're in Italy with the water underneath the hotel. Not sure why more vacancies are in the "village" area. Last year, one of the restaurants that we went to is now closed. We saw more "for lease" signs and the casino there is still closed. I agree with the other yelpers who found this hotel elegant and classy.


Stayed to attend a conference held at this hotel.This hotel is located at off Las Vegas, so very calm.If you don't drive, you will find the location is inconvenient.Room is large, but a bit old.Breakfastst is honestly just normal.Staff was nice.

Charles R

HILTON LAKE LAS VEGAS RESORT & SPA1610 LAKE LAS VEGAS PARKWAY, HENDERSON, NEVADA, 89011, USATEL: +1-702-567-4700 FAX: +1-702-567-4618May 10th, 2019After a long feud with, 'SECURITY“ asking why I could not be there as I waited to see if my friend was going to join me for a drink, I began to speak with RACHEL FROM GUEST SERVICES”, She began to talk about this event that was going on that I had no idea of. She then begins to say to me,, “YOU NEED TO UNDERSTAND HOW THAT LOOKS WHEN YOU HAVE A CAMERA AND THEIR ARE A LOT OF GIRLS WALKING AROUND”.. I told her, “ACTUALLY, I DON’T UNDERSTAND WHAT YOU MEAN”. She then says, “COME ON REALLY?, YOU HAVE A CAMERA”. I said to her, “I STILL DON’T KNOW WHAT YOU MEAN BECAUSE MY CAMERA IS OFF, SITTING ON THE TABLE NEXT TO ME WHILE I AM BROWSING ON MY PHONE, SO WHAT ARE YOU INSINUATING BECAUSE THIS IS VERY OFFENSIVE.” Since my review is limited to how many characters, long story short, I was permanently kicked off the property for no reason. I even offered several times to security, henderson police, and Rachel that they are more than welcome to view what I have on my camera. I just wanted to sit and maybe have a drink. I have my footage on my phone that I am going to upload on youtube because it is sick how this whole thing was handled.