Il Chianti

72 W Horizon Ridge Pkwy ste 100, Henderson
(702) 566-1999

Recent Reviews

Sandra L.

Excellent food and customer service. Our first time there this evening and we enjoyed every aspect of our dining experience. We would highly recommend

kimberly b.

Attention to detail. White table cloths, soft music, welcoming hosts make this a fabulous spot for a memorable evening. The menu has 85 items and the restaurant was recognized by Zagat in 2017. Everything the four of us ordered was truly delectable! Owners and chef were over the top professional, knowledgeable and enthusiastic.

Nathan S.

Great place and our servers were very friendly. We made a reservation for a Saturday at 6 and the place was less than half full. By 7:30 the restaurant was filled. Overall the food was very good but the service was painfully slow. Our entrees took so long to come out and the check took awhile too. Would give 5 stars had the service not taken so long. it was a little unacceptable to take that long if we had placed our order far before when the restaurant was busy. Otherwise, great place and would come back on my next visit to the area. Also the website wasn't working through the yelp app for me fyi!

Narcely W.

Arrived with no reservations and we were able to be seated right away, Food was great, service was fantastic. Allow plenty of time. Prices are reasonable, make sure you go with an empty stomach, you certainly will leave with a full stomach. No room for dessert. I would certainly be going back. And tell my friends about this place.

BJ A. walk in the door for the first time.. and know this is going to be a good experience.. ..all the table place-settings & the overall feel of the place.. ..good chef-owned & run restaurants are not as common as they should be.. talent, dedication & LOADS of effort, the major differences.. ..the food lives-up & the prices well-in-line.. ..for an early 3pm meal.. Rose, Chef Rudy & the two of us were the only ones sharing what turned out to be a most enjoyable experience.. ..they're moving soon.. not very far away, to a more in-town location.. ..we'll be sure to follow, as sure all their regulars will too

G K.

1. Calvin, the musician, was the highlight of the evening! 2. Our waitress provided excellent service and was most attentive. THE FOOD: we ordered 6 different dishes, however none of them really were up to par. Considering the cost was $25 PLUS for a plate of pasta, we all expected better. Two people at our table ate 4 bites and were done. One plate was sent back. None of us ate even half of our food. No one asked for the left overs to be taken home either. I know I'm not returning.

Melissa B.

We had a wonderful first experience at this quaint little local spot tonight. We were celebrating my birthday and our 34th wedding anniversary. When we stepped in the door I thought Louis Armstrong was playing on their soundtrack, only to realize ot was live music by a fabulous musician named Calvin. We were seated and immediately warmly welcomed by chef Rudy who was making the rounds. We began looking over an extensive menu of delicious sounding dishes. Our very cordial and knowledgeable waiter Roger came over and told us about some of their specialties and brought us some delicious warm bread with marinara and an oil/balsamic for dipping. This along with the nice bottle of cab started things off right. Everything was delicious! I have lived here in Henderson for 3 years and have been searching for good, authentic.Italian food, which I was raised on as a 2nd generation Italian. Finally my search has Il Chianti. While we ate, Calvin entertained us with a mix of jazz guitar and classic tunes from Nat King Cole, The Four Tops and the man, Louis A., not to mention at least 2 renditions of happy birthday to me! We declined dessert after stuffing our faces, but Roger brought us both tiramsu and 3 scoops of salted caramel gelato that he said was his gift for our bday/anniversary celebration! We came home with boxes of delicious pastas for lunch tomorrow and will definitely be going back very soon to this lovely, welcoming, and delicious Italian restaurant!


The food was okay , the service and chef very friendly. My fiancee ordered veal picatta , the veal resembled already chewed look. We both ordered picatta dishes , not lemony enough and not enough capers . The overall experience was nice

Scott Hensley

Very unexpected and delightful find in Henderson. Delicious and seasoned perfectly, try the rigatoni dish and spaghetti bolognese. Did not try alcoholic beverages this time. Recommend highly.


Do not let the location in a strip mall deter you. This was one of best meals we had in Vegas. The atmosphere was very nice......small, intimate and there was even a guitar player the night we we there. He played quiet, relaxing music so it did not overwhelm the small room. The service throughout the entire meal was excellent, friendly and very professional and the owner stopped by our table several times to say hello and make sure we were enjoying our meal and service. The menu was very diverse and offered many options from pasta to chicken/veal/ fish and salad. The bread was served with an amazing homemade balsamic vinegar. Our party of 4 ordered shrimp alfredo pasta, a seafood vodka pasta, a spaghetti and meatball pasta and a chicken marsala. We also ordered 2 salads to share. All dishes were excellent as I tried them all :) Our bill was around $120 for everything which I felt was very reasonable.

Chan L.

One of our favorite Italian restaurants operated by Chef Rudy and his team of experts: Rose and Roger. Last night's dinner did not disappoint and it was very nice to see that this restaurant still expresses its appreciation for their customers. If you watch Netflix street food documentary, you would understand how hard it is to own and operate a food business. We were totally satisfied from the delicious meals, service, and wine. We ordered the Adobo Nation with Pork Belly and Chicken breast, Carbonara with Eggplant and Chicken parmesan special, Linguini Alla Mediterranea, Chicken Marsala, Famous creamy Creme Brulee, and Cannolis. This place only gets better every time we dine here. Make a reservation because it was busy last night.

Jay C.

I want to start off by saying I really love that this restaurant is locally owned and operated and not a big corporate chain. Nothing particular wrong with chains, but it feels good to support places like this and I wish there were more of them. The staff and the chef seem to really want a great quality restaurant and for diners to be happy with their experience. All that being said, our experience was not a good one and there are serious issues that should be addressed in order for this to be a winning restaurant. -The food: It was not good. We ordered 3 dishes and every one of them were under seasoned, poorly prepared and the quality of the ingredients were. The balance of the ingredients were off. Amounting to food that was not worth the higher price tag. All entrees average between $20 to $25. Which is fine, but at those prices you expect food that is a little more elevated and of a certain quality. One of the dishes was clam pasta and it came out more like clam soup. There was about an inch and a half of clam just in a bowl of pasta. They served it with about a handful of clams in the shell making It too much work to eat the dish and hard to eat the pasta with bits of hard shell in it. It was an absolute disaster, embarrassing and shouldn't have been served. Also, ordered a steak. It took about 10 mins after ordering and the chef himself came out and said they were out of steak that it wasn't delivered as it was supposed to. If that was the case it should have been known at the start of a dinner service and properly communicated to staff and should not have taken that long to notice and allow to reorder. At the end of the day the food had to speak for itself. The restaurant is only as strong as it's tastiest dish. -The waiter: It started as we ordered the food. One person in our party asked to omit a part of the dish. The waiter seemed to be taken back and said "you can omit it, but why would you"? As if it mattered why they wanted to omit it. The waiter insisted, seemed offended and said he would just bring it to the table on the side in case someone else wants to eat it. Okay...but it was strange. Then every time, literally every time he came back to the table he kept bringing it up as to why he insisted on bringing it to the table. It was just too much. He made it such a big deal and it made everyone at the table feel awkward. -The chef: He was very nice and personable. I only know that because he spent 90% of his time in the dining area hugging, kissing cheeks and giving shoulder rubs. We were there about hour and he was out there almost the whole time. It felt uncomfortable and awkward how much time he spent out there greeting people that he may have known as regulars, but I don't know for sure. He also has a very large photo and write up of himself on the wall that see on the left of the front door behind the register. All this was very noticeable because it's about a 10 table restaurant. If he spent more time ensuring the food being served was quality before being sent out and wait staff was prepared and trained to handle common table waiting situations then there wouldn't be such a problem with the food and the experience. The primary focus should be about the food not the person making the food. Otherwise, do you own a restaurant purely for self serving reasons or do you have a restaurant to provide an excellent dining experience worthy of the prices you're asking patrons to pay? If you serve tasty, quality food people will keep coming back. You won't have to worry about shaking hands and kissing babies. Very uncomfortable experience and will never be back again.

Raul Wolley

If you visit this place and try any of their dishes, you will never be able to eat Italian food anywhere else again. I'm. Not. Kidding. From the cheese wheel pasta dish everyone raves about (they aren't exaggerating!) to the beef tortellini to the best eggplant parmesan I ever had, this. place. is. amazing.


On Saturday I was a first-time visitor to iL Chianti Italian Steak and Seafood. It will not be the last. The food was fantastic, the staff was friendly and very attentive and the owner/chef, Rudy Janeo, was a very charismatic man. When a chef takes the time to visit your table at least twice during our dinner we knew he cared. When he spoke to us about his restaurant, his joy of cooking and the pride he has in his business that was made even clearer.. Additionally, he had an excellent guitarist, Calvin Brooks, entertaining.. You will not regret going the iL Chianti but you need reservations regardless what day you go.

Philip Smith

The Chef/Owner is always present in the dining area, visiting his guests. His unique background has led him to create amazing flavors, in what otherwise would be...just Italian food.

Everard Pawlett

From the cheese wheel pasta dish everyone raves about (they aren't exaggerating!) to the beef tortellini to the best eggplant parmesan I ever had, this. place. is. amazing.And, you know something, I'm not even writing this review because of the chef who is absolutely the most kind and friendly person in the restaurant business I've ever met. So, what are you waiting for? AMAZING food (just look at the other reviews) AND the chef has an AMAZING character

Brian Hughes

Outstanding dining experience. Great food, fantastic service, talking with the chef/owner, great wine. A complete and elevated dining experience for modest cost. Well done Chef Rudy.


After two days of frustrating lines, mediocre service, and ridiculous dining prices on the Las Vegas Strip, we gave this place a try after an excursion to the Hoover Dam. The food and service were outstanding. Rudeo Janeo, the owner and chief, even came to the table to ask our opinion. We loved the white table clothes and the soft Italian background music. If we lived here, we would stop by often. Bravo!

Georgiann D.

If you visit this place and try any of their dishes, you will never be able to eat Italian food anywhere else again. I'm. Not. Kidding. From the cheese wheel pasta dish everyone raves about (they aren't exaggerating!) to the beef tortellini to the best eggplant parmesan I ever had, this. place. is. amazing. And, you know something, I'm not even writing this review because of the chef who is absolutely the most kind and friendly person in the restaurant business I've ever met. So, what are you waiting for? AMAZING food (just look at the other reviews) AND the chef has an AMAZING character (he says hello to all tables, and remembers you when you visit again!!!!!). Oh, did I mention they often have live music? This is a whole in the wall restaurant that is THE BEST I'VE EVER HAD. Take it from this UNLV Professor, A+ all the way around from food, service, price, ambiance, and more.


Great food and good service. They were very accommodating tonight for our party having to leave early and box everything up. My pear tortellini was delish as was my wife's chicken piccata and my father in laws sea bass special. I believe our waitresses name was Rose (sorry if I got it wrong) she was very attentive as was the owner/chef and all of their staff. We will definitely be back .

Samantha S.

I am so sad to be writing this review as the main course was actually pretty good. I left and my first comment was how perfect the pasta was. My husband took me here on a date last night. First issue, the music was so loud for the small restaurant. I could hear the music from outside in the parking lot. It was difficult to talk to my husband over what was supposed to be a romantic dinner. Second issue was the rude service.The first service issue was that he was trying to push alcohol on me. I informed him I was pregnant and not interested. Despite me telling him no he considered the alcohol conversation telling me how I probably really wanted some wine. I awkwardly laughed and politely requested water for the second time. Then, my husband and I ordered. I ordered the Gnocchi Con Vodka (no meat) I don't eat meat. The server suggested I add a protein which I told him no thank you. He then continued to try to push a protein on me saying I just had to have sausage on my plate it wouldn't be as good without it. I had to tell him no FOUR times before my husband stepped in and said she said "no thank you". It is pretty disgusting that a male server not respect a female patrons first FOUR denials. It is misogynistic and degrading personally that I had to have my husband tell this guy "No" for him to listen. Third, the service was slow and our waters were empty over 1/2 our meal. Fourth, the dessert we ordered was terrible and not worth the money. I ordered the molten lava cake which says it should be served with raspberry ice cream. The cake came out and it was completely over cooked and had coffee ice cream (I prefer not to consume coffee since I am pregnant and it isn't great for the baby). If you've ever had a molten lava cake you know the inside should be runny (hence the name lava cake) to my disappointment the cake was solid and dry. I normally finish my desert this is one of the only times I didn't even eat half of it. We waited another 20 minutes or so to notify our server we were ready for our check. I let him know how disappointing the desert was. I told him it was served with the wrong ice cream (which I couldn't notify him of because he was absent for most of our meal) he had a snarky remark about how he had no idea what the menu said or what kind of ice cream the dish should be served with. I was extremely upset with the less than respectful service. I wouldn't go back even if though the main course was pretty good. I don't support establishments where I am not respected. Update: I have heard back from the Chef. He was extremely kind and apologetic for this visit. I appreciate that greatly!

Noel K.

Great food and great service. 1st time going to this place. Since my husband and I were busy last week for Father's Day we decided to celebrate today.

Stefanie Lawless

Man...don't let the outside deceive you, this place was amazing!! The food is so spectacular! You must try the cheese pasta! Great staff! Will definitely return!!!

Rowena C.

The smell and tast of the food speaks for itself. There are no words that can explain this type of perfection with the food and service. Chef Rudy always greets his guests and makes sure your food is perfect for your taste buds. Rosie and Roger are my 2 favorite managers and servers from a former restaurant they are loving and attentive. Love you and see you soon!! Rowena C.

Michelle L.

Yummmmmm best Italian food in town and the live music is a major bonus! We absolutely love bringing the whole family here!

Ben H.

Chef Rudy and his team at Il Chianti are amazing. We booked a large dinner for a special family occasion and they took great care of us. He would check in via text message beforehand and make sure that everything was prepared. The food! What can I say - it is simply amazing! From the appetizers (try the mushroom and dates adobo) to the main dishes (lamb chops or any of the kinds of pasta). The food is simply delightful. The restaurant is small and unassuming from the outside, located in a strip mall. Don't let that dissuade you from trying it. It will definitely be worth the visit! (Pro tip: they have live music starting at 6 pm on the weekends (maybe other days too?) and it makes it a great atmosphere)

Tracy Geoffroy

Great food, service, music, and Chef! The French onion soup is the best you will ever have! The fettuccine is like no other! We have gone a few times and never been disappointed.

Jennie Marie B.

Ditch the celebrity chef restaurants in Vegas and take an Uber to this Authentic Italian Restaurant in Henderson. The Mushroom and Date Adobo appetizer was beyond amazing, the flavors are beyond words. The French Onion soup was rich and divine. Lobster Ravioli with Blackened Shrimp was heavenly. Chef Rudy stopped by to greet us and sat down several times to chat and tell us his personal journey.

Derrell R.

This has become one of my favorite places to eat! Came on a recommendation from friends and I may be naming my next dog after them. Most recent visit was to celebrate our birthdays and college graduations. We couldn't have picked a better spot!!!

Matt Cunanan

This was are 1st time. This place was absolutely amazing. The staff was extremely friendly. The owner chef came out and introduced him self. It's family friendly. They had a great live performer in there. Definitely reccomend it. We will be back

Chuck Davis

Web site shows opens at 11 am. It doesn't. It opens at 12. Have 1 hour for lunch. Went to the Thai restaurant 2 doors down. Had the best service and best thai food ever.

Nancy O

My husband & I thoroughly enjoyed speding Valentine's Day at Chef Rudy's Zagat rated fine dining Italian restaurant! BTW, Il Chianti is a 2019 Certificate of Excellence Winner! My husband had a deliciously prepared steak dinner while I picked my all time favorite, the fabulously delectable eggplant Sicilliana. We began with an exquisite fried calamari appetizer! We also included a carafe of a delightful California wine to complete our wonderfully romantic dinner while a guitarist set a divine mood for the dinners! Chef Rudy personally visited all the dinners and made all of us feel welcomed and appreciated. Yes, this dinning experience is on the pricey side, but so extra meaningful for those cherished special events. Bon appetit!

Susy clark

Wonderful! The staff was superb. The food was amazing. Kelvin, the live entertainment, was phenomenal. I would go back just to see him. Thank you for making the rehearsal dinner so memorable.

Chris B.

The food, atmosphere, wine and chef was amazing. I want to go back tonight. Loved being there and felt at home. This place is better than anywhere on strip or off. Thanks for the wine tasting. Five stars.


Amazing experience at this restaurant. The chef is amazing and their staff make you feel at home. Whether its date nite or a business event, this is an absolute gem of a place.

Shari D.

Very nice owner. Food is well made and delicious A little more expensive if you are bringing a family. The only reason I give it four stars has to do with the comfort of the seating. I know this sounds silly but with how pretty the tables are set the tables are not sturdy and the seats are small making the meal a little anxious. The whole meal you are being careful to not knock over anything.

Sin K.

We used to come here like twice a week at least when we were staying in Henderson. Definitely one of the best Italian restaurants in town. Chef Rudy and manager, Rosemarie, are extremely warm and hospitable and make everyone feel like they are at home. The food is all wonderful. My husbands favorite are the lamb chops with mine being the eggplant Siciliana. (I'm vegetarian) The complimentary garlic bread is delicious and addicting! We hope to make it back in some time soon although it is pretty far for us now. What are the chances of Chef Rudy opening another location in the Southwest? Hmm....

Niki N.

Such a perfect place to celebrate any special occasion or any reason to just eat some gooood Italian food. We came for my boyfriends birthday during the week. Made a reservation and glad I did cause there was a huge party also there that night. Everything we ordered was delicious... starting from drinks all the way to dessert! First off, we started with chef roger's famous sangria. White & red were available. we got the red and it was a delicious start to our carb loaded meal! Appetizers... we got fried calamari & onions and bruschetta. And of course complimentary bread & sauce. The calamari and onions were cooked perfectly and not too oily. The bruschetta was sooo good, lots of flavor jam packed onto one piece of bread. For the main dish I got the chef special which included carbonara, chicken parm, and eggplant Sicilian. The carbonara was prepared in the cheese wheel and omg..... HEAVENNN. The heated cheese gives the pasta a Smokey flavor and adds more cheese to the dish. Who said you can never have enough cheese?! This was probably my favorite part of the dish, along with the eggplant. My boyfriend got the seafood pan roast with risotto. It was rich and creamy, kept you wanting to eat more! For dessert, we got the affogato. Basically fresh brewed coffee over ice cream. Mmmmmm! we definitely needed a pick me up after alll that food. Service was awesome, I really felt like we were eating at a family dinner instead of in a restaurant. I deduct one star only because they didn't have steak that my boyfriend wanted for his birthday dinner. Other than that... we'll definitely be back!!


Friends took us to this neighborhood gem. We started off with the owner Chef stopping at our table to say hello.The food was fabulous. The portions are large and all were delicious. We love Italian cooking and this place goes on top of our list. Small restaurant with table cloths and a guitar player singer in the background. It is better than the normal strip high end restaurant. It will become a regular for us. We split a salad and each had an entree. 2 couples and 4 different choices and everyone raved with each dish. Do not let the low prices fool you as this is a real winner. Gluten free options available.

Jodi Acosta

My 3rd visit there. Food is delicious! Waitress very loud and unprofessional. Sat outside...lovely day! Ambiance inside lacks warmth. Lights way too bright. Don't care for loud exhibition kitchen. Food is delicious though!!