Luna Rossa

10 Via Bel Canto, Henderson
(702) 568-9921

Recent Reviews


Walking around in the Village we smelled tomato sauce. So we started craving Italian. And there it was. Excellent food and great service. Pasta is made in house.

Apple S.

Romantic and beautiful restaurant. Staff does a great job. The food is mediocre yet pricy. We had the calamari which were decent. I had the lobster ravioli which was good but I expected more filling also I had several empty ones. It was good but not blowing me away which it should for this plate at $29. What really bothered me is that they offer a $15 discount with Yelp check in on a bill over $50 and the server could not give it because "the manager was not present". DO NOT OFFER A DISCOUNT IF NOT WILLING TO GIVE IT, that's in my opinion terrible customer service and was a kind of a low of the evening.


We go out of our way to enjoy their great food and service. Their lasagna is awesome! Their wine suggestions have always been awesome and well suited to the food and not based on price! Their deserts are amazing!

G B.

Great food and atmosphere. Awesome waiters most delicious food! Food is fresh and authentic italiano

Rob And Paula R.

This place is Amazing! The food is delicious and the atmosphere cannot be beat the music the service is all wonderful. We got here walk right in and I was seated right away the food came out very quickly and they were extremely attentive to all our needs, and dessert was amazing! You got to try this place

Linda A.

So my husband and I have dined at this restaurant a handful of times over the past few years. We had our fifth meal here last evening with Giovanni and it was perfection as usual. Based on the reviews, you'd think this place is awful. But we've never ever had a bad experience here so I feel it's only fair to share our experience. I certainly don't want to discount others reviews but we've just never had a bad meal here. Service is always on point. Servers are so kind and funny and we are always in a good mood chatting laughing with them. My husband always gets the homemade short rib pasta with Alfredo sauce. I usually go for the salmon with aged balsamic vinegar. I also had a white win and my husband had a gin and tonic. Everything is absolutely delicious. The restaurant is romantic and the views of the lake, you just can't beat 'em. Yes. It is a bit pricey which I can understand is a turn off for many people but I think you're also paying a bit of a premium for the setting. Parking can be a pain (and small) so that is one other con. Last night was phenomenal, we had the best chat with Giovanni about my husbands Italian roots and we joked and laughed all evening long. Even the food runner was making jokes with us when he brought out dishes out. We checked in via yelp and took advantage of a $15 off $50 check. If you use this, I would really encourage you to tip based on the total prior to the discount. We live closer to this restaurant now so we'll be back soon. Thank you to the staff here for always making us feel welcome.


Luna Rossa was great....the service good, food quality even better. We found there was something for pretty much anyone on the menu and a great wine list to accompany that food! We would return in a heartbeat.

Mimi J.

If I could have separated the food, prices, and service, this review would be so much easier. My in laws, brother in law, his girlfriend my husband and I all went to this Resturant last night. Called and made reservations. Ok so when I called the lady on the other line took our information and then said goodbye. I said wait a minute not so fast can I verify time name and phone number one more time. I would give that a 2. Before I made this reservation I looked at the menu on line. Either I made a mistake or it wasn't the same prices I saw in line. The menu we received on line prices were vastly different. Much more expensive when we sat down. Maybe because it was a holiday it was different than the website. And looking again I see the menu and not the prices. Remember it could be all me. I give it a 1. We only went in there for wine and appetizers. I asked the waiter for a glass of dry house white wine. House was 15$ a glass. No thank you. Was it good yes but as a self proclaimed wine snob. It wasn't ok. Mind you this place serves pizza as well as self proclaimed fine dinning. Not happy. Waiter comes I ask him if we can separate the bill. He says no we can't separate the bill. Really how hard is it to separate a bill for a table of 6. ZERO. The server come by although I thought it was ok he was Italian. So I can say nothing negative about him. He was excellent. Except for the separating the bill. However, I think he spoke with us for 4 minutes on the "Specials". And that's ok but after a while with his accent and waiting for him to finish I think I could just read it off the menu faster. We all ordered something small one drink each. I ordered Melanzane Alla Parmigiana. Eggplant with Mozzarella and tomato sauce. $18 for this very thinly sliced eggplant (which was not all way baked) loaded with cheese and tomato sauce. I love eggplant, although not all the way cooked i liked it. My husband ordered Penne al Salamone Affumicato. It was very tasty. Creamy sauce smoked salmon mixed in with peas. Not so sure i would have added peas maybe something else that was green. 24$. I would say it definitely lacked in salmon maybe had the flavor and a small bit of salmon. Give me some fish people. Not just the flavor. My father in law ordered calamari. We all received our food and they brought it to him after we all finished our meal. He returned it to the kitchen. Our bill with one glass of wine each and 2 dinners 3 appetizers came to 174$ with tip. Ya no. If you order dinner for 25-30$ a plate bring me salad or soup to compliment my meal. I guess my gripe is too entirely expensive. Food was average no big wow factor and the service was mid range. There was a young family next to us with 4 young boys mom and dad and I looked over at the pizza and it was a bit sad looking. And the kids were not eating it. If you have pizza and kids are not eating it something is wrong. Presentation of food was beautiful. Everything was clean but it was a tiny place crammed with a lot of tables. Which I understand. Would I go again? No, would I go and drink wine? Maybe a glass or 2. Will I take friends there to eat no there are so many better places for that price. I will stick with the other places around there. I am glad I tried it.

Katie Elliott

Excellent service, food was delicious. Recommendations Sangria, Strawberry Tiramisu.

Rusty Shackelford

Decent food, high prices, HORRIBLE service from RUDE server. Would not recommend.


My Wife and I had dinner at the Luna Rossa with our cousins and had one hell of a meal.. Service was excellent and our meals were great. . Highly recommended and must go to at Lake Las Vegas

rich carbone

If you told me I was going to get an authentic Italian meal in Henderson outside the Hilton and near the lake, I would say, "Yea right". But with prices of the adjacent restaurant being through the roof, I said let's give it a try. Appetizers were delicious with a decent wine list to pair. Lobster ravioli with shrimp in vodka sauce, superb! Calamari with angel hair pasta and a garlic basil tomato sauce, cooked to perfection. Great Italian taste. Our waiter was from my hometown Brooklyn, NY. Genuinely a terrific guy he told us some amusing stories. So... great staff, an impressive meal, and all around good experience. If you're in the mood for Italian this is this the place to eat.

Samantha Fenner

This restaurant was amazing! Great food! Great service. An amazing view of the lake. This place and Lake Las Vegas are a hidden gem!!

Carlos Perez

The staff was incredible and authentic. The atmosphere was very relaxing and tranquil. I LOVE everything about this and more.

Norberto Becerra

We had a really good experience we will try again next time we are there

Tim B.

I'm so impressed. Super classy place without being stuffy. The head waiter comes off like the proprietor and he is great. Live music and great wine. Food was fabulous.

Heather Burkholder-Wilkinson

Amazing food! We had pizza and the mushroom risotto .... I wish I couldâ??ve brought some home on the plane

Melissa R.

Amazing service. Our server was very knowledgeable about the menu, I've been here several times before and I only wish it were closer so I could come more often. Awesome deserts as well! I had coconut sorbet, it was delicious and the presentation was lovely.

Janice N

Our club had its monthly social get-together this last weekend at Luna Rossa. Usually we have one or more of our club members that are not very satisfied. But this month, everyone was raving about the service and especially the food. Since we were a big group, we had a pre-set menu that was served family style, and every dish was fabulous. Served at the perfect temperature, good portion sizes and every so fresh and good. The servers were attentive and oh so gracious. For the first time, we had members that were suggesting that we come here again! Can't wait to do that!

Amy M.

We live at lake Las Vegas and eat here all the time. So when it came time for our rehearsal dinner we wanted to have it here. The waiter (that waited on us many times) attacked me for asking for reservations on July 5, the day that Lake Las Vegas celebrates 4th of July. He said I can leave my number for the manager but she will rip it up as he ripped up a piece of paper in front of my face and told me not to come back again. I have never been treated like this as a customer and I think it is really sad to think he treats others like this that visit Lake Las Vegas. Today when we were hungry and probably would have went here for lunch, we drove into Henderson as we will not be returning and will advise others to do the same.


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This is an amazing authentic Italian restaurant. AMAZING service and food was fantastic. I 100% recommended.

Geris P.

This restaurant has really good food. They first gave me good vibes when I asked if they allowed dogs in the patio and they said yes. The employee who helped us was super nice!!! He even offered randy some water (our dog) I ordered the spinach ricotta ravioli and it was amazing!!!! Not alot of salt (which is rare in some restaurants) I am definitely going back and I recommend it. The pizza was so good and if it's not too hot outside ask for patio seating for a pretty view of the lake.

Mylinda L Miller

Stopped in for a light snack and sangrias. Bartender and staff were very friendly and service was exceptional despite being very busy, we were well attended to! Sangrias were made with fresh fruit, and tasted terrific!


The food was amazing. I had the lobster ravioli in vodka sauce and my husband had the calamari in red sauce. The staff were fabulous and the atmosphere was perfect. We will certainly return!

Krista Whitley

Exceptional service with authentic Italian food. Our first experience was for our daughterâ??s 10th birthday after an hour of fun at the Aqua Park. We had a reservation for 14 people and ended up being a group of 23, which they handled with grace and class for a Saturday at noon. We brought our own birthday cake from Costco and they did a wonderful job accommodating a dozen children (including one crying baby) while making Miaâ??s birthday truly special. Highly recommend for events, large groups, or if you appreciate authentic Italian.


The food was amazing. I had the lobster ravioli in vodka sauce and my husband had the calamari in red sauce. The staff were fabulous and the atmosphere was perfect. We will certainly return!

Gaby D.

Our favorite stop whenever we come to the lake! So delicious and beautiful. Must try the eggplant parmesan, the tortalacci, the veal with truffles and well pretty much everything else.

nefer pro

Excellent place, very good service we loved the food. Nice place for you and your family

Aline L.

Have been here in the past and was left quite bitter by the place, last weekend i ended up with my family at the lake so we decided to give it another shot. Rafael greeted us and help us choose our apetizer we ended up ordering the burada and the italian frito mix. My husband got the tortelaci and i've got the seabass special that he cleaned perfectly while my boys a spaggetti meatball. Rafael was sublime in everything. So great food, great location and an amazing server to whom we gladly left a 25% tip

Sara H.

My boyfriend and I go to Lake Las Vegas quite often for dinner. We end up doing the same thing every time... first we walk around and the look at all the different menus of each restaurant. Then in the end we always decide to go to Luna Rossa. The service and food there are always consistently good. The view from the patio is of the lake and very beautiful. The service has MUCH gotten better through the years & is now A+. . I definitely recommend Luna Rossa for a nice date night or family dinner. They sell to go pizzas at the bar as well.

Nick Leonidas

Fantastic service, just told the waiter to give me the best theyâ??ve got an he looked after me.

Jim W.

So I feel like a regular here! My girlfriend and I really like the food, the outdoor seating is very comfortable and offers a great view of the lake, and the servers are excellent! It's a little pricey. For instance, a dinner item ranges from $21 to $35. Wine costs about $10 a glass! They offer true authentic dishes in my opinion. I can't speak for my girlfriend though. You can enjoy live music on the weekends! If you're in the mood for more wine, there's a wine bar just steps away! I know we'll be back, because we're always there!

John I.

Here we go. If you are in the Henderson/Las Vegas area, you owe it to your taste buds to go to Luna Rossa. We just had THE MOST AMAZING filet and lobster!!! MELT IN YOUR MOUTH!! We are going back tomorrow evening and try some of the pasta. Javier, our waiter, was friendly and knowledgeable. I don't know who the chef is but I will find out tomorrow and shake his hand. Update: Next evening. Lobster shrimp in peppardele and AMAZING SAUCE.

Rita H.

Superb. Excellent service, absolutely delicious food. The lasagne was excellent as was the lobster ravioli. Nice location, good service. I would highly recommend this restaurant.


Located in the middle of the Village in Lake Las Vegas, this is pretty much the only full restaurant other than some pub/grills and one very chic cafe. The food and service were absolutely excellent! It is a bit pricey; figure on close to $100 for a dinner for two (one shared salad, two entrees, one shared desert, and sparkling water). Worth it? If you enjoy good Italian, then YES. It was one of the best Italian meals that we have had in Vegas. But $100 is not cheap eats; so unless you are on a corp expense account, save it for a special occasion.

Andres B.

Terrible service and the food doesn't taste good & No flavor !! I don't think the management from this place was present tonight

Desiree Debien-Garnica

Location was great and easy to find from the parking garage. Delicious food and wonderful service.

Jane C.

The one star is for service as the food was magnificent! When we asked for bread our waiter Aldo replied " if I were a bus boy you would have bread by now". He never told us about specials or asked if we wanted wine. We did order wine but he never asked if we wanted a second glass. Never asked if we desired dessert or coffee. The icing on the cake is when my friend asked for change he THREW the money at her. We asked the hostess if we could speak with the manager but were advised " sorry we are too busy right now". All I have to say is wow!

Mario Hernandez

This place is expensive for the quality of food received. Great and fast customer service.The food was okay. The salad was good but the lasagna and chicken parmesan lacked flavor. Also the lasagna tasted as if it was microwaved.