Mas Takos

4425 E Sunset Rd, Henderson
(702) 780-8100

Recent Reviews

Daniel Lee Osborne

Was out getting car fixed, wife and I wanted food walked around a little seen Del Taco but seen Mas Takos wanted Mexican food and I order the Al Pastor burrito Mexican style no beans and gotta say it was boom hands down, it was so good finished it in 10 min.. Great job will be back..

Toya O

So so good! Think it's our new fave spot! On point when they say authentic mexican food yum.

Kerwin Sands

I was going to swing through Del Taco when I noticed Mas Takos next to it. I was very satisfied with my experience. The staff were friendly and accommodating, the price was exactly what I wanted to pay, and the food was beyond delicious. Their street tacos are the best I've had in a very long time. I will be stopping by here anytime I'm in Green Valley.

The Way 6.

It's ight. Bomb ass tacos but nothing too special kinda skimp on the meat for their carne asada nachos/fries but this was my first time. Will update on my 2nd run if it was just this one time.

Alicia Vera-Brillon

This place is awesome! Stopped by on our way to another place and glad we did! The food was delicious and the customer service was excellent.

Eva B.

I didn't like the food at all. Very low quality food , meat especially. No flavor either. I don't know how they will last much longer serving such low quality food? I gave them a try because they are a few minutes away from my house. I will not return.

Isai Barboza

This place is awesome! Everything is affordable and very delicious. Whenever I find myself craving authentic street tacos or tortas, I head over to mas takos. Very friendly staff and the establishment is clean and well taken cared of. They also offer delivery from from those food delivery services which is also nice if you can’t drive here. It’s definitely worth checking out!!!

Noe Chavez

Very good first time there and will come back the cashier and stuff were really friendly and nice ..

Joanne P.

Fresh food, great taste and good price. What more could you ask for! The chorizo tacos are amazing!! The chips taste super fresh and each time we have gone the place is clean. We will eat there again and again.

Stuart Hembree Sutton

This place is amazing! Seriously they should charge double. All of their tacos are excellent but the fish tacos are the best I’ve ever had

Jed Topham

Great street tacos and fair prices. Food is fresh, I will be back.

Sherry March

Food is delicious and very friendly service! Great food at a great price!

Lucia Dupard

The best Mexican food I had on Las Vegas. Flavorful, perfect beans, and the tacos are awesome!!!

Cety T

Fast and good service. Delicious food. Try fish tacos, my favorites, also burritos and other kind of tacos. They have aguas frescas, horchata, sodas, and flan.

Gene S.

You might want to check that there are two Yelp pages for MasTakos. This one, and one spelled with no space. I gave a 5-star review on the other one, too.

Diana M.

Authentic Mexican taste for sure, if you're gonna have Mexican fast food, this is the place you need to go, everything I've had is so for delicious. It's super nice that they have fresh tamarind water too!

Tracy K.

This was my first time here and I will definitely go back! I had the chiquiles with two eggs, my wife had a burrito and my sister had three Carnitas tacos with a side of rice. The food was fresh and delicious. The staff is friendly. The side bar with salsas, freshly sliced radishes, and jalapeños with carrots was perfect. The prices were fair and the portions were large.

Jessica Cardenas

Amazing food and great prices. Very comfortable place. Clean and very friendly staff. Horchata is made fresh and they keep it refrigerated. They speak English and Spanish and the service is quick but great quality.

Keena Tolentino

Authentic, flavorful Mexican food. Their fish tacos are amazing- great sauce and very well-cooked fish. Love that they double tortilla the tacos as well. Delicious Horchata on top of it. Will definitely come back again!

Speeding in progress

One of the better Mexican restaurants I've been to lately. Love the flavor of the food. Really good highly recommend.

Robert Keraly

Food was pretty good. Had the 3 taco combo. Came with rice and beans for 9.95 because I got asada,pastor and carnitas. A little high for 3 street tacos. But it was good and we will try something else on the menu next time.

Desiree D.

I don't know how this place isn't packed all the time because it's one of my favorite places...I love their carne asada quesadilla, the gringo, rice...want to try the potato taquitos...maybe next time;)

Alexa G.

I love this place! I'm so glad it's opened up as a Mexican food restaurant again. Their menu is small, and I've tried a lot of the stuff on there and haven't been disappointed. I come here for 99¢ chicken tacos any day over any other fast food joint.

Robert J.

This was a spontaneous/on-the-fly visit and we were definitely not expecting the quality of food we received - not to say our expectations were low, but man. Mastákos blew it out of the water! My girlfriend gets her usual: taquitos w/ guacamole, sour cream, and pico de gallo for a little under $6. I got the carne asada fries, but I was not expecting steak fries! In total, we paid $20 flat. Our hunger was satiated, we were comfortable with the service and environment, and they had free wifi (always a plus)! All-in-all, this is a must-try. Don't go down the street to Roberto's because this place actually cares about the taste and quality of their food! And if you like it that much, the place caters large-scale events! ¡Graciás, Mastákos!

Nadine K.

This was our first time trying this place. Past by it many times driving on sunset. Didn't have that many people inside but the environment looked and felt interesting. Anyways, my boyfriend went up to the counter to grab a to go menu while I looked at the menu behind the counter. Everything looked and sounded yummy. I mean it was your typical Mexican items that you would find at robertos or anywhere else. Burritos, Quesadilla, tacos, etc. The only difference with this one, compared to others we tried, it was more fresh looking and tasting. I had the 3 tacos (chicken, carne and fish) which had diced onion and cilantro on top. For the fish taco tho had a sauce that was a a little on the spicy side but made the fish taco more delicious. It came with chips on the side, along with that I ordered a side of rice. My bf has a burrito which came with your usual works, although he ordered no guacamole or sour cream. And I believe he ordered carne as the meat. Which also came with some chips on the side. And last he tried the chicken quesadilla. He said it was good jus wish had more chicken. And he's not a fan of the small tacos. Lol Overall, I think this experience was good. The food was good, the customer service was great, the lady had answered any questioned we had. We would definitely go back again!

Kim L.

The BEST 99 cent tacos in Vegas. Great portion, great grilled chicken. Yum yum yum. Must try and my favorite place for chicken tacos. The carne asada is also really good

Alyson O'Hara

I absolutely love this place! Everything is amazing! Their asada is so lean and well seasoned! Not even in the same category as Robertos because it's way better and more fresh!

Elise Leonard

Loved the open salsa bar. Large portions for cheap prices. Friendly staff

Tim R.

This place is great. And I mean really really good. The carnitas is wow, The Carne Asada as well. The Al Pastor is wow wow. Same with the fish taco. All three of their sauces are amazing. The middle one though is extraordinary. I don't use the word extraordinary very much. The rice and beans is average, guacamole is better than average. but I got to tell you the real winner here is the Carnitas. It is just so good. Perfect! Talking to the friendly waitress today I learned they've only been in business for three months, well they already have a steady customer in me! You can't beat this place and you won't be sorry you ate here.

Alyson Wall

I absolutely love this place! Everything is amazing! Their asada is so lean and well seasoned! Not even in the same category as Robertos because it's way better and more fresh!

R R.

Found this great place!!! We loved it. Food here was amazing. Service was excellent. Prices were very affordable we will definitely be coming here again. Parking was easy too. No doubt 5 stars!!

Lucas C

Their food is great 5 stars, service not always. If I’m asking for hot sauce it’s because you have good sauce & if you’re going to skimp/not give any multiple times you end up driving away business (mine in particular). You want your customers to love your sauce it’s what keeps them coming back & if you need to cut corners do it elsewhere maybe or charge a dime for each extras sauce.

Nikita Kapoor

Great chicken taquitos! Could use a little more seasoning in the beans and rice. Also the horchata is good but needs to be strained a little.

Joe A


Jonae C.

This location has been so many different restaurants that I have been afraid to check any of them out but this time my coworker was like just try it it is not too bad. We went yesterday for lunch. I was disappointed when I didn't see enchiladas on the menu. So I went with the The Mexicano Burrito with carne asada and had it made enchilada style (I got the red sauce) and a large horchata. It came with chips (which were also drenched in the enchilada sauce), pico, lettuce, sour cream, and gucamole on the outside and the inside was filled with spanish rice, pinto beans, cheese, and meat of choice. The Horchata was my favorite part of the meal. You can tell it is made in house and not with powders or whatever other places use. The burrito was okay. The meat was chopped extremely small and lacked flavor. I did grab some salsa on the side to try it out. The green salsa was my favorite. It had a nice lemon taste to it. The other 2 were red in color. One had a smoky taste and the other tasted bland, like it needed salt. Wish I grabbed more of the green salsa so I could pour over my burrito. I do like squeezing lemon/lime on my food as I eat it but they didn't have any at the salsa bar like most mexican restaurants do and I didn't think to ask if they had any available. Overall, don't know if I will be back. Maybe to try the tacos and of course grab a large cup of Horchata. The price was reasonable for the amount of food you get. (I ate half at lunch and the rest when I got home from work)

Maritza F.

Always find it difficult to find an authentic mexican taste in vegas. I ordered an horchata and potato taquitos and i was taken by surprise!! Everything from the lettuce, tomato, sauces was fresh and delicious. the horchata is fresh horchata made from scratch, not too many mexican food places provide this. I definitely recommend giving it a try!! great pricing to

Missy B.

Tried this place for the first time. Got the Carne Asada Nachos. They were so good! Good flavor. Crispy chips and actual guacamole...not that pre-made junk!

Renee Buccat

We ate there for the first time yesterday and it was so good and authentic. We went back again today! Delicious food!

Nelson G.

Great food fun music and it's close to everything! I will be back here often! I had the chicken taquitos which were delicious! The food came out quickly and the servers were so nice!

Melissa R.

I don't know where these people are eating but yuck! Dry carne Asada tacos couldn't even eat them! Fish tacos had a black long hair in them. Potatoe taquitos were the only "decent" thing. Al pastor gross no pineapple not even al pastor sauce etc. thumbs down don't go to this place!!