Rusty Putter Lounge

891 DeMarco Dr, Henderson
(702) 568-1906

Recent Reviews

Jonathan Santibanez

I don't think anyone knows this place is open. It closed after the 2008 bust but it making a come back. The owners wants this local business to grow from the Cadence community. Lexi, the bartender, is a sweetheart and Nick, the cook, makes amazing food. Love a mac and cheese bite :) friendly service and great environment. Come check it out for the local support. Watching our local Golden Knights!!!

Sherry Dinnis

Nice place. Great pizza... one small problem, I has a small piece of glass on my drink , I only found it because it got in my mouth ...other then that , nice place

Timothy Treffinger

Had the pleasure of seeing the Sin City Sinners at this establishment. Great live music, good food, and reasonably priced drinks make this a great place to see a show.

Amy Thomason

New owner. Menu items changed suddenly. One of their best bartenders who was there for over 2 years all of a sudden is no longer there. Don't think they understand their marketplace. Families with children will not come there for pizza, which was their reasoning for adding pizza.

Chip W.

Had a fry at the bottom of our Nachos. The burgers were overcooked and the buns burnt. A couple of other interesting things to tell about. To see the full review follow this link:

Peter Barajas Sr

Great venue reasonable priced drink and food specials and friendly staff. Fun place to kick with friends..

Elina Amaro


Nicole B.

Its a fun night to listen to Sin City Sinners. Beef tacos are just YUM! Pizzas $10, Staff pleasant friendly. Good prices. Didn't like margarita, the actual drink was too salty, had to give it back and asked for wine- minor issue but go have fun. Great yummy decent food!

Lynda Simpson

1st time there and we were impressed. Bartenders were on it with the drinks, ordered pizza which was amazing. Definitely going back for the live entertainment ð???

Barbie Nelson

Great new place to hang out and have some fun!

Raquel C.

Great music, great food and excellent service. karaoke nights are awesome! Love these beautiful women

Paul Nestor

Rusty Putter? They should change the name to "Rusty Old Hags"!! If you're looking for a bar with pretty bartenders to look at this is definitely NOT the place to be! I would've leave at least 3 stars if at least the cocktail drinks were good, but they don't even know how to make a drink! Plus the bartender had an attitude and doesn't have a clue on how to treat customers. Plus the place smells really bad. Yuck

Ronald Hadlock

All i can say is DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY AND TIME in going to that place. Those people has NO knowledge on how to run a business. I will NEVER go back.


What a horrible experience! The women working there act like they are there as customers and totally ignore the fact that they have customers sitting at the tables and their bar! How do these people have jobs???? Unbelievable!!! Never going back, that's for sure. 1 star rating is too much for that rat hole, they want to compete with Vampd's but they don't even measure up! Smh.

Ron L.

The chicken street tacos were fantastic and reasonably priced. Try the fried pickles. The best I've had in a long while. Came during the day so I don't know how the nightlife is but they have a lot of things going including live music on the weekend. I'll be back.

Scrotchy H.

I can't stand the smell in the place, as mentioned in other reviews, who the heck is cooking/waiting/bartendering ALL at once? Waitress told cook had to leave to go to the store? Plus it was exposed on DIRTY DINING!

Tigi I.

Don't even waste your time and money in that place. Not a way to run a business, food is so and so. But the employees needs training in customer service!

May C.

Karaoke twice a week. I wish the KJ knew more about sound. It is not very complimentary to the singer. He's nice, lots of songs, great stage and lighting but the sound is flat and the mic is so low that soft voiced singers have to scream. A good KJ tries to make everyone sound like a star.... well it's amazing what a little tweaking makes . Nice place for the lake Las Vegas crowd.

Nestor P.

Rusty Putter? They should change the name to "Rusty Old Hags"!! If you're looking for a bar with pretty bartenders to look at this is definitely NOT the place to be! I would've leave at least 3 stars if at least the cocktail drinks were good, but they don't even know how to make a drink! Plus the bartender had an attitude and doesn't have a clue on how to treat customers. Plus the place smells really bad. Yuck

Robert L.

Well. What can I say about Rusty Putter. It's cool if your not looking to meet a young lady. It's typically older people. If you don't like smoke. Don't go there. Seems everyone from the Rusty Putter to across the street at Mountain side ALL smoke. I guess that's the thing to do here. Drinks are good at the putter. Bartenders are cool. But I do have one big concern. I wish the cooks looked more professional. None of them wear hair nets or a uniform/ chef coat something other than a worn out faded Metallica tshirt would be nice. I watched a guy empty the trash behind the bar. Then minutes later, he was in the kitchen ready to cook! Not sure if he washed his hands, but just his appearance made me not want to order food. I'll stick to a quick drink. Becuz I do need to breath. And I'm talking clean fresh air not smoke!!! They need a Ventilation system for us that want to live!!!

Gregory Hicks

Whoever is running this business doesn't know anything at all about the food/bar industry! I was there for the second time (and my last time!) last Friday night and the experience was a total nightmare, from the food quality to the drinks and worst of all the bartender and waitress incompetence!! The stage sound for the band was horrendous! And the place reached about 85 degrees+ inside. Everything looks unorganized and out of place. I will definitely wont be going back neither recommend this place to any of my friends

Mark Johnson

I went last night to see Forget to Remember band, but the place stunk and the staff and customers were old, senior citizens, or shady people. Food was terrible! And the water had a weird taste! I went there for the band, but if they play there again im definitely won't be back!

A Day In The Life

I really hate to leave a negative review for a local business because I really think they deserve success.

John Z.

I am rating the sound system for the live music. It is terrible. I have seen 1111 countless times. This place was just bad. It did not due the band justice.

Michael P.

I really hate to leave a negative review for a local business because I really think they deserve success. But dang, this place is run so poorly! We went there to see a local band. We tried to sit in a booth then this guy kept getting up and blocking our view, then we realized it was the bands soundman. Ok fine, we will move. I saw a couple get from a table so we will sit there once the table is cleaned. 10 mins goes by, no one cleans it. We sat at the bar and waited until it was cleaned. Someone finally cleared the dirty dishes but didn't clean it. We were clearly waiting for the table when some people walked in and also wanted the table. I politely told them we were waiting for the table. Then this woman who I understand is one of the owners says "Did you put a reservation on the table" I told her no, we were waiting for someone to wipe it clean. In the mean time, there were two tables pushed together to make an 8 top with two people sitting on it. They could have broken it apart and sat the four people who were uncomfortably sitting at the bar. The people had enough and left. That couple hogged that table of 8 the entire time we were there. The owners didn't do a thing, that was just poor business. We ordered drinks and they came out at a normal time. We decided to get nachos. While we were waiting, the place started to warm up. It had to be at least 80 degrees in there. 30 minutes went by (no exaggerating) and no nachos. After 20 minutes, the server comes by and tells us it's on the way. The nachos never showed up. Now we have had enough so I went to the bar to settle the bill. The server comes out and says she can make them to go. No thanks, we ordered them so we could eat them there. Not that it's their fault, but the band's sound was terrible, the band's speakers were way to big for the venue. It was just too loud. Then sound feedback kept happening. I really hope they get their act together. It seems like some people who never owned a bar decided to buy a bar and have no idea how to run one.

Amanda W.

Rusty Putter is a fun place to join friends and sing Karaoke on Wednesdays and Sundays. I enjoyed the wings. They have happy hour daily from 3-7. It's under new owners and you can tell they enjoy what they do.

Jason W.

New owners! New menu! The food is good. Happy hour specials on drinks and several food items. Extremely reasonable. Set up for live music/karaoke is great! Spread the word that this place could be a great place to hang out. Grand opening coming up so I see it will only get better each day until then.

Kawika Kelly

Was there for the 4th and they have fabulous food. They also live entertanment and last night they had Duncan Faure formally of the Bay City Roller and Rabbitt. He was fantastic.

Rebecca Kersey

The new people are nice. The stage is to big and no stairs going up to it. They need to fix the air or get some fans put in for people. It was to hot in there. Roland with neelix good as always.

Jessica G.

We called in advance to check how long karaoke was and they said until 1 am. We got here at 11 pm and they wouldn't even let us request a song. They said they were finished after the next singer. We are very unhappy with the miscommunication.

Tommy Tom

First time and my last time there! The place stinks and the food is yuck! Had wine and the bartender served the wine in a nasty dirty wine glass! Twice!....I ended across the street and the food taste better and at least the wine glasses are clean and shiny!

Christine Blair

first time here... Michelle the bartender... very knowledgeable on drinks and really made the whole experience a fun one... I'll be back just for her company.

Fredrick Clement

I can speak only of the moments that I have frequented the Rusty Putter. Usually a regular on Fridayâ??s. I was a regular before the change in management and now after. I believe the food prep and freshness to be much better (from the people around my table excellent comments) The place is clean and restrooms very clean)

Marguerite Viero

I love this place. Great cook, great food, great people. A fun place to visit.

Linda Collins

Had an absolute blast. Friendly people excellent food Wonderful service. Got to sing lots of times.

Julia M.

Great atmosphere, food, and staff!! Ice cold beer and bartenders/ servers always greet me with a smile. Definitely my go to bar.

Sharon Grady

Came in as tourists but felt like family!!! Carmen the bartender was amazing!!! We are definitely making this a regular stop!!!

Gary Grady

The server is awesome!! Itâ??s super clean and friendly

Timothy Dark

The waitress are the best, especially Carmen. The service is fast, food is incredible, and the live band with front man Kevon Tyree on the mic- was rockinâ??

Brian Shea

The fish & chips were really good. Long happy hour during the day too.