Stephano's Greek & Mediterranean Grill

10612 S Eastern Ave, Henderson
(702) 795-8444

Recent Reviews

Denesha Alexander

Great food and service. Everything we've tried has been delicious. One of our favorite places.

Tiberiu Iepan

Surprisingly good a but pricy for fast casual, when you got so many other options around, I wish they had smaller portions for better prices.

Chris Mehnert

Love their food, always very consistent. Outside seating available. They can be a little slow, but it's because their kabobs are cooked to order. Also, they tend to keep the temperature a little low inside, but wait and temp are not worth taking away a star.

Megan K.

Food is always great here! Tons of flavor, fresh and quick. Usually dine in and order comes out fast and delicious. First time doing take out today and everything was good but unfortunately once I got home I realized my order was wrong. I ordered a beef and lamb wrap and instead was given the beef and lamb plate. Yes you can make it into the wrap but you are being charged almost twice the amount for additional things we didn't eat. Food was still good.

Christina Howell

Cheese lamb gyro is a bit heavy, but the lamb was good. I would stick to the lamb gyro. Had to wait a bit before anyone would take my order even though they saw me waiting.

J Granado

Ordered beef and Lamb gyro extra tazitki and onion. Amazing. Just wish fries were included for the price paid. Other than that I'll be back to enjoy amazing food

Kelly D.

Amazing food, incredibly friendly staff and lovely atmosphere inside. Best gyros I've had since I was a kid. The staff are friendly, engaging and have always gone above and beyond when I've been there. Love this place!!

Victoria G.

This place has awesome food and there Bakava is fabulous!! I always get the bite size which is the perfect size if you just want a little taste of heaven

Erik graydon

100/100 Best restaurant in las vegas! My wife loves the combination of Chicken with garlic cream and she thinks that it's the best plate!!!!!! Awesome Greek platters and the fries are primo! excellent Service, VERY nice crew, lovely place. Really good and delicious. I love gyro more than anything it is my favorite plate to eat I started to take my wife and children here twice a week.. On Tuesdays and Mondays.. We almost know all the crew and I'm sure they do remember us. lovely place.. 100000 Stars

David Rogone - LMT

I've been going to Stephano's for 15 years when there was only the one by unlv. Today I went and got the best person to take order. I called the store to get his name for this review. His name is Mike, he had a great smile and disposition. Treated me like a person he knew and liked. I highly recommend the food, it's my favorite greek/Mediterranean place in town. Thanks Mike

S T.

Portions are generous, food is good, not exceptional, but is great for a fast food place. However you have to be patient if you want your food , well, is not coming that fast! The price is on the upper end too. If you order some plates, for example, spending like $30 for one person a shaworma plate, a falafel apetizer,and a beer, ( I was in lunch break), they don't come with a fountain soda included, but if I buy a $8 pita wrap, is included. So I gues I'll order less next time, and spend even less.

Brian Buasuwan

Was a nice flavorful place to eat. Pricey though, I spent $6 on a single steak kabob there. It was delicious though short lived. Little regret, worth trying once

Dave Tran

Place is clean and staff are friendly. Most of all, the good is great. My personal favorite is the ultimate Greek grilled cheese. It's so good!

Lisa P

Amazing doesn't do this place justice!! Mike M has terrific customer service. I wish more people were like him. Make sure to give him a shout out!

Travis Wells

Went there for lunch on a weekday and honestly my food was really delicious. One of the best gyro's I've had. But the wait time is crazy. It was about 20-25 minutes. And the kitchen looked fully staffed. So basically order ahead or use a delivery service and you'll be alright.

Jonathan Bilbrey

Looking over the reviews it seems like a recent issue. It took over 20 minutes to get our food! There were about 6 other people in there and none of them had their food either. I will say, when we got it it was good and bigger than I thought. I got the shawarma. I forgot to mention, the kitchen was loaded with employees, so I have no idea why it was so slow.

Rubik M.

Great food awesome service! Ordered thru doordash and the driver never delivered so I went to the location and they were kind enough to take care of me. Other than that, the food is amazing. I would definitely recommend this mediterranean place over some of the other ones in the area!

Ben L.

Everytime I drive by Stephano's on Eastern, I think I'm going to try it one day. Well the day finally arrived. We got to Stephano's around 7:30PM and since they were going to close at 8PM we decided to get our orders to go. So this review is mainly about the food, although I can say that the cashier was pretty personable and the staff seemed pretty attentive. The interior of the restaurant is like a mix of sit down and fast food. In other words you order like you would at a Wahoo's, pay, they give you a table marker, you find your own seating, and someone from the staff finds you and drops off your food when it's ready. Interior looked clean and spacious. Anyways here's what we ordered and what we thought: -Chicken Shawerma Plate - The chicken was good and tender. It was seasoned and had a hint of curry or something similar. Rice pilaf was standard issue nothing to write home about. The Israeli Salad reminded me of Mexican salsa except that it was more tangy and not spicy. I thought it was okay The hummus was....??? was hummus. I'm not a big fan of hummus so I didn't really finish most of it. I'm sure if you're a tree hugging, yoga practicing, avocado toast eating person then this hummus was the bee's knees. (What does that even mean? Do bees have knees? If they do what's so awesome about them that warrants a saying after them?) Wheat pita bread tasted like a thick tortilla. -Beef and Lamb Gyro - This plate was identical in components as the Chicken Swarma plate with the difference being the meat. My girl said the beef and lamb were tasty. Seasoned well, moist, and not tough. She thought it was a good selection. Like me she wasn't a big fan of hummus even though she likes avocado toast. Go figure? -Half Chicken Plate - Again the side items were the same as the Chicken Shawerma, but the chicken was actually the bone-in grilled pieces. The chicken tasted fine, but I would say the grilled chicken from El Pollo Loco tastes better, grilled better, and has a better flavor in the seasoning department. -Baklava - This pastry wasn't bad. Pretty sweet. Had some flavors that reminded me of pecans? It came free since we used the Yelp check-in. The baklava reminded me of the pastries you'd eat with coffee at fancy-smancy places that have doilies under the tea cup plates. Speaking of tea cup plates what was the point of the tea cup plate? You pour in some milk or sugar into your tea/coffee, stir the mixture around then take out the spoon and set it on the plate? Just leave in the cup like a real American! Anyways I'm getting off track... The meals came with Tzatziki sauce which was tangy and white. Also Garlic Sauce which was a blend of garlic and olive oil. I really enjoyed this garlic sauce and had it with the chicken. It help make the chicken more garlic-y and flavorful. Overall I thought the food was A-Okay, not terrible, but I can't honestly say I'm a fan. Keep in mind I'm not a real Greek & Mediterranean food connoisseur so I probably didn't do the food justice by fully appreciating all the subtle flavors and textures. Check it out if you are a Greek foodie and like hummus since the place might be up your alley.

Isabella F.

Amazing as usual. Love the beef gyro and the steak kabobs. I always get something here when I'm In Vegas.

Fred M.

Pretty average Greek food. I had a lamb gyro platter. Small portion of gyro meat and the meat was quite dry & tasteless. Salad was chopped in small pieces and was soggy from sitting too long after preparation. Was tasty though with lemon dressing. Small amount of very thin hummus but taste was good. Tzatziki side was thick and good. Two large Greek pitas were good but got hard and dry before I got to the second one. A bit disappointing overall unfortunately.

Kodybear Z.

First time here. The cashier was very friendly. GIGO was his name We ordered a beef kota and a gyro. Personally, not enough meat and veggies. Sandwich was dry. A lot of bread. His gyro was also slightly not filled. Dry too. Fries were overcooked and warm not hot and crispy. Also, when a server passed by with a tray of fries they were filled up. Ours were about a little halfway filled. Waited a while for the food as well. It was okay. Not great.

Rhyan G.

It was pricey, the food and portions weren't proportional to the price. I had the beef shawarma, it was too salty in my opinion. Maybe I just ordered the wrong thing.

Youstina S.

I like their shawarma , the grilled cheese is great , their rice is very good and the baklava is delicious Service takes too long , won't everything is ready

Walter H.

Looking for a great neighborhood place for Greek or Mediterranean food? Then Stephano's Greek & Mediterranean Grill is a great choice! They have a wide range of food and you can see them prepare the food through a glass windows to the kitchen! Their meats are flavorful and and their food is reasonably priced. The seating area inside and out is nice and clean; but is limited. They also have great Creme Brûlée!

Theresa L.

Great flavors! I'm so glad I asked for a recommendation from the gentleman behind the counter. I normally don't order steak kabobs, as they can be dry; not these. Fantastic char and juiciness, I'll be getting these again. The baklava was perfect, not overly sweet. Surprise star was the pickled turnips! Make sure to try them.

Aj P.

This is my second time visiting Stephano's the first being on Tropicana. This place was alot cleaner looking and did not have hooka in it which was a huge plus. The food was great, I had the Falafel Kabob which totally exceeded my expectations. However, be careful when you upgrade the fries because, the Sharma chicken fries would being a whole plate of food. Had a little too much on them if I am being honest and, it was a pretty pricey upgrade. Otherwise, the place looked super clean and, the staff was friendly.

Sunny B.

Really tasty food & excellent customer service too! Easy location in Henderson & I totally recommend. Pita in white & wheat too + garlic butter...

Alfie S.

Can't go wrong here, long before the Eastern location we drove all the way to Maryland parkway to get the awesome hummus or the garlic spread, everything here is just good. Please try this out!

Edith S.

Yesterday for lunch, I meant to get pizza. as I left the office, I made the wrong turn. as I made my way back and kept driving down Eastern, I realized I didn't know where the make-your-own pizza restaurant was. So I pulled into the parking lot trying to figure out where to go for lunch when I saw the sign for Stephano's. Because I went to lunch a little after 12, the restaurant was a little busy. I waited a few seconds at the counter which is good because this was my first visit. From the distance in the kitchen, I heard, "thank you for coming, I'll be there in a minute." I waved back to acknowledge that I heard her. So I decided on the chicken shawarma gyro combo. I'm Not an expert on Greek food but I do think the gyro was tasty. I always thought gyros came with lettuce in it, but mine only contained tomatoes. Which is fine because my gyro was loaded with chicken. Because my gyro was really hot when it first arrived, I started off with the seasoned fries and dipping it into the special sauce it came with. Not sure if the sauce was for the season fries or gyro but it was really good. While looking around, it seems like the employees enjoy working there but maybe a little too much as I did see the cook throw a wrapped gyro across the kitchen for the runner to bag for a take out order. at least it wasn't mine. I thought the restaurant was nice and clean, great variety of menu options, and good prices. Look forward to my next visit.

Girl W.

Im filing a complaint with BBB. I have waited for my refund for a MONTH! the owner will not return my call, this is the most disrespectful disgusting SHAME FULL places I have ever dealt with. Go check their rating on BBB its a D+ because they are scammers. WE ordered gyro meal that comes with fries. My mother asked to upgrade to feta fries so they on top of the 12.99 meal charged her another 5 dollars to upgrade. ( as seen in receipt ) When the food came it was disgusting as seen in the pictures. she drove all the way back to show them, the girl at the register JUANITA would not issue her a refund UNLESS SHE E MAILED THE OWNER. she fought with my mom endlessly !!! charged 12.99 for meal and another 5.95 for upgrading her fries and then on top of that 5.95 AGAIN ! I will gladly show anyone the bank statement WHAT KIND OF A BUSINESS MAKES YOU E MAIL THE OWNER!!!!!! AN UN HAPPY CUSTOMER GETS ATTENTION TO THE MATTER THAT DAY!!! WHO ON EARTH THAT RUNS A GOOD BUSINESS MAKES YOU E MAIL THE OWNER. Norayr Kossayan [email protected] so after many e mails and dealing with a terrible manager the guy issues me a refund that NEVER GETS TO MY BANK. I HAVE WAITED A MONTH NOW AND NOBODY WILL CALL ME BACK. THEY ARE IGNORING ME The one time i did talk to a manger at the location he was very rude and basically told me i was wasting his time, he told me to go YELP ALL I WANT !!! LOL this is how you treat customers???? THIS PLACE IS A MESS!! AND I WILL MAKE SURE EVERYONE KNOWS. BBB CHANNEL 13 NEWS AND YELP THANKS FOR NOTHING WHAT A BUNCH OF SICK PEOPLE p.s the MINUTE i posted this review he msges me telling me hes going to take legal action against me!!! so he sees my my emails hes just choosing to not contact me .

Cathi Ackerman

Closes at 8:00 on Sunday. 7-1-2018

Gina K.

**first time trying chicken shawarma so I don't really have anything to compare it to With that being said, we ordered ahead for pick up. Went with the chicken shawarma bowl, substituted the salad for some fries :) If you like your fries to stay crispy, recommend ordering them on the side cause the moisture that locks into the bowl will make the fries soggy. Everything was so fulfilling. Came with an assortment of sauces, the chicken was not dry and the food didn't look like much, but I had to split it into two separate meals (my favorite kind of problem) Come in during their lunch special which is every day until 3, gets you a free drink with the purchase of a drink bowl or salad. Didn't really look around the actual store setup since I was picking up my order, but definitely will be back when I'm feeling a super filling chicken bowl

Shelley V.

This is one of my favorite places to get Greek food. They have a coupon for buy two plates and get one free so we usually come and use that coupon. You also get a free drink with lunch plates or combos. Very clean establishment. Workers are incredibly friendly and accommodating. It's a very popular place which can make the wait for an order very long. The food is fresh and always has good presentation. My go to orders are the chicken shawarma, beef shawarma, and their fries with secret fry sauce are truly addicting.

Stephano's Greek & Mediterranean Grill

10612 S Eastern Ave, Henderson, NV 89052
(702) 795-8444