Stephano's Greek & Mediterranean Grill

10612 S Eastern Ave, Henderson
(702) 795-8444

Recent Reviews

Cole B.

They recommend you to order takeout online (has you put your contact information in). I did. When got to the restaurant I waited about 10-15 minutes at the register until I was acknowledged (they were busy). Once they helped the person at the back of the line first, they asked what name was on my order. I was then informed that they were out of the plate I ordered (30 minutes after I placed it). Next I was told that it was too close to their closing time (it was now 7:20 they close at 8) and too many orders were now in front of me to change my order. They refunded me but made no additional effort to correct their mistake or at the very least let me change my order. Having worked at a restaurant, I know mistakes happen but typically you try to correct the mistake and don't just tell the customer too bad. Very disappointed in their service.

Wendy B.

Yesterday i called Stephano's on Eastern Ave. to order takeout. I called at 2:00 pm and asked if it could be ready by 3:15. The guy taking the order was very efficient and polite and assured me I could come and get it at approximately 3:10. He repeated every item I ordered to make sure it was correct. I arrived at 3:10 and it was ready. I ordered the Greek salad and a combo plate of Filet Mignon and Shrimp. I asked for a few sauces and they were in the bag, plus he insisted on giving me a few more. The food was excellent. The only thing I can not seem to eat there is their Israeli salad. It is just too tart for me and gives me heartburn. The filet and shrimp were perfect and their humus is always great. Thanks Stephano's. I have decided it is best to order takeout early and that way I never seem to have a problem. It was a Friday so I knew it would get busy. Great job!

Love Lv F.

We love Stephano's and want to support local restaurants but after waiting an hour for food to go does not entice me to come back. We order 3 plates and one wrap. After waiting an hour, we got our food and came straight home. Once home, we opened up our food to be disappointed that it was cold. The steak, shrimp and chicken everything else was ok, rice, salad and hummus, We heated it up in our microwave, kind of disappointing after spending $75 for 4 to go meals. We were also short an order of pita bread. Not sure what took so long.. with the exception of the proteins, everything else should be ready to go... Again we love Stephano's so I'm sure we'll be back.. Hopefully the food will come out faster.. 20 minutes.. sure.. but not an hour.

Deborah H.

We paid $40.00 for a meal plus delivery we found a long hair in our meal.we emailed the restaurant no response from them. Not looking for a refund just a apology. Very poor customer service

Kevin L.

I have been to Stephanos a few times over the years and I usually just order a wrap. This time I ordered PICK UP for a $25 free coupon i won at a radio promo. The coupon was unnecessary but i am grateful for it. Unnecessary because the food was worth every penny and more. Servings are plentiful, the order was on time, and the meal was tasty. Plenty of sauce was provided for the falafel. French fries were really good too. Thank you for a new favorite option for a family go to restaurant.

Cathy L.

Tried takeout from here for the first time. Food was good (though a bit too salty), and was fresh, good sized portions, and fairly priced. Order was ready for pickup as requested. Two issues: 1) The 2 plates ordered we're both meats and hard to tell which was what. Marking the lids with this information would have been very helpful. 2) When the food was brought out to the car, the server came right up to the driver's window without a face mask. During this pandemic, and as we are seniors, this must be made a mandate. Sadly, until this is enforced, we will not do takeout from here again until the pandemic is over. This is why I gave them only 3 stars.

Johanna L.

First off, food tasted great! We love Stephano's, and have been trying to support our favorite restaurants for our Friday night dinner. Because we had to place our order directly through the restaurant's website, there wa no way to check the status of our order. We placed our order at 7:57pm and delivery arrived at 9:17pm, which fell right at the 70min time allotment. Temperature of the food was so so. We ordered two entrees (Beef/Lamb Gyro Plate and Veggie Kebab Bowl) and the Loaded Beef Shawerma Fries. The gyro plate and kebab bowl were good but the loaded fries had everything except the beef shawerma. That was the specific item that made us place an order tonight. Kind of disappointed but understand they are struggling right now. So just trying to keep our local businesses going.

David C.

Just ordered from this place tell them Light sauce or they'll dump so much on you can't taste the meat! Frustrating! You can see my photo!

Vegas J.

This is latest of rough experiences at Stefanos in Henderson. I placed order online for me to pickup. Plus put on nice tip. Pickup order ready on time and they brought it packed up to my car. I bring it home and food is barely warm, they give only 1 total pita for 2 meals and didn't include tzaziki sauce which is what really brings it all together. So I call and person answering phone asked if I want to come back and pick up the tzaziki sauce for free. WHAT?? I already paid for it, drove to pickup and drove home unpacked and ready to eat. Didn't seem to care much about me the customer or their issues. In my opinion and their poor service things are sliding downhill at Stefanos. If the current conditions are just too tough for them to operate, or limited staff maybe they should close and reopen when ready to offer the food and service of the past. I've been eating there for years but not sure if I'll be back.

Natalie R.

First time trying Stephano's and I thought the food was yummy. Food was well presented and fresh, the delivery was efficient and the driver polite.

Lisa Marie

Amazing doesn't do this place justice!! Mike M has terrific customer service. I wish more people were like him. Make sure to give him a shout out!

Jason Anderson

Gyros, fries, and the fry sauce!! Excellent food and good service.

Eric Davis

My experience: I walk in, they don’t want to take my credit card because it doesn’t have a chip. So I paid in another form.

Kellie S.

I'm obsessed with Greek food so we decided to try this place and it definitely didn't disappoint. Food Greek salad with beef shawarma & traditional Greek dressing was amazing with the exception of the giant cuts of tomatoes. Hubby got the gyro combo he said good and healthy but wished the meat was warm. Pita bread was not warmed or toasted just comes out cold so that was okay. But definitely have my go to meal and restaurant for my Greek cravings. Staff friendly no complaints there.

Alysse O.

Ok I seriously love this place! The kid who works the counter is friendly, extremely service oriented and helpful. The food is fresh and delicious. I regularly get their Greek salad and normally add a kabob or 2 on the side to nibble on. Their gyro meat is the perfect flavor, filet is always on point and fresh grilled shrimp hits the spot. Their taziki sauce is delicious and all meals come with two large pitas on the side. I love that this is so close to our home because its easy and fresh - healthy too!!! You can ask for low carb options on just about everything!

Allison M.

Delicious food! My family and I love The extensive menu and sauces. Efrain at the register is very friendly and helpful. We will be back soon!

Rose F.

I love the food at stephano's... especially the lamb chops and French fries. I love how Fresh the food is , always fresh. It's a great place for lunch or dinner. I also love the ambiance. I like that they have a few locations that are so conveniently located. Other Greek food restaurants do not compare. Oh and the hummus and salad are bomb too.

Lisa P.

I am a fan of greek cuisine, and especially gyros. Orders are placed at the restaurant's register and delivered to you. The staff working the counter were great and took our orders quickly, and the food was out to us in a reasonable amount of time.given the light dinner rush that we experienced on a Friday night. From the service to the food is quite the experience. You can always count on consistent good food and great customer service.they go hand in hand. The quality is surpassed and the epitome of what food should be. No matter if it is chicken or lamb gyro, kabob or salad you won't be disappointed. Where to begin, the gyros. Stephano's serves up VERY generous portions, delicious meat and consistently incredible. The cucumber sauce (tzatziki) is outstanding... And again the servings are very generous. They also serves chicken gyros, chicken kabobs (unbelievably tender). If you are trying to eat a little healthier, I cannot recommend anything more than The Greek salads (with or without meat) which are sublime- with a bed of romaine lettuce, some dolmas (stuffed grape leaves), Greek olives with a delicious dressing. Give them a try you won't be sorry.

Raymond B.

So you want a Gyro and you still pronounce it "JY-Roe" or maybe you just really like that desert that is crispy and has honey and other amazingness but you do not know how to pronounce it either. Well this is your new go to spot and let me explain why that is... 1. if you can come into this place and eat a Gyro Pronounced " EURO" and chomp down some some amazing Baklava and not leave satisfied you are a freak of nature. 2. All of the marinades used to flavor the meats are made without sugar which is not common around town. 3. The service is always friendly, even when the place is jammin and there are lines, we have never had bad customer service in any of the locations. 4. The garlic sauce... Let's not screw around and post a review about Stephanos and not mention those little cups of perfectly whipped garlic goodness. it is subtle yet so flavorful but definitely make sure if you plan on kissing someone after eating it that they have eaten some too. ( Trust Me, I said the sauce is good not giving a unsuspecting victim a kiss of Garlic Hell Fire. Don't be a Richard...) 5. The Souvlaki is always on point... The fillet though... It is always so tender and flavorful and really hits the spot. Lastly, when you order a souvlaki plate it comes with hummus and Israeli salad which is amazing and well as a Mexican male I have been raised in such a way that I am always looking for a way to engineer a taco or burrito out of everything that is put in front of me... So with a Gyro essentially being a Greek Taco these plates line you up for some taco making. Pita bread aka Puffy Tortilla, Hummus aka Crema, Souvlaki AKA Fancy Taco Meat, Some Israeli Salad aka Greek Pico, slap some sriracha and Jalapeños on it and you can have Greek Taco Tuesday any day of the week. Go now.... Do it.... Thank me later.

Ara G.

A must go place Delicious food! Friendly staff! Clean! All in one !! Usually mediterranean places fail to deliver the correct taste.. but this place nailed it!! Will come here every time I visit Vegas !

Michael W.

Another of those places I've driven by numerous times but hadn't tried... until today, Super Bowl eve. A decent number of people dining in. Stella on draft! The place is clean. Great start! Warm greeting from the young lady behind the register. She was on the phone but took the time to acknowledge my arrival. I ordered the Beef and Lamb Gyro combo. While waiting I picked up some fresh pickled turnips and pickled jalapeños. I sat down and my piping hot gyro and friies arrived about 5 minutes later, with a big smile and "thank you". These people are so polite! Nothing Like good manners to feel welcomed. First bite... amazing! Moist and warm pita filled with delicious and moist, hot beef and lamb. The jalapeños are hot! My preference is for the hot kind. The turnips are nice with the gyro bite too. I'm already anticipating my next visit. The fries are hot, crispy on the outside and soft and fluffy on the inside. They come with a fry sauce on the side. Creamy, rich and perfect. Good sauce. Ambiance... the playlist covers all the popular music of the day. The staff is young so I imagine this is their groove. All in good taste and no profanity. If you're ever near Eastern and Horizon Ridge I highly recommend this place for delicious Greek food. PS, the men's room is very clean, smells clean and the water gets hot for you to properly wash your hand and for the staff add to properly wash their hands as per the SNHD guidelines.

mia c.

Love this place!! Best Greek food in town!! Everything is very fresh and flavorful! They also keep track of f your past orders that they look up by phone number.

k64 aa

The food is good. But some employees have very bad customer service. Like hiring kids from anywhere. That's bad for the business.

Justin H.

Honestly, this place has a top notch salad. If you're looking for a crisp, hearty, fresh salad with meats that are deLicious then you've come to the right place. Service is quick and you will leave full and guiltless.

Khalid I.

Came in there today at 10:15 AM a.m., they let in a white lady and we walk in and they ask us to leave because they're not open while they're helping out a white lady place her order. Shameful and despicable! As for taking orders by appointment, we were sitting out there and she did not have an appointment she was speaking to you outside And she asked if she can place an order for 10 people right then and there , Your lies are proof that you are classless,shameful and despicable Is an understatement!

Annette L.

My Trainee and I were really hungry so we popped into Stephano's for the first time. They were super polite as soon as we walked in, they acknowledged us. We said it was our first time so they were really patient and offered any assistance until explaining what was on the menu. The food came out promptly and very fresh. It is very clean here.

Spooky Kat

I love this place!!! I've never had a bad meal or bad service at the Henderson location. Justin and Mike are both very courteous and polite. Great customer service is very difficult to find these days but everyone employed here is amazing... every... single.... time. Thank you guys!!!!

Mahlia S.

Best Greek salads!! I went here with my bf a bit ago & the food was so yummy, plus the staff was super nice!

Ceecee T.

Staff was so nice soon as I walked in. The cashier recommended a delicious wrap to me since I've never been there before. Food came out quickly and made perfectly. It's super clean and very organized. I even saw how nice they treated customers walking in while still taking orders. I like going into a place where the employees don't seem mad to be there. Breath of fresh air. Good job on pIcking staff because they def made a first good impression to me.

Lea H.

Yes!!! I love Stephano's. I love the steak kabobs, shrimp kabobs, gyro, feta fries, hummus, baklava, Israeli salad, classic Greek salad, and the RICE PILAF. So. good. They are really good about switching items in your combo. They give generous servings, so my hubby and I often split a combo and get plenty to eat. Definitely recommended!!

Krista B.

Stephano's was delicious! I'm so excited to go back! Two other and people and I ordered a whole mixture of menu items and enjoyed them all! We got the spinach pies, baklava, veggie kabob plate , falafel, large fries, side of rice, and pita. Everything was soo good! The fries were amazing, I would definitely order them again. The veggie kabob was marinated so well and grilled perfectly. Probably my top two items that we tried and yet so simple. The restaurant was clean and full stocked with cutlery, etc and the staff was extremely friendly and helpful with our order! I will absolutely be returning to Stephano's! Excited to try more!!

Valerie E.

This is my new favorite place for fast Greek food. The meat was delicious!

Charles B.

This is a staple for me when I comes to Greek food. This spot had/has (not sure if it's still there) another location by UNLV where I first discovered it years ago! For me not only does it bring nostalgia, but it's a great choice for some Greek & Mediterranean food. Atmosphere: This spot compared to the original one I would go to is a lot more modern than the one by UNLV. The great thing is the people are just as nice and patient with you as the original one. The decor I probably say it's a mix of wood and industrial vibes. Food: So I have been coming to this franchise for awhile. I have tried a lot of their dishes and today I decided to finally write a review. I wanted to get the first thing I ever ordered at a Stephano's, which was a chicken shawarma bowl sub Israeli salad for fries. Of course it was amazing still just as good as the first time I ordered it! The chicken delicious, I love the tahini that comes with it!! Little side note if you love garlic you NEED to get the GARLIC SAUCE it's the greatest if you like garlic that is. The rice and the fries were amazing I honestly love their fries nice crunch to them and the fry sauce is good. The only thing I had a problem with was the pita unfortunately idk if they stopped warming them up but the pita was cold which kinda made me sad. I honestly loved it when they would warm up the pita bread. The Israeli salad is pretty good to I know I sub the Israeli salad, but remember this was to honor the first thing I ever ordered. Price: Price wise I think it's worth the money the bowls and plates a good sizes. I'm a big and a bigger eater I think for what they give you it's great portion for the cost. Plus the flavor is on point. Overall: If you want a place that has good Mediterranean food for a decent price this is the spot. I come back because I know the consistency of this place is on point. Maybe next time I'll ask if they can heat up my pita bread.

Audrey N.

I feel compelled to review Stephano's because I eat there (pick-up or delivery by way of Doordash) at least once a week. So I'm low key an expert, on the food I normally order. Spoiler alert - Stephano's has the best fries ever. I know what you're thinking. And yes, they're better than Jack 'n the Box and Wendy's. Unless you get an old batch, like I did tonight. Then it's a stale image of beauty. But that's rare. Meat is always tender and juicy. Salads are fresh. Staff is super friendly. Shout out to my boy at the register who I think is a new hire. THE nicest! If he wasn't working here I'd for sure place him at Disneyland. Overall Stephano's is a pleasant spot for some Mediterranean cuisine.

Larry Ka'ina Akimseu

I've always loved the delicious flavors and freshness of Mediterranean food. This is definitely a must stop at spot if you are in this area of town and in the mood for a somewhat healthy option. It is a little expensive and lunch hours can get busy and also parking is a little tight being it's located in a shopping area. But overal I give this place a two thumbs up and I highly recommend! Aloha

Ed W.

Last visit to Stephano's. Pita was like eating a piece of cardboard. Meat in the giros was flavorless and flat. Have been going here for years but no more. Even the diet cola had a bad flavor. Usta be a good place. No more. The drive to The Great Greek is worth it.

Tiffany A.

I really like the food here, but the last 3 or 4 orders have been missing items. The newer guy at the counter is SO nice, but tonight it almost seemed like he knew it is wrong when I set the bag down to open it and check. He asked if it was missing sauces. I said I was just checking because it is always wrong. I got frustrated trying to open the bag that had 4 knots and left. Sure enough... wrong sauces and not what I ordered and paid for once again.

Julia Andrade

My co-workers and I love this place! Great food and service everytime!

Monica T.

So awesome! Service a bit lacking on a few servers that seem to be in Lala land, but others good and the food amazing. Had a meeting there with the travel club and we all loved the food we got. I even ordered and brought home food for dinner for my hubby and I - yum yum yum!

Raquel R.

Delicious food and very nice customer service. I've eaten multiple times and never was disappointed.

Stephano's Greek & Mediterranean Grill

10612 S Eastern Ave, Henderson, NV 89052
(702) 795-8444