120 Country Club Dr, Incline Village
(775) 833-3663

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Mike P.

The potstickers were the worst I've ever had and any restaurant they didn't look like the photo on Yelp at all they were overcooked and terrible. Your Korean soup would've been just great except the calamari was outrageously tough hard. I am not sure how people read this place like this very disappointing I will never return

Suzette P.

One of my favourite Chinese restaurants - small and understated, but appearances can be deceiving! The food is always freshly prepared and piping hot. The honey walnut shrimp is a delight as is the Mongolian chicken - two family favourites The service is five star with an attentive wait staff. Excellent value for money. Even during the shelter-in-place, Chopsticks is providing delicious take-away meals made to order.

Sunghee P.

Amazing food! We ordered the spicy seafood noodles and orange chicken-definitely recommend it! One of the best asian places we've been to!

Rebecca C.

Chopsticks is a great fast-casual option for Incline Village, which has limited restaurant choices available. My husband and I love to order takeout wonton soup, hot and sour soup, beef and broccoli, baby bok-choy and chow fun. If you go for lunch they have these cute little bento box lunches with salad, soup and entree.

M. K.

We got to the restaurant around 12:30am on Saturday. The server - who was amazingly sweet and polite - greeted us in no time. We ordered a hot spicy seafood soup, yaki dumplings and bbq pork chowmein. Food came out in about 10 minutes and the portion was just right except for the soup. The portion of the soup was really big and it had abundant seafood. Definitely no need to add extra. We would definitely come back when we are in the area.

Mariah P.

Really enjoyed our lunch here.. Better than expected. So glad we now have a reliable lunch place in this part of Tahoe. The Korean Chinese food was delicious and better quality than a regular Americanized Chinese food. We will be back.

Jason Marcucci

Awesome food. Great service. But, super busy because it’s so popular so you might have to wait longer than normal.

Seth M

Food was delectable but service was sluggish. We had to wait almost 2 hours for soup. Luckily, there was friendly service, and at the end of dinner, we were content with the restaurant. I recommend the beef chow mein.

Joseph Schaefer

I called their number to order take-out, the phone goes to a message that the user has not set up the voice mail service. I went there and they said it would take 90 minutes to make the food. I left. This is not a take out place.

Nak-un Kim

Asian fusion owned by a Korean this they have Jjamppong and Jjajjangmyun.

Lily A.

This place does not have good Chinese food. It seems I ordered wrong and should have chosen the korean dishes. Very misleading since 3/4 of the food on the menu is Chinese. Everything is under seasoned and honestly underwhelming. I lived in China for years and live in the Bay Area where good Asian food abounds and this place was so eh. Tahoe is desperate for better food options!! Open new restaurants!

Alyssa M.

After a long day on the slopes, my family for back to our room at the Hyatt Regency and looked for dining options. A simple search on Yelp showed a Korean option so we came here around 7pm. We ordered Jjam-ppong (Korean spicy seafood noodles) and sweet & sour pork. The food was great, a little salty, but I was impressed at the abundance of seafood in our soup. It was definitely authentic! However, we did have to wait nearly an hour for our food to come out - we were nearly doubled over from hunger when our food came out, so that could have contributed to the food tasting so dang good. There was only one waitress serving the full house, and I'm not sure how many cooks were in the kitchen given how slow everyone's food was taking. I'll come back during non-peak hours!

Mark D.

This place is fantastic! Great food, nice people, and accurate reviews!! Gotta check it out! You won't regret it!!

Monica H.

Seems like a family-owned, family-run restaurant. I love the food in these places. I understand why they get so many take-out orders. Service is SLOW & I feel like the waitress may be going in the back to cook our food after taking the order. But the food is very good, fresh, not over-sauced, just perfect. And what ever is put in the food at other Chinese restaurants that makes you feel bad the next day, doesn't seem to be in this food. Enjoyed the Mongolian beef, wonton soup, & the pork-fried rice (my least favorite) seemed a little dry & came out 10+ minutes after the beef, which we wanted to eat together. But overall, a solid food choice for the area & reasonably priced.

Richard C.

I would never imagine such amazing good chinese food in Lake Tahoe, especially Korean Chinese dishes. The spicy seafood noodle dish called Jjampong , was truly a moving dish that just amazed us. The orange chicken was incredible too, but that JJampong has left us changed. It was just truly amazing and we are coming back for more this week during our Christmas trip.

Cameron River

Food was good but this place is not Asian fusion. It’s just a regular Chinese restaurant.

Stacy Pobatschnig

Chopsticks is a great place to eat in Incline Village -- one of the best in town for delicious food that's moderately priced (for Incline), and with huge entree portions that are great for sharing. Have had delicious orange chicken, seaweed salad, crispy spring rolls, and more. If you are having an Asian fusion food craving, this is a great place to go.

Tulané D.

This place scratches our Chinese food itch...but barely. I'd love it if they deep fried the tofu and spend a little more time on the sauces. Everything was okay but was bland and tasted steamed.

Kev O.

My girlfriend and spent a week long getaway here at Tahoe's Incline Village and were kind of worried about where to eat all our meals. We obviously already knew couldn't survive on hamburgers, pizzas, and salads for the entire trip, and as luck would have it, there was a Chinese restaurant right across the road from where we were staying! Thank goodness for that!!! First and foremost, please ignore the one star reviews on here as they're totally unfair and hold absolutely no substance nor credibility whatsoever. We have already eaten here 3 or 4 times since we got here, and we couldn't be happier with the very good food, wonderfully friendly and helpful service, and clean, cozy, and comfortable interior. In fact, this is a Korean family owned restaurant and you can tell that they work very hard to give the best quality food and service to all their customers. Being Korean owners, they also offer a couple of very popular Korean noodle dishes....the Korean spicy seafood noodle soup (aka Jjamppong) and black bean sauce noodles (aka Jjajangmen). My girlfriend is Korean and she absolutely loves these two noodles..... she professed that they were both VERY GOOD!....and perhaps some of the best noodles she has ever eaten! I'm not into spicy noodles, but really enjoyed the black bean sauce noodles very much.....yummy! To accompany our order of these noodles, we'd order like a sweet and sour chicken or orange chicken dish, but have them separate the sauce from the battered fried chicken.....firstly, because we prefer to control the amount of sauce on our chicken....but most importantly, we love dipping our fried chicken in the black bean sauce! Daaaang! It tastes so yummy!!! As for actual Chinese dishes, we tried the chicken corn soup, egg drop soup, hot and sour soup, orange chicken, sweet and sour chicken, stir fried bok choy veggies, mixed veggies, chicken chow fun, chicken broccoli, and on other days, we tried the lunch specials where you get a side of soup, an eggroll, and rice.....brown rice available for an extra charge. Everything tasted fresh, hot off the wok, and nicely presented. What else can I say.....the food here is definitely very comforting and yummy! By the looks of the number call-in orders and takeaway customers streaming in and out, you can tell that this place is very popular with the locals! Yes, it's a bit understaffed here and service may get a tad slow or seemingly inattentive at times, but they are trying their best and doing a great job under the circumstances....especially knowing how difficult it is for any business to get good help around these parts. They are very nice, friendly, and down to earth people who have a passion for serving up fresh, hot, and delicious Chinese/Korean food for their customers. I, for one, will definitely be coming back here again and again and again....especially whenever I'm back in Tahoe. In fact, we were there the day before yesterday (because they're closed for Wednesday lunch and Sundays), today, and will be going back there again tomorrow for our last lunch in Tahoe!

Andrew A.

Chopsticks gets a solid rating in my book. The food has decent taste and presentation is pleasing. I consider this to be far superior than your standard, fast food Chinese restaurant but it is definitely "Americanized" to please the masses. Our table of 6 each had a different dish but I was only able to sample 3. General Beef was flavorful and the menu described it as spicy but I had to add a hefty amount of chili oil to it to get it to my liking. Honey Walnut shrimp was also flavorful enough, and the shrimp was well cooked but the sauce was just too sweet. I get that honey walnut sauce is a sweet sauce but I think that because I have cut my sugar intake in recent months, it was just perhaps a little overwhelmingly sweet to my pallet. The War Wonton soup was my favorite. Lots of veggies and the wontons were really good. I ended up eating the remainder for lunch the next day and it was just as good then as it was the first night. Fried rice is meh...I've had the same quality fried rice from the supermarket deli counter. The service was a little lackluster but that may be because it ended up getting super busy on the Saturday night that we were there. From our few interactions with our server, it seemed as though she was just trying to keep the guests as happy as possible despite not being able to be as attentive as she possibly would have liked. Would I return? Sure, if the opportunity presented itself but unfortunately, I do not see that happening again for quite some time. There are other places in Incline that we would rather frequent.

gail marshall

Great food. Very good service.

Mary Scohera

Surprisingly good. Loved the dumplings and Mongolian beef. Good prices and decent wine and beer menu.

Wolf Bury

Cute small restaurant, friendly modern and clean.

Linda Nguyen

We placed a large order for our family and were pleasantly surprised at how tasty was the food. We ordered honey walnut shrimp, beef chow fun, orange chicken, spicy seafood soup, crab rangoon, and potstickers. The staff was also very friendly.

P/MC Messina

Xlnt food, good vegan choices. Noisy. Wed nite order for 2 ($40) took 30+ min; to-go, next time. Lotsa leftovers.

Michael L.

Super good spot! Been coming here for years and the new ownership is doing a fantastic job!

Terrie Moore

Kind Of generic but decent

Brian R.

Terrible food. Weak fried rice. Chow mein stale. Lemon chicken not white meat. Never encountered that before.

George C.

Pleasantly surprised. Food quality is was better than we expected. Fresh ingredients and well prepared. Service was a bit disorganized, but friendly.


Delicious food, great service, great value! Highly recommended!! Thank you!

Irene Hegarty

Very tasty food, large servings, good prices and friendly staff. Try the Kung Pao Chicken. Yum!

Chrome Grille E.

3 stars for the food 4 stars for the service. We started with the edamame which was big enough for 4 people. Then we had the vegetable chow mein ( oily and salty) but flavorful and sweet and sour chicken. Plenty of food. A bowl of white rice. House Chardonnay came in a chilled glass and was excellent.


Delicious food, great service, great value! Highly recommended!! Thank you!

Erwin Milanes

Best Place to Eat Asian Food in Lake Tahoe

Howard H.

This has your typical Asian menu. The service is great. The food is above average. It is clean and the seating is quite nice. It's a nice atmosphere and enjoyable location. Also good for carry out.

Sandra Gunnels

Great food and service

Jeff K.

I'm from San Jose. The jjambong and jjajangmyun here in Tahoe is better than anything I can get in the Bay area. I can't believe I can get better Korean food up here than in SF.

trash bag

nice food and quick service!


nice food and quick service!

Israel Murrietta

Good quality food and great service