La Fondue

Incline Village, 120 Country Club Dr #66, Incline Village
(775) 831-6104

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Sheila A. Martin

The soup was very good. The bread was fresh and the sharp Swiss cheese was decent if you like sharp flavored cheese. The meats/shrimp when cooked were tasteless and full of oil. There were vegetables and a small amount of tempura flour paste which was not enough to cover the veggies or the shrimp. The oil never was hot enough for the tempura. All items when fried came out exceedingly oily. This was a $75 dinner for two that had less than $10.00 worth of actual meat/fish to cook. I thought it was terrible tasting and plain. I would not recommend to anyone. However, the wait staff were attentive so that is why I gave the 2 stars.

Kelly Robin Smith

awesome. just what we were looking for.

Kristin F.

We were asked to make our reservation for dinner at 545 instead of 530 when they opened- we were the only guests in the entire place. Unsure why we were asked to come later . I've had fondue before and my opinion this wasn't $80 worth of food. Service was ok- had to ask for refills, the difference between the broth and oil wasn't explained at all to us but was to other tables- just not consistent. Meats tasted fresh and the variety of sauces was nice.

Michael Fox

Lots of fun. Great patio and a menu that has good selections for everyone. Healthy or not, vegan or not, gluten free, vegetarian. Highly recommend.

Kobi H.

WORTH EVERY PENNY!I had an amazing experience at La Fondue and met the owner, who was also my server. He was the only one serving and brought out all the dishes in a timely manner. This was some of the most delicious fondue, I highly recommend the cheese appetizer and splitting the dinner for two!

Lauren W.

Excellent spot in incline village. We were able to get a table outside for dinner somewhat last minute. The food was great as was our waitress. They did seem extremely short staffed though. I think there was only one waitress and two men helping to bring stuff out to tables for the whole place (inside and out). As a result, it was pretty slow but you also don't expect fondue to be quick. Our waitress was super friendly though and made up with that by her great service. Also while sitting there, we never saw them even have an opportunity to clean any tables that finished and left. Seems the owner should look into adding additional staff, especially on a Saturday night.

Mike M.

This is my updated review of La Fondue. Initial was great! They had an owner who was passionate about fondue and about running a family run and owned restaurant. Fast forward and the restaurant had sold. The new owners were not as caring. Service poor. Food poor. Overall bad experience. We gave a 2-star review. Fast forward. Apparently the old owner bought the restaurant back. He replied to my 2-star review and invited us back. Food quality returned. Service quality returned. Fun to visit again. The current owners have been there for about 5-yrs now. They have been slowly building back the customer base. Last night was packed. We had a table outside on the patio. They have bistro style patio lights strung, and with the warm summer evenings here in Tahoe, we flern like we could be in Europe. Originally we had a resi for 3 at 6pm. Then we ran into some friends earlier in the day and invited them. The restaurant was able to move the resi from 3 to 5 people and from 6 pm the 7:15 pm. We had the "fondue experience" for two. Cheese Fondue to start with fresh bread and fruit to dip. Then comes the oil and the mixed plate of: chicken, beef, vegetables, tempura, shrimp and more. They are not shy with the portions. We ate all of the food, PLUS another pot of cheese fondue and a side order of Lamb. Yes, we were all very hungry. So happy to see La Fondue continue doing well. Lots of families there last night, plus older couples. A real comfortable setting. We are coming back again. Strongly recommended.

Alondra A.

Calling health department on this place! Waiter didn't explain anything...Putting extremely hot oil in front of kids is extremely unsafe...when I asked drown to move it they were extremely RUDE!!! They threatened to call police because they automatically assumed we weren't going to pay? Wow! How unprofessional...we pod for our dinner...even with the most unpleasant experience. Hoping they get a visit soon in their child safety Update- read "owners" response on here and google before you eat here so that you know how you will be treated. My kids didn't get up once...snobby waitress from the moment we walked in and rude owner thinks he's too good to treat people better. Any upscale place that knows customer service would not respond like this. What a joke. Read other reviews and looks like we're not the only people who felt this way. Clearly- he overreacts in a manner that's not good for customer service. No matter how you look at it- hot oil should never be carelessly and DIRECTLY placed in front of two small children. When serving food like this- you should have nicer staff who explains the with care- not here! Get some new staff before your business fails


Unfriendly waitress, unpleasant service, The owner was more worried about he’s floors get stained with oil then my kids get burn on that small table for four, food wasn’t good and very pricey HORRIBLE experience

Zach Fizer

Phenomenal food and service! Loved it!!

Judy Stancill Arnold

It’s a fun experience - highly recommended!


Staff were wonderful, vibes were wonderful, and I made a great memory.

Lee Koch

My kids love this place because they can actually 'play with their food!" It's a super experience for them to learn about Fondue (both with oil or their healthier broth options). We enjoy the atmosphere ... and of course, the chocolate dipped fruit desserts- our reward for a long day of hiking at the Lake!

Austin R

Staff were wonderful, vibes were wonderful, and I made a great memory.

Diana B.

Entertaining dinning experience. The girls (12 yr olds) loved making their dinner. Great service!!

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