Red Dog Saloon

599 Main St, Jarbidge
(775) 488-2383

Recent Reviews

Beej Jorgensen

On the advice of a friend of mine, I dropped into this small town at the end of December just to get away from it all. What a treat! Jason and Jane were super friendly, and I had a great time hanging out and drinking the night away with other friendly folks. The wood-heated bar was as cozy as could be with temps in the teens outside, the food was excellent, and the drink selection astounding. I'll be back.

Mikki Beadz

great place for a drink and lunch after a long ride. owners are really friendly.

Follow Me

Travelled literally one year from Germany up to States. Just walked through this small village, but I guess next time I will give it a chance, 'cause of all the positive feedback.

Rhubarb Montana

MJ here! Hugs from Up here! Great Guy Down there.

Larry Corbo

If you have 16 resident and,2 bars ?

Derrijcal McSkeet

Really great place, would reccomend

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