ChinaLatina by Chef Beni

4865 S Pecos Rd Ste 4, Las Vegas
(725) 735-2972

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sarah Wilson

Everything was beyond our expectations. We came for the Steamed Buns - which were excellent btw - and ended up trying a bit of everything. I'm not sure which was our favorite, we had the veggie egg rolls - amazing - pot stickers- some delicious plantains - the only way they should ever be made- BBQ pork and pork fried rice and bread pudding to finish it off. I am sad the Ramen wasn't available but we came later in the day so it's understandable. It just gives us a reason to come back! One of the reviews gave points off for no fountain drinks but that's a plus to me. I had a refreshing mango juice and my husband had a coconut lychee drink. They were flavorful without being overly sweet and syrupy. I'm not a big soda drinker so it was a perfect choice. The service at least matched if not surpassed the food. The lady that served us was warm, inviting and genuinely enjoyed her job.

Gina Endico

It was a happy accident finding husband and I ate there last night and WOW!!! Chef Beni is amazing! He has created the most flavorful dishes using the freshest ingredients and brilliant flavors! He brought in the Latin flare of the Bronx, which I love, and made it work so incredibly wonderful with Asian cuisine. The eggrolls were gourmet...there is not another eggroll in Las Vegas like this. My husband had the pork ramen....I don't even know where to begin...the time put into making this soup shines through. The chuletta had the perfect char and seasoning was absolutely scrumptious. We also indulged in the sweet bananas ? (these could of been dessert for me as well)! I had the garlic chicken with fried was so tasty, with homemade sofrito in the garlic sauce and fresh veggies..... and the rice...delicious..had so much meat and veggies in it. The rice alone could of been an entree. I was so happy to have leftovers for today's lunch! We finished our meal with flan...we took this to go, but only made it about 5 blocks away before we ate the whole thing at a long traffic was the best flan I have ever tasted, Chef Beni's unique spin made this dessert so incredibly light and delicious. We also bought a Cuban sandwich to have leftover for lunch today. My husband ate his half already and said it was amazing even leftover. ChinaLatina is a foodies dream. Amazing food, unique flavors, friendly staff, and a chef that is passionate about what he puts on the table. If you don't check out China Latina, you are doing your pallette a great injustice! Chef Beni,we can't wait to come back soon and try some more of your masterpieces

Anthony Feldman

Absolutely fantastic find, this popped up on my google maps while randomly browsing restaraunts in the area and im so happy it did! Food is inventive and very tasty. Chef benni is also very friendly and helpful. Will absolutely return, The shishito peppers and vegetarian noodles were 100% ?

Julio R.

First time trying this place and i must say it's Amazing! Maria the Cashier was very friendly taking my order over the phone when i mentioned i've never ate there before she was helpful and explained the menu to me. When i picked up my food Maria was very friendly made eye contact great conversation and assured me how much i would enjoy the food. I have to say this was a very delcious plate ! The house fried rice is so delcious a must try! Looking forward to exploring more dishes off this menu.

Vanja S.

This is a small little place kind of hidden away. The young guy working the front is really sweet. The chef is very personable as well. There are a lot of different flavor combinations and they make everything fresh to order. If you have a large group I would recommend order ahead of time and pick up.

Shannon B.

Definitely an unassuming place, but the food is delicious and the service wonderful. We got the egg rolls, steamed tofu buns, and crispy teriyaki guava chicken with veggie fried rice. My favorite dish was the egg rolls. So flavorful and perfectly cooked. The fusion of chipotle and teriyaki was so yummy! My boyfriend's favorite was the guava chicken. Also really flavorful. Wonderful creativity in the menu and the chef, who came out to speak with us, was very friendly and passionate about his food. The front of house service was also exceptional and demonstrated how much they care about their customers' experiences! I wish we could come back more often, but we just stumbled upon them on a vacation!

Selia H.

We enjoyed the yuca fries, the vinegar salt gave it wonderful flavor. Garlic chicken was tasty as well as the pork fried rice. Definitely will come back.

Mike H.

Overall just a negative experience. Food order time changed to later once I was in the car. Not too big of a deal, though. Got food home, and opened the food container, and there was a small hair (eyelash?) on the top of the food container. Very uncool, but I'm starving so I tried to look passed it. But the thing I ordered--Honey Guava Teriyaki Crispy Adobo Chicken--if that sounds like too much going on, that's because it is. Flavors were all over the place, and not cohesive. Broccoli and edamame in the rice weren't cooked, so kinda hard. Overall, I didn't finish the meal. My friend had ordered a chicken fried rice bowl, and also didn't finish, saying it was just bland. Lastly, I ordered a smoothie, a coconut oatmeal banana number that sounded delicious. Now, I understand that things "naturally sweetened" aren't gonna be as sweet as say jamba, but the thing was straight up bitter. I added 2 tablespoons of sugar at home and it was decent, but I still didn't finish. My friend, who ordered a blueberry smoothie also had to add 1 tablespoon of sugar. The other reviewers seemed happy, but this entire experience was super poor. Staff was very friendly, which was about the only plus.

Marcelo G.

The high reviews had me expecting greatness but it lacked flavor all around. Great ideas for fusion and maybe I got the wrong thing, but I think it's kind of hard to mess up a chicken fried rice bowl.

Alejandro Cuban R.

So damn amazing! The good is ridiculously delicious. The Lechon fries are absolutely amazing!! The Shishito peppers were nice, light, crunchy and also amazing. Chef Beni always gives the best service! Every time I come out to Vegas I come here.

Morris A.

ChinaLatina is a hidden gem on the Las Vegas foodie circuit that is a must try if you are interested in an innovative Asian-Latin Fusion cuisine that is outstanding. Chef Beni serves up amazing food from surprising pairings of flavors from his Puerto Rican origins combined with Japanese, Filipino, Vietnamese, Chinese, & other Latin & Asian palates from an unpretentious small storefront restaurant on Pecos Road. His Cu-ban mi was stuffed with Black Forest ham, Le Chon pork, & Swiss cheese & bursting with flavor. The Spicy Beef with house special fried rice was awesome. The Le Chon Asian BBQ with vegetable fried rice was the perfect marriage savory & slightly sweet highlights that makes you wanting more. Excellent overall!

Christine M.

Stayed nearby off the strip and saw the fusion menu and great reviews so gave it a try .We drove in from San Diego and arrived late and were too tired to dine out. We were pleasantly surprised with all of the items we ordered and the service we received was great from the driver to the person who took our order. We ordered Kung Pao Shrimp Taco, Roasted Sweet Banana, Latin Garlic Chicken, and Lechon Steamed Buns. The last item was my favorite. We had left overs and heated the food back up again and it was just as good. Sadly don't think we took photos.

Rin S.

First time here, came here bc my bestfriend found this hidden gem on google, decided to try it and great thing we did!

Alex B.

The service was friendly and accommodating. The flavors are interesting, but good. It is a bit expensive, which wouldn't normally be an issue, but the chicken was over cooked and they are out of stock on a lot of their coffee and tea options.

Ana V.

Stay away from here the food is disgusting . Over priced and the guy at the front wasn't helpful at all. The food comes in a very tiny box (which I don't mind as long as the food is amazing) but in this case the food looks all nasty , the lenchon looked like old meat from last week at least . The wannabe egg rolls were disgusting soaked in oil. On top of everything we waited about 45 minutes for cold food that was nasty . Not sure why people are recommending this please food safety should close them down . Sorry it had to be said. Never going back my 60 dollars could have been better wasted at McDonald's ((Below you will see what is supposed to be lechon and chicken, sorry the pic are not the best ))

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