Din Tai Fung

ARIA Resort & Casino, 3730 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas
(702) 590-8650

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Marlowe Soyangco

My brother recommended this place and treated us for lunch here during our Las Vegas trip. You need to make a reservation. We were staying at the Aria hotel so it was really convenient as Din Tai Fung is located inside the Aria hotel. I just want to disclose that i love dim sum and eat dim sum every chance i get. Service was okay and could have been better. We always had to flag our server if we needed more drinks or if we needed anything for our table. No one even checked to ask how the food was or how we were doing. Price is $$$ like everything on the strip and inside a hotel; and you know you are paying for the ambiance because the food is okay and the serving size is small. It is fine dining dim sum. I am thankful for the food and experience but I’ve tasted similar to better for a fraction of the price, and definitely way better service. Will I go back? Not anytime soon.

Tee Wang

The dumplings were good. They are made fresh. Of course everyone comes here for the dumplings. I wasn't too crazy about the crab dumplings. They tasted ok. I do feel feel like everything is overpriced here but it's Vegas... It's always too busy here so make sure you try to get a reservation. Even with a reservation, I still had to wait for 45 minutes before I got seated. Definitely an experience.

Jen M

Highly recommend. Beautiful decor. Fun ambience. Fabulous & well timed service. Tasty sharable plates, all hand made. Our table was a little small, a little more room would have been nice. They had these nice looking booths. Will be requesting one when we return in the future;)

Karen Loftis

Spectacular! Great food and impeccable service

Christopher Regets

Me and my girl really enjoyed our dinner here. I'm lucky enough to have been to the original restaurant in Taiwan as well, and this food tasted the same.. not quite the same experience obviously, but still good. They've got tons of people working, so service was fast and you knew the food didn't sit long. The sweet and sour short ribs were my favorite, but I'd avoid the fried pork chop. I also really liked the beef soup. I would recommend this to anyone.

Natalie W.

I absolutely LOVE Din Tai Fung. I grew up in CA and my family would go ever so often. After I moved to NYC, Vegas became a nice spot to have fun and eat good food as well. The food is absolutely amazing as always. I highly recommend their steamed beef noodle soup (the beef just falls apart in our mouth and the soup is amazing). I also recommend all the typical dishes (i.e XLB). If you are craving, their tea with cheese foam and boba is a nice sweet touch to the meal. This Din Tai Fung is inside Aria (really nice hotel and has non smoking rooms) and the best part is they allow for reservations and takeout if you don't want to wait. You are allowed to charge to your room which is nice if you have credits as well. The service is more on the americanized side of Chinese restaurants but still high given it's in a nice hotel on the Strip.

Francisco Garcia

Delicious Food Great Service . ?

Craig S.

Friends recommended that I eat here but it was already on my to do list. Went there for lunch and there was already people lined up before they opened. There was even a Chinese tour group so it must be good ha. There are two lines at the podium outside of the restaurant; one for those with reservations, the other for those who don't. After checking in, we were told to enter and wait at the hostess station and someone would call our name. Across from the hostess stand is the prep room where you can see the staff preparing the different types of dim sum. I ordered the crab and pork Xiao Long Bao, shrimp and pork spicy won ton and braised beef noodle soup. Service is fast and the food was pretty good. However, the soup in the Xiao Long Bao was tepid at best. I would recommend this restaurant and will definitely be back to try the other items on the menu.

Neha M.

I learned about this place through tik tok, everyone has been posting about all the amazing food and drinks and believe me - this place did not disappoint! I loved the decor, Super classic and it was so cool to see the dumplings actually being made! We were seated to our table super quick but definitely make reservations before going. The vegan noodles in the spicy sauce and vegan wontons in the spicy sauce were some of my favorite dishes that we order. The fried rice wasn't my favorite but if you mix the rice with the bean curd dish, it's even better! Definitely finish off your meal with the chocolate dumplings (pay the extra dollar for the salted cream matcha to eat with the dumplings)

Dat N.

Food are good, as I expected from a Michelin star brand. The restaurant is way bigger than I thought. Reserved your table before you come and you would be seated in 15 mins. Service is fast and friendly. Food was costly though, clearly not your regular Chinese dumpling house.

Ruth S.

09/14/22 tried Din Tai Fung in Seattle and LA, now in Vegas. This place was actually pretty good. I enjoyed it. Located in Aria hotel. This place is huge. We ordered lots of multiple items and we loved them all. Best to make reservations as they get booked up. Remember local residents with Nevada DL gets free 3 hour free parking.

Lope Carmen Ribodal

Yes. Great food along with a great waiter Jerry!

Kleine S.

Holy flavors. The pork xiao long bao's were explosive with flavors once you bit into them. Dip them in the soy sauce and vinegar sauce with a dab of chili oil... no regrets. The hot & sour soup is packed with spices and flavors. YUM!

Candice S.

Took my daughters here for dinner and we were not disappointed. Everything we ordered was delicious except the fried rice. The chicken fried rice was good but unimpressive. We ordered the typical things... Pork Xiao Long Dumplings, spicy chicken wontons, shu mai... that kind of stuff. I highly recommend ending with a chocolate bun!!!! Sooooo good!!!!! Would we come back? Eeehhhh... can get the same great tasting food in Chinatown.

Charlette E.

Made a reservation online and ate here for my birthday! The service was amazing from the beginning (hosts, servers, waitress) to the end! My husband and I were super excited and went a little overboard with our ordering but...no regrets! Here's what we ordered: - truffle XLB (must order!) - crab and pork XLB (really good!) - kimchi and pork dumpling (so juicy!) - spicy won tons (best item ordered. Must order!) - cucumber salad (it was ok) - taro dessert XLB (so good!) - pork chop fried rice (it was ok) - minced beef noodle (it was ok) The highlights were definitely their dumplings and won tons! I could put that spicy won ton sauce on EVERYTHING! Got a free scoop of taro ice cream (so flavorful and delicious) for celebrating my birthday there too!

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