Island Style 2

6850 Spring Mountain Rd f1, Las Vegas
(702) 331-7539

Recent Reviews

Lynelle M.

I ordered the Meat jun and Kalbi. Both were delicious and satisfying. I wish Island Style 2 had more variety in menu choices like the other location because it is closer to my house, but nevertheless food and service is great at both locations.

Elsie D.

This place has great and very tasty Korean food take out! Today we ordered Meat Jun. They raised their prices a bit since it was almost $35 for two plate lunches to go! But so worth every penny since its so delicious! They don't have take out menus but I took photos of their current menus. You can always call ahead to get your plante lunches to go!! :)

MARILYN Robinson

This is my second time here both times I enjoyed the food fresh and delicious! Would recommend! Did not get the seafood pancake from there.

Wilfred L.

Visiting from Hawaii and for the life of me I don't know what island they think their food is inspired from, but I am sorry.....what I ordered is in no way close to a hamburger steak that you would get from a local Hawaiian drive inn. The burger wasn't homemade, and the gravy was thin. Plus, take a look at my pic, and ask yourself if it was worth close to $16. Then the can of juice was the kicker. Close to $3 is crazy but it's my fault for ordering and not seeing what the prices were. My whole lunch with tax was just under $20. So for the total price paid and the quality of what I received, I would not recommend this take out place to anyone from Hawaii. Just don't waste your time

Jeff Kwak

Great service from the gals at the counter. Leave them a tip, they deserve it ?Great Hawaiian style food aswell as traditional Korean dishes. Fast service and authentic flavors. Simple food court setting, but always a good meal.

Justin C

Just wow! Unbelievable place! I don’t write reviews often but this place is horrendous. I always give a restaurant 3 tries before giving them feedback. The owner with an unpleasant face. Word of advice, if you don’t want to work, do something else. All three times, I’ve waited for 30 minutes for my food. She doesn’t even apologize and just ignores me. I will not support a place like this. I ordered the meat jun which gets smaller. They recently raised their prices. The restaurant right next door is also owned by them. I will never come back to this location. I’m glad their health grade was upgraded from a B to an A recently.

Jessie V.

I really enjoyed their Korean/Hawaiian fusion...their Meat Jun,Kalbi Ribs,Hamburger Steak,and other plates were flavorful.

Monsy Gaming

Been a long time customer (just like the other 100s that go here) this is your bite away from home. When Uncle and Aunty are there, they really take care of you.

Jerel Syga

Normally go to the location on Sahara and me and my wife love that place, but you can’t replicate the service and quality of a full kitchen inside a grocery store.

Mike K.

Always a great place to grab a Korean/ hawaii style plate lunch. Been a favorite of mine for years!

Sofia E.

I have been eating at Island Style since 1997. The original owner still runs the shop in Greenland shopping center. Mixture of Hawaiian food and Korean food. We try to eat different fish every time we go there. Everything looks good and it taste good.

Tea V

I love their Hot Pot Bibimbap

Myung Kim

Rice is too wet and nasty. I never had rice that bad. Soup had no flavor.

Vero M.

Highly recommend, they have the best Bibimbap. My client stated this is the best Korean food he's had & he surprised me with this order today It was beyond delish ! so yummy for your tummy.

Maggie C.

I bookmarked this place before my Vegas trip. The establishment is actually at a supermarket food court. Meat Jun ($13.95): very thinly sliced beef, dipped in egg batter and fried. It's good, but not that good, if you know what I mean. It reminds me of super thin bulgogi coated in egg. Combo ($19.95): meat jun, chicken and kalbi. The grilled chicken and kalbi were not bad. The portions are big, but honestly too expensive for food court food. The service was nice, fast and helpful! 3.5 stars!! I wouldn't go out of my way to go here. Island Style 2 is kinda yummylicious!!

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