Jack In The Box

3211 N Rancho Dr, Las Vegas
(702) 396-9946

Recent Reviews

Betty McDade

Decent burger and great fries.

Christian Bolinger

I have yet to see this place open 24hrs as posted, pylons blocking the drive-thru by 11pm (if not earlier) with multiple potential customers finding this place not accepting business, and the contact number posted is to a cellphone. As a supervisor at a local warehouse that runs 24 hours and has 50 associates that all get hungry, I'm shocked that I can count on one hand the places to get hot food for our 11pm lunch, and I'm screwed myself if I have to take a late lunch because only McDonald's is open after 12am. Had it much better at our old place in Henderson. Hopefully things here will improve.

Bran K

24 hours not sure why they have the drive through blocked off

Hermanda Rolena Taylor

They never fix there food right I just ordered 2 of triple bbq burger combos and they charge me 7.40each meal and I only got the double

De'zsa Veranes-Singh

On average, pretty good service. Usually out of the good stuff tho

Naomi Maldonado

This Jack in the box is soooo slooww and rude! I waited for more than 25 mins in the drive thru!!

Joan Johnson

Love Jack can't get enough of his taco's

Zeem Zero

It is a good Jack in the Box, food is fresh and in my experience my order has always been correct. The wait time at this location can be a little long though...

Bobby R Flores

This place is a joke, can't believe Jack in the box hires anybody. I understand places get busy but I waited over 30 mins for my order that wasn't that large.

Peaches Karr

Always has good chicken stripps....

Juana Rodriguez

I didn't like the service. They weren't busy and it takes to long to get my order my fries weren't even hot.


I love this jack in the box the food is fresh and great customer service

Lucy Ouano

They're always so nice. I love the fact that they apologize for a bit of delay due to the freshness of their products.

Taylor Panda

Not worth the money, food was cold and old. The amount of care that is put into this food only shows that this crew is an embarrassment. You can get better food in the trash can then at this location.

michael ramirez

Great food always fresh and great customer service

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