Jack In The Box

3211 N Rancho Dr, Las Vegas
(702) 396-9946

Recent Reviews

Joe C.

I tried to give my order but the lady got it wrong. I tried to tell her it was wrong at the drive thru but she kept talking over me before I could finish. I finally I had to yell at her so she would listen and get my order right. When I got to the window i saw she was the manager, Rocio. I told her she wasn't doing a good job at communicating. Literally all I said and She got upset and closed the window without giving us our food. I understand it was busy and maybe she was having a bad day but if you get my order wrong why would you argue that it's right when I can see in the screen that it's not. I can't believe you think she's management material. Never will eat there again. I went to jack in the box on Decatur instead much more pleasant.

RamonJr Bonilla

Never had any problems and its good so definitely recommend.

Rebekah Newte

The food was cold and the drive through person was a bit pushy and rude. Usually this place is good but idk why it wasnt

Teenie Cee

Always get my order right, good customer service.

Dustin Reber

This place did an amazing job on my order from Postmates, I just wanted to say great job to whoever was working from 9-11:00 at night

Jose Gaddie Jr

I got burned for sandwiches twice... I blame myself for not checking the bag.. BUT REST TO SURE I WONT GET BURNED A 3RD TIME... Im going to dump the whole bag out and hold up the line to make sure I have what I paid for.. This is a recent thing... It didn't happen before ... Thats why I started coming to this location... IDK whats going on lately... Hopefully They Get Back on it...

Valerie Ramos

Quick drive thru service.

Ivonne Matthews

Always come in handy when i was a quick snack after work.. never go wrong wit the teriyaki bowl ?

Miriam G

Super delicious:) staff were nice and polite. Not so expensive either. Will be back

Emilia R.

Just got a chicken ranch sandwich meal, with stale bread, dry chicken, cold curly fries, and cold tacos!!! Never again will I come back!! It was too hot for me to go back without a/c in my car, just threw the garbage out! SHAME ON THIS STORE!!

Ivy T.

This place is quick and friendly. I usually go at night and the line goes by quick. The food has been hot each time I've been there

Hello There

good burgers, good drinks, less expensive as McDonald's.

Felipe Valencia

What a slap to the face I get the double western bacon and there’s hardly any bbq -_-.

Peter Navarro

I love their Sriracha burger and mini churros

Izana Justine

They're always forgetting something.. they forgot my wedges tonight last time they forgot my cheesecake and they dont answer the phone smh

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