Jack In The Box

7025 S Durango Dr, Las Vegas
(702) 269-6283

Recent Reviews

Debra Bowden

First i'd like to say i love the menu options in the mornings being that it's strictly not breakfast only, but i seem to have an on going problem with this particular place the coffee is always weak and they often forget to give me my full order on many occasions. I'm usually on my way to work so i'm usually on a time schedule and I know I should check as i often do, but sometimes i may not have time but it gets very irritating after I've paid for my products and get to work only to find out that items are missing from your order. Very Irritating.....And whats really irritating is that I have to take a monetary loss because I can't return to pick up my missing items because I usually stop on my way to work and is unable to leave.

Michael P.

Really disappointed. Jack in the Box has good food but the staff ruined this one. When I ordered they sounded upset and then didn't give me half my order. Only one packet of ketchup. No straws, no forks. Just not focused

Kyle Roberts

Average jack in the box. Food and service was as expected.

Steve Hong

Use their app. Good deals and service at this location is usually pretty good and quick.

Richard Claessens

The food is good ...but the staff at 4pm is poorly trained and understaffed ... Took almost 15 minutes for just 3 Togo sandwiches ... Even with computerized order control ....

Brenda Miller

I ordered egg rolls and they was burn and I told them they were, because someone called off he decided to take it out on me and fixed 4 tacos and fries and nuggets and still didn't drop new egg rolls. As if it was my fault he had to cook and he was managment, he also took his time refunding me.

Christine Contini

I mean come on, breakfast 24 hours! Sometimes you just need it. The mobile app gives you freebies too. Nice treat.

Mallory Leake

3 times we have gone through the drive through and been told to pull around to wait for fries. Totally not a big deal except all three times we have waited 15+ minutes. We always have to go in and ask where our food is only to find out the order has somehow been lost. Just an all around weird experience every time we have been here.

Craig Alan F.

I don't know why this location is so bad. I like there food at other locations. I live close by so have stopped every once in a while on my way home. It is consistently dry meat dry breads and over cooked chicken. If you like Jack in the Box try a different location. This time is was just plane burnt and dried out for a ultimate cheese burger. Yuck.

Hamid Hamidy

Excellent customer service. Polite & well mannered employees that effectively bring the food out in a timely fashion! #10 Jacks Spicy Chicken, large style with curly fries, is amazing!! Thanks guys!

Lil_ Kiddy

Just amazing to go to eat and talk to friends and amazing staff clean building good food just all out amazing

Charles Clawson

Uff. It's Jack. But at least you know what you're getting into. Or putting into you. ð??

J Kerezman

Always good tasting food. The do need to bring back the Monster Tacos!

Bobbi Harwood

It's fast food! The kids love it.

Adam Wertsbaugh

They change their menu too much and take away good items

Karla L.

Been to this location a couple of times but last night was definitely the last time. I ordered a chicken burger and when I got home and took a bite it was hard, it was very undercooked, looked like a piece of rubber. The cheese wasn't even melted, the bacon was also undercooked and the bread itself that's suppose to be grilled was barely grilled. Such a terrible experience.

Sheila D.

This location is the F**king slowest.... owners/mangers please get it together. Especially the drive through...

Tsigereda Habte

The food they make is super good but when I asked for 2 small sodas he said $4.50 is that really the price?

Bob Hoke

Restroom was marginal. Soda machine dripping everywhere. I drank a caramel coffee. Was very good.

Danny Earl

Nice staff. Not too busy

John Foley

Ordered jumbo jack, may wasnt fresh and was cold

Josh Pickle

Always give the right order and fresh

Erica H.

Stay far away from this location. I was served a 5 year old side salad from this location. Management had no concern. Offered me a $1.79 refund. Photos speak for themselves.

misty flanagan

My husband loves the sour dough melt for $4.99. But at this Jack in the box it was very bland. He has had it at several other locations and has absolutely loved it, especially for the price. I got the BLT. The burger tasted old. We were never asked if we wanted fries or curly. Not really a huge deal but it is expected. The fries were very delicious and fresh.

Alex Jezzard

They forgot our French fries. Chicken strips were burnt. Tacos had lettuce, ordered no lettuce. Food was good otherwise.


If you're from the West Coast and it is late at night what is it that you seek most when you visit Jack in the Box? Anyone.. Someone...it's two tacos for 99 cents. If you disagree with that then we know you aren't from the left coast.

Joseph R.

If you want a crappie order or better yet only hafe of your order go here. Poor service lack of customer service skills getto people rude manager. I would never ever eat here again better yet I would not even allow a dog eat here. Get better employees who know how to treat the public it's not that hard. Stop hafe ass filling orders. Your employees are crooks with bad attitudes.

Alexxa W.

Just went to this location and waited *forever* in the drive thru... My boyfriend: Can I get a #10 with no tomato? Lady: With cheese or without cheese? My boyfriend: No cheese. Lady: Ok, what else? My boyfriend: ...curly fries and a coke... Lady: Oh, you want the combo? My boyfriend: Yes, with curly fries and a coke. Lady: ...so you want curly fries? My boyfriend: ...yes. These people don't listen to you when you order. I asked for no cheese, my boyfriend ordered cheese. They put cheese on mine, no cheese on his. How hard is it to PUT or NOT PUT cheese on a damn hamburger? Only giving 3 stars because my food was actually pretty good...my boyfriend didn't like his though (said it was a dry and over cooked patty).

Katherine K.

I never thought I would write a review for a chain fast food place but there are 2 things worth mentioning about this specific location. 1. I come here semi frequently. They're always out of something. Tonight it was chocolate cake. In the past it's been drinks. Whatever, it happens, I'll be back anyway. 2. The onion rings exceeded my expectations. It's a really easy item to screw up at any fast food place. I usually don't even order them anywhere because I like the concept of onion rings but they're almost always executed so poorly. I had a few from someone else's order tonight on a whim lol and it felt like whoever cooked these actually cared about getting it right. The breading wasn't too thick and stayed on the onion even after biting down on it, it wasn't overly oily, I was pleasantly surprised that I liked them. If you're wondering what to order here and you're into onion rings, give em a try.

Freddy Villasenor

The bathrooms where not working out of service the ledace and tomatoes where soggy ontions not pielt correctly Fry's I guess was the only appetizing

Amanda S.

Worst worst WORST Jack in the Box in the Valley!!! How can you possibly get Every. Single. Item. Wrong?? HOW?? Going to charge me for larges on everything, yet hand the DoorDash driver everything small. And, NOT EVEN THE RIGHT FLAVOR?? Charge me for cheese.. yet no cheese. I ask for no tomatoes and for the fillet to be made fresh.. I even said please and thank you.. And you give me a ckn sandwich with a soggy bun, no cheese, no mayo, no lettuce and oh well yeah at least they left off the tomato Oreo shake? How about chocolate instead. Ask for whip cream and a cherry.. flat top with nothing.. W. T. F.... Jack... Please come put your box down on this location!! It's close to a highly populated area and right off the freeway.. This location needs a MAJOR tune up!! I'm worried for the future of the individuals working at this location.. Not being able to read this day in age is going to make life incredibly hard on them. A job is a privilege, not a right ppl... If you aren't going to do it right, move the f*ck on.

ashley c.

I hate this location!! Cold food and i have never seen the sourdough not grilled at any other location in life!! Super annoyed eating what tastes like a rubber sandwich i wish i could give them ZERO STARS

Joseph Smith

This place is well managed. The food was fresh and the service was great.

Craig Alan F.

I don't know why this location is so bad. I like there food at other locations. I live close by so have stopped every once in a while on my way home. It is consistently dry meat dry breads and over cooked chicken. If you like Jack in the Box try a different location.


Is a great snack between visits to shops and sites and more. Creamy goodness, clean restaurant, friendly service.

Jojo Baby

Went there at 2:30 AM went through the drive through and the person asked me to wait 5 minutes before i could order so I did. Then he proceeded to tell me he could only accept 2 coupons per order... ok fine i have cash and 4 coupons. Then as I give him the order he said the only thing he had to drink was bottled water that all of the soda machines were out. Terrible service! ð???ð???ð???ð???

Beatriz F.

Didn't get my southwest salad right this morning wrong dressing no topping, tomatoes were rotten! I never come here and never coming back!


This place is great, very good hamburgers delicious bacon and bread excellent staff friendly staff fast service.

irie a

i like early morning coffee at jacks box and the coffee is good with refills. every now and then i will get a burger. i dont mind waiting a short time because they make the food when ordered. always freshly made and hot. i love it.

Liz Samuelson

Tacos and teriyaki bowls so far. Iâ??ve only been twice.