Jack In The Box

7025 S Durango Dr, Las Vegas
(702) 269-6283

Recent Reviews

Ted Dougherty

Sad to say..... still great food.... but ...every table was dirty.... floor sticky under dirty table in the corner.. bathroom sink hasnt been cleaned for a long time. If it looks like this out front.... what's it look like in the kitchen?


good quality food from here, really good black coffee ☕ for $1! And the stronger coffee is insane. Nice employees, fast service great egg rolls and poppers!

Christian Gutierrez

location seems to promote people to management positions based on who is knows who. The manager had a lot of attitude but the crew members were very pleasant didn't appreciate the manager continuously cutting me off mid sentence while I tried to place order and then had someone else handle the window when I pulled up. Favoritism is obvious amongst upper management and it directly affects customer service. If ur having a bad day then by all means pass the mic to someone else...

boowii doc

drive thru is hella slow

M. Quinne

New mini ?. Tasty!!

OceanBreeze SoCal

Could never go wrong. Except when you get re fried tacos or the taste of over used oil...

Jessica Graybill

The employees were very friendly, that's always nice. I go there often.

Daniel Phan

Place didnt have enough employee working the shift. Felt bad for most of the staff but older lady who was cooking tacos kept using her phone with dirty fingers without gloves and making everyone's food. Come on now. Where is management or cameras to check employees???

Bill H.

I'm the only customer in this place. Ordered the triple jack combo. They forgot the toppings. All I got was meat and cheese. No pickle,no lettuce,no sauce. One order in the whole restaurant and you get it wrong? Smh

Patty Cold Grove

The food is good and I like jack

Mari F.

The Asian cashier at the window was really rude and had a bad attitude. The other girl that is tall made us feel rushed, well we were getting our food at the window. This is by our house and we love coming to Jacks but I would love to have better customer service. I never had this problem in the past. It was always a wonderful experience.

Michael Mayer

loves the 2 for 3 breakfast jack both sausage & chicken

Ciccy Miranda

Person on the drive thru was very nice and order was accurate. He made sure I had everything. ?

Robert James

Has breakfast Jack's currently on sale for chicken and sausage ones 2 for 3 dollars!

Rizaann F.

Love Jack in the Box Teriyaki bowls, but this location's service time is atrocious. 15 minutes AND they had me park in the front so they could take more orders. There were some that got their food before we did, yet they were behind us.

Gregorio P.

I know it's you get what you pay for but the least they could do is make sure they're cooked. I never get fast food but I happened to stop right after getting out of work last night to get my cousins something to eat

Debra Bowden

First i'd like to say i love the menu options in the mornings being that it's strictly not breakfast only, but i seem to have an on going problem with this particular place the coffee is always weak and they often forget to give me my full order on many occasions. I'm usually on my way to work so i'm usually on a time schedule and I know I should check as i often do, but sometimes i may not have time but it gets very irritating after I've paid for my products and get to work only to find out that items are missing from your order. Very Irritating.....And whats really irritating is that I have to take a monetary loss because I can't return to pick up my missing items because I usually stop on my way to work and is unable to leave.

Michael P.

Really disappointed. Jack in the Box has good food but the staff ruined this one. When I ordered they sounded upset and then didn't give me half my order. Only one packet of ketchup. No straws, no forks. Just not focused

Kyle Roberts

Average jack in the box. Food and service was as expected.

Steve Hong

Use their app. Good deals and service at this location is usually pretty good and quick.

Richard Claessens

The food is good ...but the staff at 4pm is poorly trained and understaffed ... Took almost 15 minutes for just 3 Togo sandwiches ... Even with computerized order control ....

Brenda Miller

I ordered egg rolls and they was burn and I told them they were, because someone called off he decided to take it out on me and fixed 4 tacos and fries and nuggets and still didn't drop new egg rolls. As if it was my fault he had to cook and he was managment, he also took his time refunding me.

Christine Contini

I mean come on, breakfast 24 hours! Sometimes you just need it. The mobile app gives you freebies too. Nice treat.

Mallory Leake

3 times we have gone through the drive through and been told to pull around to wait for fries. Totally not a big deal except all three times we have waited 15+ minutes. We always have to go in and ask where our food is only to find out the order has somehow been lost. Just an all around weird experience every time we have been here.

Craig Alan F.

I don't know why this location is so bad. I like there food at other locations. I live close by so have stopped every once in a while on my way home. It is consistently dry meat dry breads and over cooked chicken. If you like Jack in the Box try a different location. This time is was just plane burnt and dried out for a ultimate cheese burger. Yuck.

Hamid Hamidy

Excellent customer service. Polite & well mannered employees that effectively bring the food out in a timely fashion! #10 Jacks Spicy Chicken, large style with curly fries, is amazing!! Thanks guys!

Lil_ Kiddy

Just amazing to go to eat and talk to friends and amazing staff clean building good food just all out amazing

Charles Clawson

Uff. It's Jack. But at least you know what you're getting into. Or putting into you. 😝

J Kerezman

Always good tasting food. The do need to bring back the Monster Tacos!

Bobbi Harwood

It's fast food! The kids love it.

Adam Wertsbaugh

They change their menu too much and take away good items

Karla L.

Been to this location a couple of times but last night was definitely the last time. I ordered a chicken burger and when I got home and took a bite it was hard, it was very undercooked, looked like a piece of rubber. The cheese wasn't even melted, the bacon was also undercooked and the bread itself that's suppose to be grilled was barely grilled. Such a terrible experience.

Sheila D.

This location is the F**king slowest.... owners/mangers please get it together. Especially the drive through...

Tsigereda Habte

The food they make is super good but when I asked for 2 small sodas he said $4.50 is that really the price?

Bob Hoke

Restroom was marginal. Soda machine dripping everywhere. I drank a caramel coffee. Was very good.

Danny Earl

Nice staff. Not too busy

John Foley

Ordered jumbo jack, may wasnt fresh and was cold

Josh Pickle

Always give the right order and fresh

Erica H.

Stay far away from this location. I was served a 5 year old side salad from this location. Management had no concern. Offered me a $1.79 refund. Photos speak for themselves.

misty flanagan

My husband loves the sour dough melt for $4.99. But at this Jack in the box it was very bland. He has had it at several other locations and has absolutely loved it, especially for the price. I got the BLT. The burger tasted old. We were never asked if we wanted fries or curly. Not really a huge deal but it is expected. The fries were very delicious and fresh.