Jack In The Box

4345 E Charleston Blvd, Las Vegas
(702) 440-8181

Recent Reviews

Gwen Marshall

The sourdough double meat burger combo is the deal!

Brian Jimenez

Long line while the employees are listening to music and just talking

Julius. T. Charles

This is a good place to get some thing to eat and they doing the covid-19 and you can order to go or you can eat there.

jose montanez

Went got a meal burger deal from here and my order came back missing food, frys cold and terrible service. Completely ruin my family dinner.

Susan Lofink

Good food. Breakfast items available all day. Decent prices

John Castillo

It's your typical Jack in the Box. They are all about the same, but if you order with the app, they usually have free items with purchase. What I do like about this location is when I have a special order, such as extra or add-ons, they have always got it right. Wish I could say the same thing about the McDonald's, across the street.Also, I have never had to wait for my food, when I ordered with the app. It was all ready, fresh and hot.Quick tip: Even if, on the app, you say you are going to pick it up at the drive thru, you can still park and pick up your food at the counter inside, if there are too many cars lined up.

Rick Barnes

Watch out in the drive thru check items are correct

Peaches Rosie Valencia

Who doesn't love Jack in the Crack lol I really like how they are keeping the doors open late at night so people can walk in and order there food to go, cuz not everyone has the luxury of owning a car in order to go thru the drive thru.

Retro917 X.

BK's and Mickey'Ds are across the way as a friendly reminder. It's like for here, if you gotta place an order, I may suggested you find out or even write down what you're ordering and what technically comes with it to share with whose ever taking our order so we as customers don't get blindsided with a "gotcha" moment. I just wanted a breakfast sandwich, not the combo called the Breakfast jack and here this skinny Maria behind the counter insist the hashbrown comes with it so I gotta eat it. I hate throwing food away but I told her I didn't wanted it when reviewing my order before leaving but she pressed on and again says it comes with it. By then i'm like yo whatever man, it's too early in the morning for a fight. I honestly can't confirm, but I believe it's likely they must have caseload tons of boxes of frozen hash browns in their inventory outback somewhere stacked in their freezer they might as well give them away before they'd get expired to then go to waste unfortunately. I'm thinking that cause it's crazy how can someone push something unwanted I clearly said I don't want let alone ordered it. Bottom line, my experience was very unpleasant, I won't be having any breakfast hashbrowns or even eat there anytime soon and won't return for that matter. Just bad service.

Alfonso Sinohui

Much faster than most JitB and accurate with your order

Miguel Lopez

I saw a lot of fat employees I wish you guys would make them have PT once a week

Matthew Popplewell

Very nice people work there. And very fast service to my husband and I.

Cornelio Ramirez Flores

Awsome service food was hot and lookes fresh

Cassie O.

Just got food from via Postmates & my whole order was BAD everything was freaking COLD AND OLD AND STALE !!! NOTHING WAS FRESH I was so disappointed tonight with my order . I usually get food from here but this has been the worst experience I've had by far like really 30 freaking dollars spent on food not worth it and couldn't even get a refund !!! Like WHY would I want to eat this bullshit ass made food I'm so upset & my burger wasn't even prepared correctly SMH and I used to work at jack so I know this is very unacceptable !! Will be going to speak to a manager in the morning because I need my money back this makes me so angry that things can't be made correctly! I guess it's gonna take someone getting sick for employees to take food preparing seriously! And I will be taking all this stale ass shit back so the manager can see wtf I got by their grave shift employees

Valerie Jones

They have the best fresh made breakfast Jack's with crispy hashbrowns and coffee to go!

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