3957 Maryland Pkwy, Las Vegas
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Tracy P.

This cute, little restaurant was a huge surprise. The ambiance, vibe, energy, and music was banging, and we were greeted as soon as we walked in by Keiarah. She explained certain things on the menu, shared with us local favorites, and offered us samples of certain items. She served us, continuously checked on us, and made sure to offer us a military discount. The food was amazing. It felt like I was having a home cooked meal. The food was so good, I almost ate everything in one sitting (which is very difficult for me to do) but I paced myself. The chicken/beef combo with the spring vegetables, dirty potatoes, rice, and lime/chicken soup was off the chain, crazy good. Will definitely be back before I leave.

Michael S.

So it's good...but I don't get the hype at all!! You gotta hand it to them, their overall rating is through the roof! My first ever visit was last weekend for lunch. I was less than impressed with the interior look of the place as it's simple and lacking in any kind of personal flare. The fact that they hand over drinks to you from a cooler instead of having fountain drinks had me thinking "taqueria" instead of a hand carved meaty restaurant. We did the Trip-Tip Plate as the guy behind the counter recommended it as their top seller. The meat is good for sure, quite tender, and very flavorful. There is not a lot of meat at all for a nearly $17 entree, however, I'd argue that the sides are the clear winner! The Brussels are very good and cooked to the point of not being crunchy, and the Mac is simply outstanding and my favorite side item! Again, they certainly have earned their rating, but I left feeling as thought the sides are better than anything "Karved" in the back??

Nette B.

Stopped by here since I was in the area. Walk to the counter and order your food. Service was ok but nothing that stood out. I had the Chicken Pita. I loved the vegetables and pickled onions that gave an acidic taste. The chicken was a bit underseasoned but that was fine as the sauce gave it more flavor. I also ordered the corn in the cob which I will never order again. I took a bite and it was cold. I would however recommend this restaurant if you want a healthy meal.

Jason P.

Slightly disappointed...came in twice and both time they had no change. First time they didn't even say anything just didn't give me the change , second time they told me they didn't have any. Makes no sense , change shortage is over. Also second time they didn't give me the pita bread for some reason. Oh well , one more place not to go back to.

Debra H.

We were so impressed with this establishment... A true hidden gem! The service was exceptional and the food was simply amazing. My husband had the Tri-tip sandwich and I had the Buffalo Chicken wrap. Both were excellent and so clean and fresh. If we lived closer we would visit frequently. :)

William K.

Fantastic sandwiches store, really make me full haha. I got one beef hamburger, it's really delicious!

Noah M.

Ordered the chicken and beef combo platter. Generous portions. I'm preferred the chicken but the beef was good too. Loved the Aji Verde sauce. Lemon caper sauce was just okay. Dirty mash potatoes were delicious. Mac and cheese was good, wasn't too cheesy or salty. The platter altogether had a good balance.

Sean A.

I'll start this off by saying this: The ROTISSERIE CHICKEN IS AMAZING!! It was delicious, savory, and juicy with every bite!! The cooks at Karved deserve high marks for that alone. Second, the customer service was impressive to say the least. They were very attentive and comforting. Also, the manager brought me some complimentary pita chips and hummus (which the chips were fresh and the hummus flavorful). Third, the portions are quite hefty, I ate about a quarter of the food presented and I am very stuffed. I ordered a 1/4 rotisserie chicken with Mac & cheese and black beans for lunch and i can tell you it'll be my dinner also lol. I surely will come again just to be try something new, and hopes to be pleasantly satisfied with the meal.

Cameron M.

In a decision between bbq and this place, we decided this would be lighter and still give us that meat we were craving. Definitely did not disappoint! Ordered the beef tri-tip pita, which is slightly different from the beef try-too, but I love pickled onions so I opted for this one! Garlic sauce is really tasty and creamy! Not overpowering and gave the meat the moistness it needed! Beef tri-tip was tasty and soft. I have to try it again, but I thought it held up well! Lots of veggies inside: spinach, pickled onions, and other greens to keep it from feeling too fatty. The lady there was also nice enough to give us a sample of their soups and my girlfriend and I both got their chicken cilantro. Insane flavor! Makes perfect sense considering they have all that chicken, so they can use the rest of the chicken bones and fat for an amazing broth! If I'm in the mood for some good meat or a soup (in Vegas?!), I'll be back!

Monika G.

I got the karved plate with white meat chicken and beef with brussel sprouts, mashed potatoes, and the ahi sauce. It was a really good lunch! But for the not-so-great parts: The chicken was drier than anticipated but fully can't blame em since it is white meat. It also needed the sauce for flavor. And unfortunately, the rice was hard and old, so, while I really wanted the rice, I didn't touch it at all. Luckily, with the sides and the pita it comes with, I had more than enough food without the rice. The mashes potatoes were AMAZING. Definitely get that!! I could eat it all day. The brussel sprouts were tasty too. Beef was tender! I wish I got the garlic sauce but the aji was really good too and had a subtle kick. Finally, the chicken cilantro soup!! It was a sample that they offered and I LOVED it. If I didn't have so much food already and it wasn't so hot, I would've bought a whole order! Definitely a good spot for lunch.

Sherri L.

Customer service was fine. I had no issues there. The wait was long for my to go order for just 1 kids meal (about 15-20 mins). So one star taken off for that...the other issue was my meal came with a sauce, but I didn't notice I had none until I got back to work (I had to hurry back since I was already late from my food taking too long). The food tastes good, but was dry from the lack of sauce. I really wanted that chimichurri sauce lol I'd give them a try again, but will def be checking my meal before leaving!

Kristie J.

Just moved to the side of town and I wanted to go to Karved for a while. This place did not disappoint. All of their food is incredibly well done made from scratch absolutely delicious and they have a great health-conscious menu items. I'm a big fitness nerd and this is one of my favorite places to go eat a clean meal. The rotisserie chicken is absolutely incredible along with her homemade sauces I get a plate almost every time which includes rice protein and two sides. Everything is made to order always delicious and the portions are very good. The sweet potato fries are delicious I also love their brussels sprouts which I think are great. The man working the counter is always incredibly friendly and he said that his wife makes the sauces so I'm assuming they're the owners. Thank you for creating delicious healthy meals this is truly one of my favorite grab and go spots to get food.

Amber Davis

The server needs to speak louder and the music needs to be turned down so that you can hear a conversation with other guests and with the server. The food was spectacular and a real find.

Erik Albers

Stop looking for a place to eat in Vegas. Go straight here. You will not be disappointed. Amazing food and the owner is awesome. Please consider supporting a great local restaurant when in Las Vegas.

Paul Kim

Still love the sandwich with fries because they tasted so good with the sauce. So, made me enjoy eating the foods well, and I recommend it. But, the bread of the sandwich had the bottom covered with oil a little too much that made my hands dirty, and the fries were kind of salty to eat. Even though I still liked them.

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