Matcha Cafe Maiko

3400 S Jones Blvd #3, Las Vegas
(702) 247-1779

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Lizenda L.

This place was good if you love green tea a.k.a (matcha). So many options to choose from tea with jelly to matcha floats!! Even if you just want the matcha soft serve they have that too in a homemade cone. We got two floats one matcha latte with almond milk and matcha soft serve. The other was just the match tea and the soft serve. My parents got the matcha tea with jelly in it, one with milk and the other with just tea. The cashier was very helpful and friendly. So if you want authentic Japanese matcha this is the place!!

Nitda C.

I loooove anything matcha so of course i had to try this place out! There's so many different options so i decided to try the shaved ice and ice cream since i was craving both. So flavorful and refreshing! Especially for the hot Vegas heat. I can't wait to go back and try the other options

Audrey C.

Great soft serve ice cream spot with an Asian twist. I had the vanilla/match soft ice cream and it was delicious. The staff also made us tried the other two flavors which were also good. The decor is beautiful and cute. A must try for any sweet tooth.

Teresa G.

I found this place on yelp because I was graving matcha. It's a bit far from me but worth the drive. I absolutely loved it. Not too sweet and not too matcha. If you haven't come down and tried it yet please do. Absolutely delicious and super friendly staff..

Remme C.

Matcha Green Tea Float is the BEST!!!I signed up last year for Matcha Maiko and they emailed me something for FREE BIRTHDAY MATCHA ICE CREAM, and I was so happy!!!

Jessica P.

I was elated when I found out Matcha Cafe Maiko had a location in Las Vegas!! I frequented their flagship store in Waikiki, Matcha Stand Maiko, almost weekly. The store in Hawaii is just a walk-up counter, so entering this spacious Cafe in Vegas was a nice surprise! And although customers cannot yet enjoy the matcha treats inside at the tables due to COVID, it's still worth the visit.According to their website, all of the products are imported straight from Uji, Japan, which is why I'm hooked!! The matcha flavor here is the real deal. I've tried a lot on the menu, but my favorite during this time of year in Vegas (sizzling summer heat) is the Matcha Soft Serve in a cone. Overall, the cone looks small, but the soft serve completely fills it. No holes. No air pockets. Just smooth, cold, solid, homemade matcha cream. And ya know what's clever? They add a small slice of matcha cake to the bottom of the cone, which soaks up the melted ice cream. No leaks! No messy hands!!If you're stuck on what to order, select from their Top 5 menu board:1) Soft Serve2) Maiko Special3) Matcha Float4) Shave Ice5) Hojicha Latte The cafe itself actually makes me feel as if I were still in Hawaii. The Shaka engraved tables and Aloha decor certainly carries the aloha spirit! Go and check them out! They're located in the Mountain View Plaza off of Jones & Spring Mountain.

Ashley W.

Always a great time at Matcha Cafe! I've visited several times, mostly for the soft serve matcha swirl. They have adjusted to covid well w take out options and safe touch less ordering inside. The owner Hang is always a pleasure to visit with.This is the place to visit for authentic matcha!

S Jara

Their matcha is so delicious. The place is beautiful and it smells great. Prices are great as well.


SIMPLY DELICIOUS!!! And healthy with the real potent Matcha green tea! THE BEST SPOT EVER!

Joyce L.

I love matcha! I'm always getting ice cream here. I want to try other things but the cone is just so good. Prior to covid the cone was a little bit taller but at least now parking is easier to find. They do enforce wearing masks and social distancing. The workers are polite and greet you as soon as you walk in. The atmosphere reminds me of home (Hawaii). They also sell pints of ice cream now if you're too hesitant to frequent the store.

Cole S.

Best Matcha in town!We are loyal fans and definitely look forward to tasting the entire menu.

Jacqueline K.

I have gone twice in the last two days!! I saw this place advertised on Facebook and I had to check it out because I love anything matcha. I got the soft serve, a cheese foam tea, and gelato to take home. When I went today, I got the soft serve with the cake and all the goodies in it. Wow everything is delicious!!!

Mia P.

My favorite ice cream shop in town.!!!! Their matcha ice cream is the best! It will be a loss of you pass the matcha. My second favorite is the hojicha ice cream flavor (roasted green tea). They also have a bunch of different desserts which do taste good as well. Staffs are friendly and the shop is clean.

Esthee Wong

I love icecream where you can actually taste the flavour and not made of pure sugar! Black sesame is my favourite here !

Emily B.

I can't have dinner in this plaza without getting Matcha Cafe Maiko afterwards. It's an addiction. They offer so many different options of floats, coffees, teas, etc. but the only thing I ever get is the soft serve. For the longest they only offered matcha, vanilla, or swirl. Recently they added Houjicha (my fave) and black sesame. They also started adding to-go ice cream flavors. If you love matcha I highly recommend getting the Houjicha because it's also a green tea but it has a roasted flavor and is brown in color. It's so damn good and such a treat. Get it with the waffle cone. They have a rewards program where you can earn points after each purchase but I don't really know how or when to redeem what I've earned. Seriously save the desserts you want to eat and get a cone at Matcha Cafe Maiko instead

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