Panda Express

5130 S Fort Apache Rd, Las Vegas
(702) 873-2963

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Athena T.

says it closes at 9:30 pm on sunday's well it's 9:18 and they already have the doors closed and cleaning? shouldn't they start doing that at 9:30? damn near looks like they closed their doors at 9 pm to get out by 9:30 lol i never seen no other panda express location do this. very unprofessional

Pat Mcgee

When they finish your order they ask you if you want to donate.Then they ask if you want you to round up your change after if you do not do the donation.This place makes tons of money why don't they handle the donations and serve the chinese food to the customers without bothering you every time you order.Put a donation box by the register and stop pestering everybody..

John V.

Just picked up and ate some orange chicken. It was raw, I better not get sick. Pay attention to what you're doing!!!!


Was a busy night. Only order one plate and got my order complete by the first server but they don't just put you to the cashier, you have to wait in line for the others to finish with all their orders. I ask one of them if I can just pay for mine first, she responded ok but too busy to even act on it like it's an automatic reply but not listening? That was frustrating so I waiting till my plate is next in line to pay. And talking about stingy on the walnut shrimps, I had 2 orders of that which is $1.25 extra for each order but it only equals to about 1 order.


Has a Strong Latina Manager. A Good Pro-Active Team. Always clean. Always good. But your Panda ? sign light don't work outside. ?Food: 5/5

Diana L.

It's fine. Nothing bad to complain about. Decent variety of food that seems to turnover pretty fast. Everything tasted like typical Panda Express. Efficient and plenty of easy parking. Tables and floor inside were clean.

Latoya A.

I order through Uber eats today. The food came quickly, very fresh and great portions!

Veronica Torres

I've ordered twice from this location for meetings from Nathan and he and the rest of the staff have been amazing in getting orders prepared and everything always fresh ans delicious! It's always a hit and food is hot for my customers.

Glenda Fortson

Poor customer service, two of the Hispanic women served me, customer service was very poor, prices are to high to go there for bad customer service. You don't want to work there, quit! But when people are spending there money that's the least you can do is have respect.

Gregory L.

This Panda Express is probably one of the better ones food always seems to be hot and most consistent, they always have a clean restaurant but soda machine are mostly good but always seams to have one not working properly, plus the no long carry chop stick so they lose a start for that. Still worth a shot tho

Brian H.

I had the worst experience at this location. I've come here a couple of times before and it was fine. But the last time I went to get food for my wife and I was the last and final time I'm ever coming to this location because of this experience. The wait is expected. That's fine. I wasn't in any rush. But I get up to the order spot and the worker there named Alexa (I think she was asian, specifically Filipino) was very, very rude. She gave me attitude from the start like I was bugging her or being rude to her (which I wasn't) She was so unclear by mumbling words and being short with me. Not even saying full sentences when going through the steps of ordering and sometime she would not even saying anything at all and would just glare at me to try and indicate she's ready for the next step. Then on top of all of this she was rushing me ordering. She was so unhelpful and tried to play the dumb card when I asked if I could have the shrimp on one of my plates. I said the wrong name (I said honey shrimp or something) but I was pointing to the walnut shrimp. And she gave me a look like "what the *** are you talking about?" I clarified and was put off by how rude she was to me and I brushed it off and said "oh, I'm sorry, I meant the honey walnut shrimp" and I was thinking "geez give me a break it was a simple mistake." I moved on to the next plate and asked if I can have teriyaki chicken and she said she doesn't have it anymore. I go that's ok, I went and got something else. Fast forward and other customer come up to order while I'm waiting to be rung up and they tried to order teriyaki chicken, she says to them it'll be a wait of 5 min for the teriyaki chicken. SO, I'm thinking " THEY DO have teriyaki chicken and she didn't want to give it to me so SHE LIED. Literally everyone else was helpful and kind but it was just that girl taking my order that was so rude. I was furious and I wanted to get a managers card or number but none of the employees would give that information. So I paid, got my food and I left. It was the absolute worst experience I've ever had at a Panda and it put such a bad taste in my mouth that I'll never go to any Panda Express ever again.

Luis Arturo N.

Ordered online and the portions are just ridiculous, they fill the plates with chow main and for example, we had a plate of chow main with orange chicken and Beijing beef and came out with 2 pieces of beef and 3 pieces of chicken, 2 out of 6 plates were missing food also, no green on my son's plate and no rice on my wife's....we used to be a very recurring costumers and this is the second experience like this...We called the manager Rocio and literally said she can't do anything about the portions and only offered a replacement meal for the missing items...VERY DISAPPOINTED PANDA EXPRESS! You guys are going downhill with this kind of practices! Never coming back!


Stingy.They will only serve what is up front. No accommodations Eg. If you want just a quick fried rice no veggies, no go.The walnut shrimp was dry and they wouldn't add more sauce or give sauce on the side for it... serving size dingy. There was no line we were the only ones, they coukd have done a quick reheat with the sauce amd added more or given me some on the side to deal with.Honestly best place to go for Panda is the food courts to get the service amd portions they used to give from the get go.Just lacks overall in sauces/flavor.

Anthony Ramsey

Worst panda in the area. Smaller portions compared to other stores then management is rude when you point how small and light weight your order is. I'll drive to the Rainbow and 215 instead ✌?

P R.

Terrible Very little amount of food. I go to Panda almost every week bu this location is the worse!! Don't come here. You will be disappointed. The amount of sides and entrees are so small. Seems like they try to save some money by giving their customers less than what other Panda Express Restaurants do. Hope all the employees get a better training in serving!! BTW the best near Panda Express service is in Hualapai and Charleston by Smith's. You will be

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