Sakura Sushi

6850 Spring Mountain Rd f3, Las Vegas
(877) 585-1085

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Gerald Smith

I absolutely love this restaurant! The owners are extremely nice and always asking if everything ordered tasted good. The quality of the food is excellent and fresh, and the price is very reasonable. What sets the restaurant apart from other restaurants is that the owners cook and prepare every for eating. Not like other restaurants, where hired help does all the cooking. Sometimes this can change the taste and quality of the foods.Never disappointed at this small sushi restaurant!


The mixed Sushi rice (Haedubap) now with tax is just over $14. Over the years it went up couple bucks. Inflation is everywhere, I guess.Still quite good. Don't expect sushi grade fish of course. Came with a small soup and marinated onions.

Diana Wei

$7.99+ Rolls to $10.99 rice dishes. Cheapest Japanese/Korean sushi, teriyaki chicken, udon type of meal in town. For the price, it's decent and simple. The sides really made the meal well rounded. Located inside the Korean supermarket's food court. Owner was nice and sanitary, wearing plastic food gloves.There's combo dishes too. Ordered- unagi don (eel rice) with cabbage salad, rice and soup.- chicken katsu with cabbage salad, rice and soup.- $7.95 each roll (Sunset Roll and Las Vegas Roll).None has dairy.Dietary restrictions: Staff at least knows if my order has or doesn't have dairy in it.

Diana W.

Inside the Greenland (Korean) Supermarket. Cheapest Japanese/Korean sushi type quick meals in the area = low expectations = really enjoyed our takeout: $7.99 sushi rolls, and $10.99 rice dishes with mini appetizers, cabbage salad and soup. The sides really balanced the meals well, the food was decent in taste and expected quality. Definitely way better than grocery store hard rice sushi. Food was ready in 10-15min. Great time to grocery shop while waiting for your food. They also offer sashimi, curry, combos, different rice and noodle dishes, and more from - $7.99 rolls/ramen/udon to $10.99 teriyaki chicken combo with a ca roll and more. - Owner used food gloves, and confirmed I had no dairy in my order. $7.99 Sunset Roll. $7.99 Las Vegas Roll. $11.99 Chicken Katsu meal. Comes with rice, cabbages salad, soup and mini appetizers. $16.99 Unagi Don meal. Comes with rice, cabbages salad, soup and mini appetizers. For anyone expecting anything more, must be in the wrong restaurant....this is the only 1 dollar sign sushi in the area. So far we found that the cheapest sushi/nigri takeout has been with Sushi Zone (sushi ayce restaurant), when they aren't busy and offer 50%off special rolls and nigiri. Overall, this place offers variety, combos and balanced meals. This will most likely be one of our go to take outs now.

Jason Clark

Worst sushi and service I've ever had. Brutal! Don't come here!

Stephanie Bernardino

One of the best place sushi in town, line gets long so get there early!

K L.

Worst curry and worst food ever and bad customer service please don't eat here...just waste for trash taste.

Hoyoon H.

Great Seafood Sashimi place. Japanese-Korean fusion with steamed rice. Teriyaki also available.

Kim Nguyen

As I'm standing here waiting for my uncles order. You can clearly see the girl in the back kitchen is just touching frozen and defrosted fishes with her bare hands after washing the dishes without even washing her hands thoroughly in between.

Jenny Garcia

Really good food 10/10 would recommend.

Raymond L.

This restaurant is located inside the Koreatown food court. There is other restaurant's also in the food court including a Hawaiian, a noodle restaurant, a Korean, a fried chicken and a coffee shop. I saw that this restaurant had curry and pork katsu, well that was a easy choice. The amount was great for me, it came with two good size pieces of pork katsu, they were cooked quite nicely, panko encrusted and moist on the inside piece of pork. The rice was a good amount but I could have used a little more, the rice most places use for katsu is a very nice medium grain rice. The curry came separate in a cup, it was nice but I prefer curry that is a lot more spicy. Also included was a miso soup which was generic and just okay. A nice shredded cabbage salad with a sesame type of dressing was also included. This was a nice place to visit for curry katsu but I would bring some of that Japanese chili powder if you like spicier curry like me. Food courts offer pretty food. I know because Vancouver Canada's food courts offer some pretty wonderful restaurants.


I can't say enough about their poke bowls. They don't skimp on the fish. Very good value for the quantity. Service is excellent also.

Melissa Yette

The tuna was not fresh it was light pink.then they made the wrong rolls for me.the last time we went there tuna was the same I figured I give them another chance.wrong never again


By far the best sushi and service in town.

Ashley White

I got a chicken combo. It is inside a food court so expectations cannot be that high. But this place is nice for a quick lunch. Sushi tasted fresh!

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