Shang Artisan Noodle

4983 W Flamingo Rd Ste B, Las Vegas
(702) 888-3292

Recent Reviews

Krystyan Kammeron Lazarin

Amazing! Favorite Asian restaurant to eat at anywhere. Great taste, great hospitality. Always a Vegas stop for me.

Travis Marshall

Amazing meal and inexpensive highly recommend giving this place a try.

B C.

Came here during the first steps out of quarantine and absolutely loved the food. We had ordered a couple chow meins and some soup; all were delicious. Coming here, we knew we had to order the hand pulled noodles which is a must because they are like no other. We will definitely be coming back! Really glad that they are taking precautions and keeping everything very clean during this time as well. Overall, the staff, atmosphere, food, and cleanliness exceeded beyond expectations.

Jennifer J.

I am surprised I haven't discovered this place sooner, but it's in an unassuming location. We got the pork belly noodles that are hand tossed and the chicken chow mein with knife cut noodles. The pork belly were exactly what I wanted. They had excellent flavor. The noodles had perfect texture. The chow mein was so good. It exceeded my expectations. Normally you get chow mein and it's just okay, but this. The flavor was on point. The noodles were unique and everything just tied the dish together. I can't wait to come again and try other dishes.

Steff A.

My first visit was during the COVID19 lockdown...they were fantastic. Shang Service & Ambiance: Table for 4 with the yelp BFF and her fam in this tiny noodle house. There's a counter facing the kitchen and you can watch the chefs toss noodles behind the plexi glass. There's mobile tables and they were definitely obeying the current capacity and social distancing requirements. The servers were very friendly behind their masks and the dishes made it to our table quickly. Shang Beef Noodle Soup: This was an absolutely delicious noodle soup bowl, top to bottom. The broth was savory and really set the vibe. The beef was and noodles were on point and complimented each other well in the taste department. The vegetables were fresh and had me feeling healthy af. This bowl tastes way more expensive than the $9.95 price tag, great job. I can't believe I've never visited Shang prior to the lockdown. Wuhan virus or not, I'll definitely be back to try more bowls and appetizers. Be safe everyone, Cheers! =)

ThomaS T.

Dan dan noodle -omg the flavor on this ! Put that chili oil in and go ham. It has heat to it. The pork goes along very nicely, super savory. Spicy wonton -this is super good. The sauce they have is tangy, sweet and salty. It was soo good. Loved the flavors. This was the best out of everything we got . The noodles came out kinda soggy. This place is one of those places where the food should be eaten there.

Bonnie Pelligra Mazzella

amazing noodles and delicious flavors.

Jake S.

The sign says hand pulled noodles and that's what you get. Someone through the window actually pulling noodles. I had the vegetable chowmein, which was flavored a bit differently than other chow mains I've had but it's all about that noodle texture for me. I didn't have my girlfriend's beef noodle soup but the smell was intoxicating. I went in-person. Everything is spaced out and servers wear masks. I'd love to come back again but hope I can get some of that beer in the back next time.

Lori N.

4.5 Stars If you've been following me, you'll know I'm totally a shameless noodleholic! I can happily devour bowls of noodles day after day...and I have! Being that my favorite Las Vegas spot for Asian noods hasn't yet re-opened during COVID-19, I thought I'd give Shang another try. I first came here the first week it opened nearly four years ago. Honestly, I wasn't super impressed. Yes, it was cute, clean,​ and modern and the owner was friendly, but I wasn't that impressed with the food. Fast forward nearly four years later, I left super impressed with the quality and very well-priced food. Plus, it's still cute, clean,​ and modern with​ friendly staff. ***Dan Dan Noodles with Knife Shaved Noodles ($8.95)*** SCORE!!! These knife shaved noodles, as all their noodles, are made to order. You can even watch them shave the noodles into the boiling water! When I had their Beef Noodle Soup on my prior visit years ago, the noodles were sadly overcooked​. This time though, they were perfectly al dente and chewy. You can't really ask for noodles with a more perfect texture than these had. I could seriously have these every day! I topped them off with their homemade chili sauce and the sauce that came with a good amount of​ oil. It was pretty darn spicy between the two sauces. **PORK DUMPLINGS ($5.99)*** These were done amazingly well, though quite a bit oily. The dough for the skins is​ handmade and held up very well. No mushy dumplings here! The pork filling was also very fresh and many times better than what I had here when they first opened. PRO TIPS: 1) They just re-opened for sit-down dining, with only about 4 tables available due to distancing. 2) Fresh noodles aren't the best for takeout, as they tend to stick together very quickly. 3) If you're getting takeout, be sure to make sure all the lids on your sauce containers are on tightly!! The lid for my sauce (with oil!!) spilled open inside the bag. I returned and they replaced it without any problem, but you don't want this on your clothes or your car seat! Suggestion for Shang: Placing sauces within a plastic bag would be helpful.

Jodi K.

What you need to know in a sentence: Chinese style beef noodle soups here but you must focus on the fresh-hand-pulling-noodles-show if you dine in Ambiance in threeish words: Asian college cafeteria; Asian YA cafe?...but not a Cinnabon Service was: pleasant Must try: hand pulled noods; the beef pancakes were just okay The best part was: the noods were uneven, homey and lovable rustic style Other observations: soup broths should be hot to scalding to reach max potential, the spice kind of heat can always be improved (if you really need it), the beefy shanks are thicc bois, there's other things on the menu that aren't beef noodle soups My advice: just that you might want to order an extra serving of noodles


First time here, saw reviews, saw instagram hype, saw strictly dumpling episode. Ordered the same thing strictly dumpling did and although good, I do have to say broth is good but oily. Noodles are nice and chewy. Beef pancake is awesome! The spicy wontons to die for good. The beef with cut noodles was good BUT the beef had chewy inedible fat cap. If you cut it up into chunks than why cant you cut fat off?

Ching Ching C.

Woke up Sunday morning missing beef noodle soup as the place we usually go are closed. Decided to give Shang another try as I haven't been since they opened and WOW. We ordered the Shang Beef Noodle Soup and the Chicken Mushroom Rive with some spicy wontons. The beef noodle soup is a 10/10. Flavorful, tons of meat, and even knife cut noodles for take out still maintained perfect texture with minimum clumping. The mushroom rice was another 10/10 - reminding me of what my Dad used to make me as a kid as one of my favorites. The spicy wontons are truly spicy, giving them a 9/10. It was slightly too hot for me but still hit the spot. Overall - great food, pick up was smooth and they are also now open for in house dining if you call in advance for seating. Glad we gave this place a shot and look forward to more meals from here!

Tony L.

Had lunch today with my wife. First time out dining for 6 weeks or so. They took our reservation within one hour of calling. And had a table waiting for us. They greeted us at the door and had it roped off. They say is right away. Only 4 tables right now, but there doing what they have to with the restrictions. This is one of our favorite restaurants in Vegas, and they didn't miss a beat. Each item as good or better than before. If you haven't had this place do a favor and go!!

Dan H.

I go to as many different dim sum restaurants as I can as I love the food. My very worldwide favorite (PPP) is closed for coronavirus, so I was forced to keep looking. The higher rated ones are mostly closed, so I started calling around and found this place that I would consider a pseudo dim sum place. Obviously they were only doing take out, but the server was pleasant and helpful. I ordered the spicy wonton, it was indeed spicy but actually quite good. The knife cut noodle chow mein also caught my eye on Yelp. It was also good. Lastly I ordered the Peking Won Ton soup. It was ok, but really grading on a curve compared to the world class one at PPP.....but like I said, they are closed for now. I cannot wait until they re-open VEGAS!!! I would give this place a 3.5 stars.

Queenie L.

A foodie vlogger highly recommended this place. We swing by couple times but the line was ridiculously long and we gave up. One day we were in the neighborhood around 5pm and used the yelp waitlist. We arrived when it said the table was ready for us. We still waited for another 15 mins to get seated. It is a very tiny noodle place and that explains about the wait. We ordered the beef shank noodle, Dan Dan noodle, pork rib noodle, spicy wonton, pork & cabbage pot stickers. Our fav was dan dan noodles, it was really flavorful & spicy level was right on spot. The beef shank noodle was a bit salty, however the shank was very tender and yummy. The pork rib noodle was good also. There was no bad dishes. The only thing bothered me was their utensils. They use wooden spoons and chopsticks. It feels really gross.

Julie K.

I mean, the secret is out. The cat is out of the bag... People are in the know... lol. Ok, I'm done. Shang's is so freakin good. I try to limit my carb consumption, but, man, oh, man, do I crave Shang's!!! MY go-to is the OG, Shang Beef Noodle Soup and I always have a hard time choosing between knife cut and hand pulled because they're both delicious. The beef pancakes are juicy and perfect to share as an app before the noods. The spicy wontons leave your mouth [pleasurably] numb. I just can't say enough about this spot. Check them out. You might even run into local celebrity foodie @lasvegasfill HEEHEE

Dawn M.

Came into SAN right when it opened (11am)on a Friday to beat the crowd. So glad we did! We were seated quickly. By the end of of our meal, the restaurant was packed! These noodles are the best in town! Warm, savory, and hit the spot kinda meal. Our soups were brought out pretty fast. The noodles were definitely delicious. The veggies were cooked just right. I was a little disappointed in the meat was a bit too fatty. I was wanting more meat. However my bf got the other beef noodle with a white broth which actually had a better quality meat. We switched soups mid way to try both worlds. The staff was great seating and getting out waters filled. Kudos to them for offering g fast service! I recommend this place to try when I'm Vegas.

Yoel Falkowitz

Awesome fresh noodles made on the spot, fair prices and delicious food!

Julianne M.

Delicious and cheap. You really can't beat this combo. Plus sitting at the bar you get a whole show, watching the hand pulled noodles made. Dan Dan Noodles are incredibly flavorful and have the perfect level of heat. Shrimp were cooked perfectly in the chow mein - which was something I will remember for a very long time. Spicy wontons are also fantastic. Everything is fresh. Service is great. Free parking in strip mall, of the strip location (but just a few minutes away) is relaxing. Highly recommend. Follow my instagram for more foodie adventures @julie_journeys

Kyle B.

Hand-pulled noodles. Enough said. Honestly though, never had anything else like this place in china town. This place totally lives up to the hype surrounding it without gouging the prices (which honestly I would pay more for and still be happy)!! Insanely flavorful and an incredible experience for such a low cost. I think we ended up paying $23 by the end of it? Talk about value for your dollar! When you first walk in, assuming you can just walk in, (tip: check the wait times! This place can get busy!) the place looks incredibly modern and clean. We ended up sitting at the bar with a sweet first-hand view of the making of NOODS. Pretty sweet! The chopsticks and soup ladle are made of wood with the cool Shang logo engraved on it. I actually would buy a set if they sold them! Totally forgot to ask! As far a food goes, we ordered the Shang Beef Noodle and Chicken Chow Mein. The beef noodle soup had an incredibly robust broth with a good amount of brisket and veggies included. The bok choy was a nice touch of crispness and color to the soup! I think the only thing I added was a little bit of their red chili just to add a little kick. The Chicken chow mein was probably the best chow mein I've ever had. You could absolutely taste the difference in the noodles and I think this is an absolute must-try! Portions of both were more than satisfactory and as mentioned before worth way more than their price! On top of all of this, the service was excellent and our food was out within 5 minutes. Shang Artisan Noodle impressed me in so many ways, hence the 5-star review. The value for the cost is incredible and it shows the values of the company. This place lives up to its reputation and hype. We will definitely be coming back here for more!

jay wtfwhogivesacrap

This place is awesome! The only downside is the fact that it's a small place. Because it's so good, there is always a long wait. The food comes fast. I have visited twice and tried a few of their soups. By far my favorite is the Shang Beef soup ... Get knife shaved noodles for thick chewy feel, hand pulled for thick soft noodles, and thin noodles for the softest of all. Great great taste! You get served a very nice portion at affordable pricing too!

David Pyke

The reviews about this place are 100% spot on, this place is great! The noodles are hand pulled and the food tastes amazing my wife and I were blown away on both the quality of the food and the price of the food. I highly recommend if you live in Vegas or are just visiting you need to make this a bucket list place to eat at!

Tho Nguyen

We stopped by for lunch after seeing the episode No Passport Required on Vegas. We ordered a number of items on the menu including two hand pulled soups and a number of appetizers. The noodles were soggy and the broth was just average. The beef dumplings were very greasy. The waiter just could not wait for us to order - he asked us three times within 5 minutes!! But the review here really dealt with the food. We have had hand-pulled noodles in a number of cities - Portland, San Francisco, NY, Austin... and we can't say we are impressed.

Christine C.

Not all show stoppers are on the strip. Try this place if you want a savory bowl of noodles because you won't be disappointed. I ordered the Shang beef noodle soup and I was definitely happy with the selection. The broth was full of flavor and you can tell the beef was stewing in the broth for a long time because it had a hint of gelatinous texture without being too overwhelming or sticky. The noodles were also amazing. My soup did not skimp on the noodles and the ratio to broth and meat was perfect. We also ordered the beef and chive dumplings. Do not leave without ordering these. Soooooo good and they crisped the dumplings to perfection. They come out piping hot and full of broth so be warned! Be patient, let them cool down, because they are totally worth it. For peak times- use the waitlist on the Yelp app. Seating is limited so if you're in a hurry or just straight up hangry... this can help save you the wait time. Enjoy!!!

Tony Wirz

What can I say about this place. It was on my list of things to do on my Vegas trip and it was so good we went back again. 5 people and no one had a bad dish. The Dan Dan noodles and beef soup were standout mains. All the starters were awesome. I can't speak highly enough. It's also very affordable. Can't wait to make an excuse to travel back to Vegas.

Ken Wong

Second time here and I've enjoyed it as much as the first time! Expect to wait if you come around peak times as seating is limited. We waited for 20 to 25 min for a table for 2 but the food was good. Service was prompt and they try to turn the tables quickly. The appetizers were delicious and the noodle dishes were tasty. Prices were very reasonable. Come by and enjoy a very tasty meal.

Mark Steele

Excellent experience.

Maria D.

If you love noodles, you must come check this place out in Vegas. They hand make their noodles right in front of you. Everything we got was delicious!!! Beef Pancake: This was a very tasty appetizer Shang Beef Noodle: Beef was so soft and tender. Disclaimer on the broth, it was a bit salty. Not sure if you can request to have less sodium. Delicious soup. Shrimp Chow Mein: Yummy!! Dan Dan Noodle: This dish is pretty spicy so we requested to have the chili oil on the side. Even with the chili on the side it was still a bit spicy with just the right kick. They have two types of homemade noodles and from the choices of the two, I preferred the round noodles over the flat noodles which was still good but a bit more on the chewy side. Tip: Come hungry and with a group so you can try the different varieties on their menu.

Yunnie L.

Asian approved! This sums up the place (jk). This is my first time coming to this place recommended by my friend. We came here on Sunday morning around 11:10am and already had to wait. Apparently people arrive right on the dot. The server greeted us and told us that we may have to wait about 30-40 mins because all tables just are filled right when they opened. This noodle place is small and the waiting area is even smaller. The menu isn't too overwhelming. We ended up ordering #1 Shang beef noodle with hand cut noodles, pork belly noodle soup with hand cut noodle, spicy wanton, and beef pancakes. By the time we sat down, the lady in the kitchen overheard we wanted to have spicy wanton already offered us the dish. Wantons are freshly made on site. Taste is pretty decent. I like them yet I wish they were to be more spicy. ( Personal preference) Pork belly noodles: the way they marinated pork belly reminds me of home taste. Very flavorful and each chunks have big portion of fat. I like how it cooked but if you worry about fat I prob won't recommend. I enjoyed it a lot. Shang noodle soups: first few sips of soup explained why this place is popular in Vegas. It has hidden flavor in the soup. It goes well with hand cut noodles. The bowl is big. They are generous to give noodles. I was very full after. The base is flavorful. Noodles: hand cut noodles are chewy and thick if you choose hand-cut noodles. Noodles arent supposed to absorb all the flavor. If so, that means the noodles are overcooked and soggy. This place knows how to cook noodles and noodles don't get overcooked. Shang noodle def wins top 5 Chinese restaurants comparing to other oc Chinese places on my list. The price is comparable to OC authentic Chinese restaurant. Wish it opens one in OC.

Jonathan V.

I was recommended to try this place for their Shang Beef Noodle. I was not disappointed! Noodles were a little heavy but the dish was very flavorful! Other items ordered: - cucumber salad: pretty good - wontons: highly recommended Service: Great service! I dined in with a group of 8 on a Monday afternoon. Got seated fairly quick despite that the restaurant is really small. Server was very friendly and attentive Price: very fair price! You can't beat it especially for the quality of food.

David Wang

We loved this place. The juicy beef buns were great and the juices pour into your mouth when you bite into it. The Shang Artisan Noodle Soup had tender beef but was a bit too salty. The Beef Shank Noodle Soup was also good but not as good as the previous one. You get to pick what type of noodle you want and I highly recommend the knife-shaved noodle which had a much better texture than the hand pulled noodles.


Dinner and a show. Watching the noodles being made fresh as you order is only part of it....the high quality ramen steals the show

Brandon C.

The only NOODS in Vegas that I'm interested in... They're fresh, clean, not old/soggy/wrinkly, and presented thoughtfully - yes, I'm still talking about the noodles here. The guy putting on the show behind the counter whips it out and starts twisting around as onlookers stare at the huge noodle in the making. Suffice to say, at this point this live show already surpasses many others in Vegas. Take in some spicy wontons while waiting for the hand-pulled noodles to come to completion. It doesn't take them long at all to cook the noodles, but the wait to get seated could be awhile. During my last visit on a Sunday about 20 mins after opening, the crowd amassed outside resembled an Iowa Democratic Caucus gathering. Except here, we actually got results. Things peak once the Dan-Dan Noodles arrive at the counter and create a flavor explosion in your mouth. Now, I know it's Vegas and we're fine with paying a premium and all, but the pricing here is just incredible. Many things are around $10. It wouldn't be a stretch at all to say that a meal here is cheaper than Pei Wei at the airport, or tipping at a strip club.

Elle J

Hip little spot. When I say little, yes, that's what it means. Very popular so it can get very crowded in the evening at least. I had a wonton soup with the hand pulled noodles w/ cucumber appetizer. Simple yet very satisfying. Prices are good. I like the energy of this place even though it can be claustrophobic. I went by myself because trying some place new is always best when done ALONE. I will go back.

My V.

This place has been on my bookmark for a few years now, and I am glad I was able to check this place out this time while in Las Vegas. Place is located in a small shopping building so parking maybe hard during peak hours. When we got to the location they were very pack and had a list going. I think our estimated wait time was around 40 min. They have a tent with a picnic table seating right in front of their store were customers are able to sit and wait. They had hot water and tea and peppermints on the table. Very small space with limited seating. I ordered the Shang beef noodle that is served with beef broth, braised beef brisket, and veggies. Great flavor to the broth and you are able to add additional spices to your soup. Very generous on the noodles. If you aren't able to eat a lot, there are plenty of food to be split with one bowl. I also tried the spicy wonton, pack with great flavor! The fried rice is also a hit! Long wait time but, great quick service with friendly staff members. If you love noodles, I highly suggest checking this cool place out!

Hee Yeon K.

During my 4 days at Vegas-cation, I came here twice. The second time was just before my flight back to New York, tight schedule did not stop me. I was so grateful to my friends who introduced me to this noodle house. Ran into Timothy DeLaGhetto chillin' and sippin' on noodles! With waiting tents and everything, THIS PLACE IS LIT! The moment you walk in, you see a guy literally pulling noodles at the show window. Yes, you'll be eating that noodle, and it will taste amazing. Chewiest I've ever had. That's San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York City and Vegas combined. This is as Yelp states "As good as it gets!" Recommend Shang's Beef Noodle. It seems to be their upper-left corner dish, as you can see in most of the pictures. I also tried the Seafood and the Wonton Noodles, they also did not disappoint. Pretty much, the bottom line is, go with whatever the heck you want, the foundation is the noodle, and it will not disappoint. Just go get!


This place is a hidden gem. The pork belly noodles (with knife cut noodles) was excellent. Highly recommended.

Nicole D.

Delicious! There is so much depth of flavor in these noodles! Service was great, had to wait a short while maybe 5-10 min, but after we got sat everything was very fast. Server was very attentive and quick. We were in and out with full bellies in 30-45 min. The Spicy Wontons are juicy and flavorful, not very spicy but great flavor. The Dan Dan with knife cut noodles is chewy, filling, and delicious. The Dan Dan noodles are spicier than the Spicy Wontons, so be prepared. The Dan Dan noodles are the perfect amount of heat though, it builds, but never gets too hot. The umami of the sauce was incredible. I will try and come back next time I'm in Vegas, the atmosphere and delicious food make it a go to stop for Asian noodles.

Melanie Kretzler

The noodles were excellent, perfect texture. I prefer my broth a little richer and more flavorful, but it was good. My mom got the spicy wontons and I can’t handle too much spice but I tried it anyway. They were definitely spicy. We waited for about an hour to be seated. Unfortunately I just didn’t think the noodles were so good that I would come back when the broth just isn’t my favorite.

Maylee W.

This place was AMAZING!!! I'm a big beef noodle soup fan and I have yet to find a decent beef noodle soup place where I'm from. The location of this place is a few miles away from the strip, but the trip out here was totally worth it. The restaurant wasn't very busy when we got there (around 8pm), but there was still a bit of a wait. Once we were seated we had our orders taken and we all got the beef noodle soup with knife cut noodles. The broth was amazing! And the texture of the noodles were great too! My only complaint about the food was that the broth was a bit too salty. My friends and I ended up trying to even out the flavor by pouring water into our soup (it worked LOL). The beef was also a bit too fatty.