351 E Silverado Ranch Blvd Suite 100, Las Vegas
(702) 361-6026

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Devin Rhoads

Good sandwiches


Decent, clean. Service was too slow. Nice neighborhood.

Janel Taylor

Decent, clean. Service was too slow. Nice neighborhood.

Diana Ayala

Who dosent love subway??? Its a yes to go place. Always

Ms. Jewel

This place got issues. Can't nobody get a order right and I'm not sure some if one or two of the staff can read. One not sure even understands English! Ummm don-tortaco across the street and put on a hair net! what you would Not expect walking into a subway at all!

Spencer Beard

If you ask for mayo and mustard, they put alot on, so please keep that in mind.

Debby Wise

Subway is always fresh and good!

Yehudah Bernath

I ordered on uber eats and when i received it had dressing on it, please dont take this the wrong way i like all kinds of dressing just not mayo as a dressing. the order was delivered fast so i'm happy about that, having to wash mayo off of my salad was a pain.

Ashaki F.

Very upset that for some reason they are only accepting cash and not car or Apple Pay. If you're going to be open 24hrs be prepared to fix the issues you're going to have 24/7!!!!!

Pamela Santiago

We got 2 sandwiches and ate there and 1 to go and all 3 of them were perfect! Clean location

Dre M.

so i decided to come here for dinner tonight and eat healthy:-) they have a updated menu which was nice to see with a few new items and toppings to choose from. i the veggies and meats where all fresh and everything was clean and neatly displayed !!! i got two foot longs and they were made perfect the way i ordered them. laura did an amazing job with my sandwiches i was very pleased !!!! i tried there new "subway garlic herb olive oil" it was soooo good and tasty it made my sandwich 10x better!!!! i highly recommend this location if your looking for the perfect subway sandwich ;-) thanks again laura for the perfect sandwich your awesome!!!!

Mustafa Mahmood

friendly staff

Jill G.

Nice and clean !! Greeted us as we walked in , everything behind the counter is clean , NO finger prints everywhere Like the last subway we just walked out of . Thank you for keeping your establishment clean and professional . It shows .



Tiffany N.

The most friendly people work here. When you come in, everyone greets you. The quality of the food is good as well and they always get my order right. The place looks clean and their cookies are so delicious too.

Romina B.

For starters, I'm a little picky when it comes to fast food restaurants. But this subway exceeded all my expectations! Everyone greets you and welcomes you when you come in. The store is very clean (that includes restrooms). Their food line is neat and organized. The bread is nice fresh and soft (most important to me is that they cut your sandwich with a clean knife, not like most of the other subways). They're fast in making your sandwich but at the same time they're attentive to you. Their costumer service is amazing! this is my new and only subway from now on. I've never been in such clean, friendly, and cozy subway like this one before. Thumbs up to everyone there at Silverado Ranch subway and keep up the good work guys!!! I would recommend this place to everyone.

Perla G.

Good service and fresh food. Fresh veggies which is what I look for when going to subway. Really enjoy this location!

saddia cantik

Best subway I’ve ever been to. People are very nice and know me because I go there a lot and like to talk to me. Very good service

InFluXadVenT333 .

clean but staff are ignorant on their sandwiches


clean but staff are ignorant on their sandwiches

S&J .

Best subway I’ve ever been to. People are very nice and know me because I go there a lot and like to talk to me. Very good service

Ricardo M.

Please put more than just one person making sandwichs and cashing people out. Mid day & only one person in this whole place working ! Freaking ridiculous


Best subway I’ve ever been to. People are very nice and know me because I go there a lot and like to talk to me. Very good service

Mitch .Cadigan

Its 5:30am and I just stopped in and got a wrap and the gentleman behind the counter was honestly super awesome! Really genuine guy. Will be back again for sure

J Shoars

Beyond horrible!!! They didnt listen to what i said when i told them i want a kids meal amd then start to add things on to it. I said kids meal straight up and they gave me the 6 inches which falls on them and then the rest of the order they didnt listen to me about anything i said! This store needs different people that can get orders right!

Christian V.

Came to this place cause it was nearby...havent had subway in a while so I get here and the 2 workers just chatting it up so I wait til there done and the whole order I had to repeat my order to her 3 times she wasn't paying no attention drowned both my sandwiches in mayo and mustard after asking for light mayo and light mustard...i was just ok it's fine then am paying and the other lady starts to make remarks about my order in Spanish like if I don't understand so I stayed I hear them running their mouth in Spanish and they have the nerve to tell me bye after all the s$%$ they said...never again really disappointed people here have no professionalism and I guess no accountability cause the next customer came and as I sat there and listen and they talk about every customer ...THEY REALLY THINK NO ONE UNDERSTANDS THEM

Sabrina S.

They have wraps on their menu now! I just stopped in here to grab a quick lunch and was pleasantly surprised to see wraps available. I got the Turkey, Bacon & Guacamole wrap. They put all my favorite toppings on and they even grilled it in the panini press when I asked! The ladies here are very friendly too. I definitely prefer this subway over the one on sil verado and maryland

Matteagle Matt

Great staff. You can tell everything is fresh. Very friendly an easy to talk to the workers always have a smile on there face. Im from oregon an this is most likely one of the better subways i have been to by far. They keep the place very clean so you feel welcome to set down an eat.

Kathy Taylor

They ripped us off and then acted like she didn't spark English. We bought a 6inch meal and a 12 inch mead and ended up paying over $23 00 . We keep saying our drinks and she would just smile and" say oh okay thank you and over there " and we would say no we need our drinks please our cups ! Don't go there they rip you off by pretending not to under stand English!! Thank for unthing Lorena !! Trans# 1/A-172348 & 172347 on 7/23/2017 @12:11:37 pm

Sonya Cuaresma

The employees should come check the dining area more often. Not a single table was clean and there was food on the floor around several tables.