Sushi Hiroyoshi

5900 W Charleston Blvd #10, Las Vegas
(702) 823-2110

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My mom and I just had the most amazing dinner at a little hole in the wall restaurant in the Las Vegas suburbsSushi Hiroyoshi was the most delightful sushi experience I have ever had. Literally better than Nobu (and half the price) and on par with the sushi we had at Tsukiji Market in Tokyo.The 7-course omakase dinner left me beaming with joy and a very full stomach. The care they took in presentation, hospitality, and food prep was top notch. I literally couldn’t stop smiling.The service was warm, friendly, and professional - they took the time to describe every dish as it came out so you knew what you were eating. The presentation was beautiful and completely embraced the idea that you eat with your eyes first. The food itself was delicious and in perfect serving sizes. I love that the sushi was a little on the small size so you could enjoy it in one bite.I love this place and I hope to be able to visit for many years to come.

David Braudt

Ask for Omakase, you will not regret it... nor will you go home hungry.

Sin N.

Amazing! Service & food were on point. Definitely try the omakase out. It was a seven course meal & everything was delicious! Food was adequate but of course, we ended up getting more uni as that was our favorite (they did have uni as one of their items in the 7 course meal). Waitresses were all so polite & friendly, which is always a plus! Definitely will come back again (also, highly recommend making a reservation as they only have limited tables available & only open for a few hours a day).

Drea B.

I have been eating sushi for as long as I can remember and this place is truly up there. From the cuisine to the aesthetic, it really sets the bar for your experience. Personally I am a fan of sashimi and nigiri and the quality was impeccable. They will be seeing me again!

Spencer Zhang

A hidden treasure in the Vegas. My go to place when I want authentic non-pretentious Japanese food (sometimes the strip is too Americanized or too over the top). I love the staff there, and everything is just right. Unfortunately, I don’t live in Vegas anymore, I miss this place badly. The only bad thing about this place: it is really hard to book a table.

Justin Zhu

High quality sushi with affordable price. Our waitress was super nice and introduced us every fish on the sushi platter. This place is a hidden gem in Vegas. It is a bit far from the strip but I would def recommend this place for its great value and outstanding service.Reservation ahead is strongly recommended.

Eli M.

Food and service was amazing. Kim brought us all our food as we wanted it (not to fast and not too slow) and presented all the food like we were Kings (for me) and Queens (my gf). You must try the Omakase!!

Shannon Y.

We were visiting from out of town and easily made reservations for my aunt's birthday a week in advance. Kumiko (Kuniko? apologies for spelling your name incorrectly!) was our server and SHE WAS AMAZING! She gave us plenty of suggestions and made sure we were well taken care of the whole time. On to the food... MY GOODNESS. It was so delicious. Fresh, authentic, no fuss. We ordered a variety of appetizers, the sesame tofu, tempura uni, toro tartar, grilled black cod fish. All yum! Not a single disappointment. Then onto otoro, chutoro, yaki harasu, hamachi, tako, unagi, hotate, ikura, uni, and so on... Definitely worth it and would definitely go back next time I'm in town!


Classic Japanese cuisine - very simple menu, but oh, the quality of the fish! Am not a big sushi fan - preferring sashimi instead, but their sushi was out of this world, and very reasonably priced. Make sure you make a reservation as this is small restaurant and even the regulars know to make a reservation.

Aiting Zhu

High quality sushi with affordable price. Our waitress was super nice and introduced us every fish on the sushi platter. This place is a hidden gem in Vegas. It is a bit far from the strip but I would def recommend this place for its great value and outstanding service.Reservation ahead is strongly recommended.

Ty N.

I've heard about this spot from people at work and read the reviews about it being the best and most authentic sushi in Vegas closest to Japan. And yes it was life changing. I had my eyes closed while eating the Toku-Jo nigiri. Best sushi Ive ever had. I will definitely be back. WOW!

Jessica Park

I am very picky when it comes to sushi. I spend $25 to $3500 /meal just to have good sushi. This place was one of the best sushi I had. Great customer service too!

Trixie N.

Although the quality of the food was very good here, I did not have that five star experience that I was hoping to have. My friends and I did the Omakase, which cost about $100 a person. If you are not familiar with Omakase, it is a chef's choice multi-course meal. This was not my first time doing an Omakase or a multi-course menu, so I might of had higher expectations than what I received. The dishes were quite tasty and the presentation was nice but the service was very rushed. I understand that there was a two hour limit and one of our friends did arrive late, but I felt very rushed. Our server did let us know that they were on a time limit but it got so ridiculous that I could not enjoy my food. I was not even finished with one course and then a new one was put on the table. I had to slam down one dish in order to get to the next. I honestly felt like I was being rushed out of the restaurant, which made it uncomfortable. I am not at all saying that because we did the Omakase that we should get special treatment but part of the meal is service. I really wish that I had enjoyed the service here. As mentioned, the food was great but the rushed service was not so great.

A. R.

The servers and chefs are super nice, and the food was great. You can definitely tell that they take a lot of pride on the quality and creation of each food item they handcraft here!

Tammy T.

I called in to order takeout. I can see why everyone likes this spot because it's probably your best bet for reasonably priced variety! Their nigiri set came with many kinds of fish although it was not the best quality that I've had -- it was still very good. They actually have their own homemade soy sauce. A lot of people compare this spot to Kabuto. Here - It was 10-15% cheaper and the equivalent adjustment in quality. You get what you pay for and this might be a better option for large hungry groups who still want good quality sushi!

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